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Monday, December 28, 2009

Tour Guide Message Bug :)

If you give a Tour At The Plaza you will find that Club Penguin forgot to changes The Play at The Stage name from Norman Swarm to Quest for the Golden Puffle :) LOL :)

Tour Guide Message Bug

…THANKS to my Friend Maxguy1245678 for finding and sending me this Bug :) GREAT WORK!

My Stories and Adventures: Interview with Billybob :)

I LOVE to work TOGETHER with my Aunt Arctic :) And Today we got a short interview with Billybob :) Hi Billybob I said what will Happen during 2010 in Club Penguin? Billybob started to Laugh we will have so Much FUN but most is still Secrets he answered and smiled kindly at me…That sounds GREAT I said is it Anything you can tell? I know that the readers of my Blog would LOVE to find out and so would I :) Please?
Billybob smiled again…I can say that 2010 will start with a BIG surprise!

WOW! That sounds GREAT anything more?

Yes Billybob answered We have prepared a new holiday that will take the penguins to travel the most secret recesses of the island, but that's not all: prepare their fins to test their skills in some new games!
So to work hard and solve the mysteries that arise! Who knows, you may need to find a known polar bear...Here you can have this Picture to Post on your Blog :) WOW! THANKS Billybob you are AWESOME!

Herbert Squid Puffle :)

…Billybob said Bye and I and Aunt Arctic Hurried to our Typewriters and Computers to write and Blog about this Scoop :)

Saraapril in Ski Village

…THANKS Aunt Arctic for taking me with you on this Interview and THANKS Billybob you ALWAYS have the BEST News :)

 My Stories and Adventures: Aunt Arctic’s Show :)

I am Saraapril in ALL Language in Club Penguin :)

For same time ago I had a Post about that my Penguin Name was a Number P35701942 in other Languages than English in Club Penguin and I asked if that could be changed to my Penguin name Saraapril :)Today I found out that I am Saraapril in ALL Languages in ALL Club Penguin Servers :) Now it will be so Much EASIER to find my Friends in ALL Servers no matter what Language I am Playing in and for them to Find me :) THANKS Club Penguin Team you are AWESOME :) THANKS for making my Wish come TRUE :) I LOVE YOU!

                               …Hallo in Portuguese Olá :)

Saraapril in Portuguese                                   …Bonjour French Friends :) 

Saraapril in French                                    …Hola Spanish Amigos :)

Saraapril in Spanish

…Waddle on See you ALL in Club Penguin in ALL Languages TOGETHER we will have so Much FUN :)

More Languages in Club Penguin soon :)

Play Club Penguin in Portuguese

Club Penguin Now in French!

Spanish Club Penguin :)

Day 33, Bonjour! 101 Days of FUN :)

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