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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Disney Club Penguin Party Time, All the Time! Book :)

Disney Club Penguin Party Time, All the Time! is a Book with 64 pages (Paperback) and will be Released at October 14, 2010 :)

Party Time, All the Time! Book :)

Frightening Lightning

The Dojo Grand Opening

In Club Penguin’s early days, the Dojo was a building full of mystery hidden in the mountains. Then, the Dojo was struck by lightning, crating a hole in the room.

But penguins got to work rebuilding it. Soon, the new Dojo Courtyard was revealed. And a new game, Card-Jitsu, helped penguins train to earn their coloured belts and become ninjas.

To show his thanks, the mysterious Sensei made his public debut, opening the Dojo with a bug bash in November of year four.

A Penguin with All the Right Moves

An Interview with Sensei

Determined reporter Aunt Arctic was able to get a rare interview with Sensei. This wise, grey penguin trains penguins to become ninjas.

Aunt Arctic: Some say you hide away here in the Dojo. How do you feel about that?

Sensei: The wisest penguin knows that ninjas are hidden only in their hears.

AA: That’s a bit hard to understand. Why do you speak in haiku?

S: It’s quite easy to sound very sage and wise speaking with haikus.

AA: Many say you’re a penguin of mystery. How would you describe yourself?

S: Like the pebbles of a riverbed that steer the rapids toward the sea, Sensei is at once easily understood and profoundly bemusing.

AA: Thank you for your time, Sensei.

S: Sensei is happy to speak with you. Sensei vanish!

AA: Hey, where did he go? Well, that’s Sensei for you – you never know when he’ll pop in… or out.

A Beacon of Light

The Lighthouse Grand Opening Party

Down at the Beach, the Lighthouse had fallen into disrepair. Thanks to hardworking penguins and the Restore the Lighthouse event, where kids could donate to a fund to help repair it, the Lighthouse was opened to the public for the first time. Penguins who donated seven hundred and fifty coins to pay for the Lighthouse received a red-and-white-striped T-shirt.

The big Lighthouse Grand Opening was reason to celebrate. A red sailor’s cap was the free giveaway at the three-day party.

With its new stage, the Lighthouse was the perfect place for a concert. The Club Penguin Band played and many other penguin musicians have been playing there ever since.

S.O.S. – Save Our Ship!

The Save the Migrator Campaign and Captain Rockhopper and Yarr’s Arr-ival Party

Shiver me timbers! Captain Rockhopper’s ship, the Migrator, hit an iceberg and sank. Penguins watched from the shore as Captain Rockhopper and his first mate, Yarr, rowed safely away. But was this the end of the Migrator? No way! Loyal penguins dived right in to help.

Gary the Gadget Guy started the Save the Migrator Campaign. He created the Aqua Grabber which grabbed pieces of the wreckage from the ocean floor. Divers went below the sea to repair the ship. When it was all fixed, the Aqua Grabber grabbed the Migrator and pulled it up.

To thank his penguin friends, Captain Rockhopper threw a party on board. The Crows’s Nest was opened, and Captain Rockhopper gave away the key to the Captain’s Quarters. Avast, me hearties! It was a piratey good time!

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