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Sunday, December 27, 2009


I has so Much FUN going on Offline this days with Family and Friends so I has played less Club penguin than usual…but I am still online every day :) Me and my Old Friend Waddles186 in my igloo talking about Christmas Presents :)

Saraapril's IglooWhere is the Golden Puffle? LOL we had a Quest Party at The Stage and it was so Much FUN :)

The Stage Quest of the Golden Puffle …I LOVE the Snow Forts Right now they are so Pretty :) The Snow Presents are so cute :) Hi Luckycookie3 :)

Holiday at Snow Fort

…I LOVE to Light the Lights all over Club Penguin :) There…Now it is Prettier :)Light Storm Light

…I was invited to a Iceberg Party :) Hi Jimford, Pbcoolfool, P109130583, Bubble83785, Kerry10, Lela43567, Skyshaymin4 and Pezz900 :) Welcome back Pezz900 I have missed you :)

Holiday Party at Iceberg                          …Dance to make The Tree Grow :)

Holiday Party at Iceberg

   …Look how Much it have Grown :) Thanks to ALL Tree Dancers :)

Holiday Party at Iceberg                          …Oops...The Tree SHRUNK…LOL :)

Holiday Party at Iceberg

…Now it have Grown Again :) LOL…This is FUN :) THANKS to ALL Penguins at The Grow The Tree Party it was so Much FUN to Dance, Talk, Sing and Party TOGETHER with you :)

Holiday Party at Iceberg …Yumm…Yumm…Yummy…Yumm…Now Chillie and I am Full :) LOL… 

Holiday Food

…THANKS Club Harry Penguin :) Teddy2Tie, Indy Luva and Frangipani42 for making me to The Magical Penguin of The Month :) This is a BIG HONOR THANKS :)
And THANKS for the Happy Magical Penguin of The Month Banner you made to me :) You know me so well I LOVE Purple and PINK :) THANKS for this Award :)

Magical Penguin of The Month Awarded to Saraapril

…And THANKS to ALL Penguins that I have Played TOGETHER with so far during this Holiday you are ALL GREAT :) Waddle On! See you again in Club Penguin :)

Christmas Holiday Party in Club Penguin 2009 is HERE :)

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