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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Club Penguin has Server and Website Problems Right Now!

If you can’t log in to Play Club Penguin, it’s slow and takes long time or if you have Problem to visit some of Club Penguin’s web pages right Now you are not alone it is NOT YOUR COMPUTER! I Guess Club Penguins Bug Team working hard to Fix this as fast as Possible :)

Sometimes it can help to play Club Penguin with this link:

UPDATE: Littletias and I have done More testing and investigation and found that the problem is with our ISP (Internet Service Provider) or somewhere else on the way to Club Penguins servers…It looks like there is No Problem with the Club Penguin servers this time :) GREAT :) Now I Hope the Problem will be fixed FAST! I have a Birthday Party to go to…

Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal: Heroes Unite Club Penguin Book :)

Disney Club Penguin Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal: Heroes Unite is a 64 page book and is to be released August 19, 2010 This Graphic Novel has Potential to be a Favorite Book for me I LOVE Gamma Gal :)

Disney Club Penguin Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal: Heroes Unite :)

Club Penguin: Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl Heroes Unite Comic Storybook is a Graphic Novel…

Synopsis: Ready to join the adventures of Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal? This Club Penguin Comic Storybook reveals the never-before-told story of how these masked penguins gained their powers. See how Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal first saved the city from Squidzoid in these cool comics and read how they came together to become Club Penguin's most infamous superhero duo. If you like Club Penguin you'll love this comic storybook!

…there lived a girl called Amy Amy was fearless. And it was that fearlessness that led to her greatest adventure! WOW WHAT’S THAT GLOWING THING? WHOA! IT’S A … METEOR! I”VE GOTTA CHECK THIS OUT.

And on this incredible island covered with ice and snow…

Hi there! My name’s Joe. Today, I’m doing my favourite thing.I’m drawing comic books, and the comic book I’m working on right now is called… Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal: Heroes Unite! I’m still working on the first page. All the others are blank! Of course, I’ll soon change that. In fact, why don’t you join me as I complete the rest of the pages?

My story stars the two superheroes from the Stage play Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal. Do you remember them? Well, I always wondered how they met, so I made up this story. And I’m going to show it to you. Now, the first thing you have to know is that it all happened on this island…the island known as CLUB PENGUIN!

…The Book Looks so much FUN :) I am a Club Penguin Superhero too :)

Superhero Saraapril :)

New Books in Club Penguin and More Books coming soon :)

Disney Club Penguin Books :)

What Colors Have Gamma Gal and Shadow Guy?

For MORE Club Penguin and Disney Books Toys Clothes and items :)

Disney Club Penguin Party Time, All the Time! Book :)

Disney Club Penguin Party Time, All the Time! is a Book with 64 pages (Paperback) and will be Released at October 14, 2010 :)

Party Time, All the Time! Book :)

Frightening Lightning

The Dojo Grand Opening

In Club Penguin’s early days, the Dojo was a building full of mystery hidden in the mountains. Then, the Dojo was struck by lightning, crating a hole in the room.

But penguins got to work rebuilding it. Soon, the new Dojo Courtyard was revealed. And a new game, Card-Jitsu, helped penguins train to earn their coloured belts and become ninjas.

To show his thanks, the mysterious Sensei made his public debut, opening the Dojo with a bug bash in November of year four.

A Penguin with All the Right Moves

An Interview with Sensei

Determined reporter Aunt Arctic was able to get a rare interview with Sensei. This wise, grey penguin trains penguins to become ninjas.

Aunt Arctic: Some say you hide away here in the Dojo. How do you feel about that?

Sensei: The wisest penguin knows that ninjas are hidden only in their hears.

AA: That’s a bit hard to understand. Why do you speak in haiku?

S: It’s quite easy to sound very sage and wise speaking with haikus.

AA: Many say you’re a penguin of mystery. How would you describe yourself?

S: Like the pebbles of a riverbed that steer the rapids toward the sea, Sensei is at once easily understood and profoundly bemusing.

AA: Thank you for your time, Sensei.

S: Sensei is happy to speak with you. Sensei vanish!

AA: Hey, where did he go? Well, that’s Sensei for you – you never know when he’ll pop in… or out.

A Beacon of Light

The Lighthouse Grand Opening Party

Down at the Beach, the Lighthouse had fallen into disrepair. Thanks to hardworking penguins and the Restore the Lighthouse event, where kids could donate to a fund to help repair it, the Lighthouse was opened to the public for the first time. Penguins who donated seven hundred and fifty coins to pay for the Lighthouse received a red-and-white-striped T-shirt.

The big Lighthouse Grand Opening was reason to celebrate. A red sailor’s cap was the free giveaway at the three-day party.

With its new stage, the Lighthouse was the perfect place for a concert. The Club Penguin Band played and many other penguin musicians have been playing there ever since.

S.O.S. – Save Our Ship!

