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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Today I had FIRE Ninja Training TOGETHER with Friends :) First I was the only Fire Ninja in Town…

Fire Ninja Saraapril makes FIRE

…I Waddled over to The Ski Village to start Fire Ninja Training :) Hi Sanchezd6 :) Look we FIRE Ninjas can makes FIRE :)

Fire Ninjas in Ski Village                  …Welcome to Fire Ninja Training Zac Elena :)

Fire Ninjas in Ski Village …Wettyfinn, Smartdog09 and Mattcool05 are Fire some Fire Ninjas too :) GREAT Work :)

Fire Ninja Training :)         …FIRE Wave makes us INVISIBLE! ALL Fire Ninjas VANISH!

Fire Ninja Wave

                                         …a Line of FIRE :)

Fire Ninja Dance

…ALL FIRE Ninjas can make Fire :) Put Fire Suit items on and Dance or Wave :) To be a Fire Ninja you must Battle and WIN over Sensei :)

Fire Ninja Training :)                                  ...FIRE Show in Town :)

Fire Ninja Show :)

…Ice and Fire Show :) When we have take the Next Step in our Ninja Journey we will be Water Ninjas and after that Snow Ninjas :) I Wonder how Water Suit and Snow Suit will look :) I am sure that these Suits will unlock Secret Dances too in the Feature :)

Fire Ninjas on Ice  :) …Reddy257, me and Rapy5 are FIRE Ninja Training in the Secret Ninja Hideout :) Welcome to join us Meta Knight9, Blaster 4007 Waddles57813 and Tt321 you are Ninjas too so Welcome to Train with us :) It doesn't matter if you can make Fire or not Sensei wants ALL Ninjas to Train TOGETHER :)  Training TOGETHER is MORE FUN and ALL Ninjas are equal in Sensei’s eyes and TRUE NINJAS Sensei is so Vise :) GREAT Cloud Wave Waddles57813 :)

Fire Ninjas in Secret Ninja Hideout

               …Time to Make FIRE CLOUD! Fire Ninjas VANISH!

Fire Ninjas in Secret Ninja Hideout

…Meta Knight9 and I had so Much FUN Playing Fire Card-Jitsu TOGETHER :) CONGRATS Meta Knight9 keep it up and you will soon be a Fire Ninja too :)

Fire Card-Jitsu Game       …Look at Elihawk10 and Soccer10s they are on FIRE…LOL :)

Fire Ninjas in Volcano Fire Dojo

…Meta Knight9’s Igloo is on FIRE! Fire can not be Fought with more Fire…HELP WE NEED FIRE Fighters! LOL…This Reminds me about The Kelowna Fire last Summer I am so HAPPY that the Brave Firefighters could stop it :)

Meta Knight9’s Igloo in Club Penguin …Working TOGETHER with Sensei at Fire Dojo to Educate about Fire Ninja Wave and Dance :) Hi Akiak Tikiy :)

Sensei and Saraapril working TOGETHER

                     …Water Fire Wave…LOL :) This is FUN :)

Fire Ninja and Water

                     …Thanks Libbyrascel2 and Kewtness02 :)

Saraapril's Fire Water Show :)                               …Water beats Fire…LOL :)

Water Beats Fire :)

…I Waddled over to Feed my Puffles and to see if we could have a FIRE NINJA PUFFLE with us too…Not YET! I Wish we can in The Future :) Hi My Friend 1w34e THANKS for Helping me to take care of my Puffles you are an AWESOME Friend :)

Saraapril's Igloo :)…Working in a Friends Restaurant :) Now I will go and start a Fire outside so we can make Marshmallows…YUMMY :)

Saraapril fixing food and Fire :) …Please Help me to Tell EVERYONE about this FUN Fire Moves so we ALL can have FIRE FUN TOGETHER :)

Fire Suit Secret Wave and Dance! FIRE Ninja Secrets :)

NINJA AMULET Key to NEW NINJA Journey in Club Penguin :)

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