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Monday, December 21, 2009

Server Message Bug is Back!

When I Try to Log in to Club Penguin Most of the Servers looks Empty BUT they are FULL! The Bug is Back! The only thing you can do is to try server after server until you get logged in…

Server Message Bug in Club Penguin

             …Tips Try the ones that looks more Busy First :)

Coins for Change 2009 is Over…Rockhopper still Here :)

Rockhopper has taken down The Coins for Change Banner…Almost…LOL :) All Donation Stations have been removed and This Years Coins for Change is over all the coins will now be counted and based on that 1 Million REAL Money will be Donated :)

Home Page Picture in Club Penguin

…The Donation Station is Gone but we can still have FUN having a Concert for Change :)

Consert for Change


Consert for Change

                     …Rockhopper has taken down the sign…

Migrator                                      …Down here too…

Migrator                          …we can still Play Treasure Hunt :)

Migrator  …I Remember The FUN Coins for Change Parties Rockhopper hold :)

Towm Club Penguin

                                     …I Donated here…

The Plaza Club Penguin   ...and here…LOL…I Donated at ALL the Coins for Change Donation Stations :)

Ski Village Club Penguin

            …This Sign has been Changed too…Thanks for Donating!

Thanks for Donating …I will Miss Coins for Change! In our Igloos The Donation Stations are no longer in use This is The Message we get if we Tries to Donate…Coins for Change is a Yearly Event Where Penguins Give their Coins to important Causes. This Decides how Much of a Large Donation is Divided between them. For More info. Check out The Website Global Citizenship

Coins for Change

…In Next Club Penguin Times we will get the Result from Coins for Change :) I can Hardly wait to find out how much Money that each cause will get :)

Rockhopper and Coins for Change 2009 are HERE :)

Christmas Holiday Party 2009 in Club Penguin 2009 is HERE :)

FUN with Friends :)

I LOVE The PINK and Light Blue and Purple Lights in This Tree :) And it is so Much FUN to Throw Decorations :)

Holiday Party in Club Penguin 2009

…Inside The Lighthouse Alis76816 Raised so Much Coins :) Thanks! I LOVE to sit and Look at these cute Stars :)

Coins for Change Stars   …TOGETHER we had a BIG Benefit Concert for Coins for Change :)

Consert for Change 2009 :)

                 …Thanks to EVERYONE! TOGETHER we ROCK! 

Consert for Change 2009 :)

                                    …It was so Much FUN :)

Consert for Change 2009 :)

   …I met madwithmoney and stokedkid in Wiglington and Wenks :)

Saraapril in Wiglington and Wenks …We had so Much FUN taking Turns to Play Rock, Paper, Scissors :)

Saraapril in Wiglington and Wenks …I Like to Play that Game :) You find it at one Table inside The Inn :)

Saraapril in Wiglington and Wenks …Madwithmoney, me and Stoked Kid went to Club Penguin for a Ice Skating Party :)

Holiday Party in Club Penguin 2009 …The WHOLE Dock is slippery not only the Ice…can it be a Bug? It was More Cool Last Year when ONLY the Ice was Slippery :) Ice, Stars, Bows, Lights…I LOVE to Play in This Pretty and FUN Room :)

Holiday Party in Club Penguin 2009                              …Hot Chocolate to EVERYONE :)

Holiday Party in Club Penguin 2009              …Let’s Sled Race Thanks for joining us Lmr02039 :)

Holiday Party in Club Penguin 2009                                 ...Oops! LOL This is FUN :)

Holiday Party in Club Penguin 2009 …All these Presents that don’t get in the chimneys…Let’s take them back to Santa’s Work Shop :)

Holiday Party in Club Penguin 2009

…Stoked Kid’s Igloo is GREAT Decorated with TWO Donation Stations :) AWESOME! Time to DONATE :)

Holiday Party in Club Penguin 2009

…I went to My Igloo to put it on Map but I and My Puffles was caught in The Igloo Glitch…I logged off… 

Puffles in Glitch

…and when I logged in again I found Stoked Kid stuck in My Igloo and I couldn't Move either so I had to Log off Again…

Stoked Kid in Glitch in Saraaprils Igloo

          …FINALLY It Works and we can Play TOGETHER again :) 

Saraapril's Igloo               …The Box Dimension is one of My Favorite Rooms :)

Box Dimension Room

                …Madwithmoney and I played Card-Jitsu Fire :)

Card-Jitsu Fire Game                  ...I LOVE this Pretty Sparkling Donate Sign :)

Coins For Change Sign           …Donations Time :) Thanks Bubble6626 for your Coins :)

Holiday Party in Club Penguin 2009The Treasure Hunt Game is so Much FUN and a GREAT way to earn coins quickly :) AND we can EAT the candy we find…YUMM…LOL :)

Coins for Change :)

…TOGETHER with Billy F I Played CarrotSticks :) He is so GOOD at Addition :)

Saraapril in CarrotSticks :)                           …How will I Choose to Battle Now?

Saraapril in CarrotSticks :)

…Sarah W :) WOW! She is AWESOME at Subtraction I have to Train A LOT MORE Before I can count as FAST as she does…CONGRATS! and GREAT WORK!

Saraapril in CarrotSticks :)

          …Now I will go and Battle some More in CarrotSticks :)

Christmas Holiday Party in Club Penguin 2009 is HERE :)

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