The Save the Migrator Campaign and Captain Rockhopper and Yarr’s Arr-ival Party

Shiver me timbers! Captain Rockhopper’s ship, the Migrator, hit an iceberg and sank. Penguins watched from the shore as Captain Rockhopper and his first mate, Yarr, rowed safely away. But was this the end of the Migrator? No way! Loyal penguins dived right in to help.

Gary the Gadget Guy started the Save the Migrator Campaign. He created the Aqua Grabber which grabbed pieces of the wreckage from the ocean floor. Divers went below the sea to repair the ship. When it was all fixed, the Aqua Grabber grabbed the Migrator and pulled it up.

To thank his penguin friends, Captain Rockhopper threw a party on board. The Crows’s Nest was opened, and Captain Rockhopper gave away the key to the Captain’s Quarters. Avast, me hearties! It was a piratey good time!

New Books in Club Penguin and More Books coming soon :)

Disney Club Penguin Books :)

The Ultimate Official Guide to Club Penguin: Revised and Expanded Book :)

Disney Club Penguin Party Time, All the Time! Book :)

Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal: Heroes Unite Club Penguin Book :)

The Great Puffle Switch Book :)

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The Ultimate Official Guide to Club Penguin: Revised and Expanded Book :)

We can look Forward to another Club Penguin Book: The Ultimate Official Guide to Club Penguin: Revised and Expanded with 240 pages and that will be released on August 19, 2010

Will it be a new Fold-Out Poster too? I Hope so :)

This will be similar to The Ultimate Official Guide, Volume 1 but with Updates and more info as this book was released October 30, 2008 COOL :)

New Books in Club Penguin and More Books coming soon :)

Disney Club Penguin Books :)

UPDATE: This book has changed name to The Awesome Official Guide to Club Penguin: Expanded Edition :)

For MORE Club Penguin and Disney Toys, Books, Clothes and items :)


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Night Club Color Changing TWITTER PARTY :)

Today we had a SECOND Club Penguin Party I needed some Help to get Pictures of the Night Club in Dark Green and Green so I Twittered and asked my Friends for Help :) Pengwing4 and Cena12121 were First to arrive THANKS Friends :) TOGETHER we invited More Penguins :) 

Night Club in Multicolor :)                      …We Need More Dark Green Penguins…

Night Club in Multicolor :)

…AND WE DID IT! We Turned The Night Club Dark Green and Then Green See Pictures here THANKS for coming to The Night Club color changing Party :) THANKS Friends now I have Pictures of The Night Club in ALL Colors :) Then we continued The Party in ALL Colors we had so Much FUN TOGETHER :)

Night Club in Light Blue :)                    …Our Night Club World is Perfect in PINK :)

Night Club in Pink :)                                   …I agree This is FUN :)

Night Club in Yellow :)

              …I LOVE The Purple it makes The Night Club Pop :)

Night Club in Dark Purple :)

                         …Yes Icee556 This is a GREAT Day :)

Night Club in Red :)

            …I feel like I am in an Underwater World…Blub…Blub :)

Night Club in Aqua :)                                      …We are PEACH!

Night Club in Peach :)

…This is one of The Coolest Featured Club Penguin had done :) I LOVE Color Dancing :) Now we will Turn Night Club too…

Night Club in Brown :)

                                …ORANGE!!! WOHOO!!!

Night Club in Orange :)

…Multicolor Now! I can Do This For HOURS sadly Mum said I have to Log off Now…Sorry…THANKS for Coming Friends :) THANKS to ALL Penguins That Party TOGETHER with me at The Night Club You are FANTASTIC FRIENDS!

Night Club in Multicolor :)

How to Change Colors in Night Club :)

Unlock The Great Puffle Switch Book :)

The Great Puffle Switch Book has been added to The Club Penguin Unlock your items Books List :) THANKS to Flame0522 for telling me about this you are a GREAT Friend :)

Unlock your Book :)Read More about Club Penguin Books :) New Books in Club Penguin and More Books coming soon :) and Puffle Plush Toys and Puffle Stuff :)

How to Change Colors in Night Club :)

If we work TOGETHER we can Change the Colors in Night Club :) That is so COOL! So If Many Penguins Have PINK as Penguin Color the Night Club Will Turn PINK and so on :) WE DECIDE the Night Club Room Color Depends on What Color OUR Penguin Has :)

Night Club in PINK!ALL Colors That The Night Club can Change to:

Dark Purple
Dark Green
Light Blue
Lime Green

This is The same as our PENGUIN COLORS :)

Read More how this work at Night Club Change Color after Penguins :) and see More Pictures THANKS for Coming to the Night Club Color Changing Party :)

THANKS for coming to The Night Club Color Changing Party :)

THANKS to ALL That came to The Night Club Coloring Changing  Party :) It was so FUN to meet you and I tried to send Postcard to EVERYONE that wanted one :) I Wish I could add you ALL to My Buddy List But it is Impossible…If you got a Buddy Card we are Buddies Anyway and Friends FOREVER in Club Penguin :) Here are some Pictures from The Party :)

