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Friday, December 25, 2009

Keep Making A Difference :)

This is a Message from Billybob:

Happy Holidays, Penguins!

Coins For Change might be over but the team's feeling really inspired by the Club Penguin community. You've been telling us that you want to keep making a difference throughout the year and it's something we want you to be able to do all year long. Check out the updated Global Citizenship page where you can take a look at what's happening with all the coins you donated - then see how you can make even more change happen in the New Year!

Coins For Change Community :)

And because you've asked for more ways to get involved, we've been working on new ways to help you help kids around the world. Our Kids Matching Gift program is one way - or you can give your time at a speaking tour! We really want to hear all the ways you're making a difference in your community, too!

Until then... Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

Waddle Around and Make a Difference!

Think WE! Speaking Tour

Do you want to help motivate others to make a difference in the world?

In partnership with Free The Children, Club Penguin presents Think WE!, a speaking tour and leadership program for elementary school students.

Our dynamic speakers will inspire you and your friends with their passion for social change and stories of their travels to the most impoverished regions of the world.

Learn more or nominate a school for this free program.

Kids Matching Gift Program

Do you or your school want to help a village in one of the world’s poorest regions?

The community of Club Penguin is making it easier than ever to achieve this goal by matching the funds you raise up to $5,000.

Funds are limited, so start now!

For more info, email requests to:


Do you have ideas you think will change the lives of the world's poorest kids? 

Coins for Change Result Video 2009 :)

TOGETHER We can Help

The Quest for The Golden Puffle is Back at The Stage :) CHEATS and Script :)

The Prize Winning Play and one of Club Penguins Big Success at The Stage…Drum Roll…The Quest for The Golden Puffle is Back :) 

The Quest of The Golden Puffle :)…Me and My Friend Meta Knight9 Exploring The Play TOGETHER :) The Quest for the Golden Puffle has The Same Cool Effects as Before :) Animated Pictures: Quest of The Golden Puffle :) 

The Quest of The Golden Puffle :) …On This Page In The Costume Trunk Catalog you find The Secret, Hidden Crook and Flair Item Members can buy it for 300 coins :)

The Quest of The Golden Puffle :)

…Once again I am Proud to Present The Quest for The Golden Puffle :) A Club Penguin Stage Production and a Penguin Play Awards Winner :) Here is what you find inside The Costume Trunk Catalog and Story Book :)

The Quest of The Golden Puffle :)


Adventure! Danger! Thrills & chills! All before breakfast!

Welcome to the lives of daring treasure hunter, Alaska, and her trusted friend, Yukon. Together they travel the world, searching for riches and rare puffles.

But no treasure is as rare, or as dangerous to find, as the mysterious Golden Puffle. Join Alaska and Yukon on their thrilling quest into the Pyramid of the fearsome King Ra-Ra.

Will they escape the mummy’s curse? Find out in…

The Quest of The Golden Puffle :)

ALASKA Bold. Fearless. Perfect hair. Alaska and danger go together like squid and pizza. Nothing can stop her quest for the rarest puffles. She likes to leap before she looks, but somehow always lands on her feet. Alaska’s Explorer Hat 300 coins, Sienna Explorer Outfit 650 coins, Lasso 150 coins :)

YUKON Smart. Loyal. Cautious. Yukon is the timid but trustworthy friend and co-adventurer of Alaska. Though he claims to be allergic to danger, he still follows Alaska into scary places… Safari Hat 250 coins, Supply Bag 700 coins, Beige Explorer Outfit 650 coins :)

The Quest of The Golden Puffle :)

BORIS A mummy. Likes chocolate. Doesn’t like sassy adventurers. Also likes wrap-music. Mummy Costume 600 coins :)

KING RA-RA Lord of the lost Gold Wrapper Empire, King Ra-Ra’s kingdom once spanned the world. Why did it disappear? Some say it was a curse. Others say they just ran out of chocolate. It’s a history mystery! Pharaoh Headdress 500 coins, Gold Bracelets 200 coins, Pharaoh Costume 800 coins :)

The Quest of The Golden Puffle :)

…Director’s Hat 250 coins, Adventure Background 60 coins…I Like that ALL Penguins can buy the Backgrounds in Club Penguin :)

The Quest of The Golden Puffle :)

…Did you know that The Quest for The Golden Puffle was one of The Nominees for The First Annual Penguin Play Awards 2009 :)

The Winner of Penguin Plays Award is…

Quest for The Golden Puffle – The Penguin Play Award Winner!

                   In Card-Jitsu we meet Alaska and Yukon too :)


The Quest for The Golden Puffle Card is back in The Postcard Catalog so Now we can send this card and invite Penguins to Play TOGETHER with us at The Stage :) I LOVE Postcards :)

Quest of The Golden Puffle Postcard :)                                               SCRIPT:Quest of the Golden Puffle Script

Yukon: We have to be careful in this pyramid, Alaska!

Alaska: Can’t find rare puffles without a little danger…

Alaska: Hey look, a switch! Wonder what it foes…

Yukon: Oh no! Run! It’s a snowball trap!

Alaska: What’s an adventure without a few traps?

Yukon: That was close! Told you we should be careful!

Alaska: Careful is my middle name.

Yukon: Look! The Golden Puffle! Let’s get it!

Alaska: I’ve been waiting a long, long time for this…

(Door opens, and Boris appears)


King Ra-Ra: Halt! Who dares to enter the great pyramid!

Alaska: Quick, Yukon! Grab the Golden Puffle!

Yukon: Got it! Let’s get out of here!


King Ra-Ra: Don’t let them take it, Boris!

Alaska: We’ve gotta get out of here…fast!

Yukon: Oh no! We’re trapped in the pyramid!

Alaska: You can say that again.

Yukon: Oh no! We’re trapped in the pyramid!


King Ra-Ra: You can’t escape the great pyramid!

King Ra-Ra: Now give us the Golden Puffle!

Alaska: I don’t give up on my quest that easy, Ra-Ra!


Yukon: Wait! I think I know how to stop all of this!

(Yukon gives Boris the Golden Puffle)


Alaska: What are you doing, Yukon?! That’s my treasure!

(Boris unwraps the Golden Puffle)

Yukon: It’s a puffle-shaped chocolate in gold wrapper!

King Ra-Ra: That’s right! And Boris was really hungry!


King Ra-Ra: That’s why we had to get it back!

Alaska: Sigh. Guess it’s not that rare puffle I thought.

King Ra-Ra: Oh, but it is rare!

King Ra-Ra: It is made of the island’s rarest dark chocolate!

Yukon: These weren’t the puffles we were looking for.

Alaska: Do not fear, Yukon! New adventures await!

King Ra-Ra: Hmmm…where did I put that snowball of mine?

Alaska: Onwards to victory and the rarest puffles!




Director: Places everyone!

Director: Take it again from the top!

Director: Excellent work, team. Keep it up!

Director: That’s a wrap!

Director: Take a bow everyone!

      …Welcome ALL Adventures Explores see you at The Stage :)

Quest of Golden Puffle This will be FUN

New Igloo Music List in Club Penguin :)

It is Time to Rock to New Igloo Music :) This Time we have got Norman Swarm, Ninja Training, The Volcano and Twice Upon a Time :) I LOVE to Play Music THANKS Club Penguin :)

Igloo Music List

                              See Earlier Igloo Music List :)

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