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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Aunt Arctic Waddles Around :)

Right Now I am Server Hopping Club Penguin to Find Aunt Arctic…Follow me on Twitter for The Latest Update :) To Everyone that wants to Help HAPPY Aunt Arctic Tracking Time :)

My New Gingerbread Igloo :)

Today me and my Puffles Moved to a Gingerbread House Igloo :) This House smells so Good :) Yumm…LOL :) Now we will Decorate :)

Saraapril's Gingerbread House Igloo :)…DONE! I LOVE Sparkles…LOL :) Welcome to visit us anytime :) And Feel Free to eat all cake and Candy you want…LOL  :)

Saraapril's Gingerbread House Igloo :)             See earlier of my Gingerbread House Decorations :)

           Secret Hidden Igloos in Igloo Catalog December 2009 :)

             Christmas Holiday PARTY in Club Penguin is HERE :)

Littletias Club Penguin Membership has Expired!

What Happens to My Items and Igloo and Puffles if I Lose My Membership in Club Penguin? When Littletias logged in to Club Penguin Today he got this Message: We’ve got some great things planning for members this month. We would love to have you join in!

Membership Expired!

…and he had this Postcard in his Mail…Your Membership has expired. Renew it anytime to access your items.

Membership Expired Card

…The Memberships Remover has taken EVERYTHING from his Igloo…No wait they left the Most valuable…The Puffle Friend :) GREAT we can Keep the Puffles we buy as Members even if we not are Members anymore :) That is GREAT :) THANKS Club Penguin :)

Littletias Igloo…some BIG Boxes are in his Igloo…click on them to View Stored Igloo…ONLY the OWNER of the Igloo can see this!

2009-12-22 06.32.47 - Copy

…and you can see your Igloo :) Where’s my Igloo? Your igloo and Furniture are saved in Storage.To restore it, you need to become a Member. Can I still visit a Non Members Igloo? Only MEMBERS can put their Igloo on Map for others to Visit but if you have a Non Member Friend on your Buddy List you can still visit your Non Members Friends Igloo :)

Littletias Igloo   …The clothes you has bought as a Member can no longer be used…

Littletias…if you click on them you get this Message: OOPS! To wear this items you need to become a Member. We’d love to have you join!

Littletias Igloo

     …Littletias is an old Penguin so he has Free items to dress in :)

Littletias and Rockhopper

…He tried to Enter the Volcano Dojo just to see the Cool You Must be a Member to come in here sign…But it has a BUG right Now…You can see it here: Sensei’s Message to Non Member Ninja Penguins in Club Penguin ANIMATED :)


…I liked when Littletias was a Member we had so Much FUN TOGETHER :) Now Littletias is a Non Member again…And we can STILL have FUN TOGETHER in Club Penguin :)

Sled Race in Club Penguin :)                       How to be a Member in Club Penguin :)

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