WOW! So Many Friends at The Same Time :) TOGETHER we Turned The Night Club Red :)

Night Club in Red :)

    …I am so HAPPY to see you ALL :) Now The Night Club is Black :)

Night Club in Black :)                   …I Wish I could add you ALL! Blue Night Club :)         

Night Club in Blue :)

         …HURRAY! The Night Club is Pretty PINK! I am so HAPPY :)

Night Club in Pink :)

…Now we’re Dancing in a Lime Green Night Club :) Time to send some Postcards :)

Night Club in Lime Green :) …Aqua Colored Night Club :) I LOVE that WE can Change The Colors it is so COOL!

Night Club in Aqua :) …Oops! I Danced to close to the Stairs and ended up in The Lodge…LOL…Sorry :)

          …Back again to Dance with Red Colors surrounding us :)

Night Club in Red :)

                         …Multicolor Night Club is FUN too :)

Night Club in Multicolor :)

           …Pretty Peach Night Club :) Turn Peach for Cadence :)

Night Club in Peach :) …This is so Pretty a Dark Purple Night Club I LOVE to Dance in These Colors :)

Night Club in Dark Purple :)

…Black Night Club is COOL too :) I Think it Looks like an Old Black and White Movie :)

Night Club in Black :)              …Light Blue Night Club Just Like a Summer Sky :)

Night Club in Light Blue :) …This is not my Favorite Color but I like it anyway The Brown Night Club is Calming :)

Night Club in Brown :)                     …Orange Night Club feel warm and Cozy :)

Night Club in Orange :)   …Dancing in Sunshine la la la laaa…I Like the Yellow Night Club :)

Night Club in Yellow :)           …I LOVE ALL The Night Club Colors :) HAPPY RUNNING :)

Night Club in Multicolor :)

      …TOGETHER we Changed The Colors :) TOGETHER we ROCK!

Night Club in Multicolor :) …THANKS to EVERYONE that Came to The Party you are ALL GREAT Friends :) See you again another Time in Club Penguin :) Bye and Waddle ON!

Night Club in Multicolor :)…I Missed to get Picture of Green and Dark Green I was so Busy sending Postcards so little later I TWITTERED and Invited to a Second Party :) THANKS EVERYONE that could come Directly! Here is The Dark Green Night Club :)

Night Club in Dark Green :)…and here is The Night Club in Green they are so CLOSE in Colors but still not the same :)

Night Club in Green :)…I will Blog about The FUN Second Color Party at The Night Club Later and add a Link here :) Here is The Link :) Night Club Color Changing TWITTER PARTY :)

Cool Detail The Night Club Light Machine is from the Big Stage at the Music Jam Party Decorations and colors are Changed :)

             Color Changing Party at The Night Club! INVITATION :)

How to Change Colors in Night Club :)

Color Changing PARTY at Night Club! INVITATION :)

Yesterday we got NEW FUN Update at The Night Club so Today I will have a Color changing Party and you are Invited :)

Date: 30 January

Time: 10 Am Penguin Standard Time (PST)

Server: Ice Cold

Room: Night Club

With our Penguin Color we Effect The Night Club Room so we need to Work TOGETHER and have the same colors on our Penguins :) Let’s see if we can get The Night Club In ALL Different Colors :)

Night Club Party Invitation :)


Night Club Change Colors after Penguins :)

UPDATE: Hi Friends :) On This Page you can see the Time for the Party where you Live :) Just find a Town close to you :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Night Club Changes Color after Penguins :)

The NEW Thing in The Night Club is that The Colors Changes after Penguins Colors :) COOL! The Most Penguins with same Color in The Room Decides The Room Color :) Thanks Atril for finding this out you are a GREAT Friend :)

Night Club

…So This was Billybob’s Secret :) COOL! We still have to wait for the Dance Contest Update

I found out More about This :) When between 10 and 19 Penguins are in the room the Party starts!
When between 20 and 29 Penguins are in the room the Disco Party starts :)
When 30 or more Penguins are in the room the Rave Party starts :)

LOOK how The Night Club Changes depending on what Party it is :)

         When I am Alone in The Night Club it looks like normal :)

…Here the Party gets started with the animated stage background and disco ball…LOL…We can’t decide about a Color so The Night Club Dance Floor is Multicolored :) Otherwise the Dance Floor also changes color :)

     …Disco Party starts with the rotating Disco Spotlights showing :)

…Now the Rave Party has started and more moving Party lights are added with the special Party stage light machine :)

…This is so COOL! I LOVE THIS :) Now I will go and Dance at the Night Club and TOGETHER with other Penguins try to turn the Room PINK :) I need a Little help from My Friends La…la…la…lalaaa :)

We have TWO FUN Games to Play in The Night Club DJ3K and Dance Contest :)

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