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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Codes for Change :) CONTEST!

I LOVE Coins for Change I Think that Coins for Change is The BEST Party in Club Penguin Because with Coins for Change we can Really Help Other Children for REAL in the REAL WORLD :)

I LOVE that Club Penguin encouraging us to Help others in The REAL World TOGETHER with our Parents too :)  Working TOGETHER :)

Another idea is to ask your Teachers at School if we can do a Community Project TOGETHER :) After The Holidays I will ask my Teacher if we can do a Spring Project and help to clean up the Playground after the Snow is melted and if we can go and visit the Old People at the Old People Mansion in our Town :) I LOVE to hear Stories and Old People usually Likes to tell about when they were Young :) I hope she thinks this is Good ideas :)

My Penguin Friend Atril sent me an Email and a GREAT Idea for a Contest :)

       You can Enter Atril’s CODES for CHANGE CONTEST Here :)


I want to give a Special THANKS Both to Pontail 001 and Maxguy 124678 for your Generous offer to Present me with a Code THANKS! I Really Appreciated it :)
Sometimes Sad things Happen in Children's Life…THANKS for agreeing to Giving your Codes to someone around you that will be HAPPY instead :) Give a Gift :)

  No Penguin can do Everything but all Penguins can do Something :)

             Rockhopper and Coins for Change Party are HERE :)

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