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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Puffle Party 2010 CHEATS and Guide :)

HURRAY!!! The Puffle Party is HERE!!! Here you find Links to ALL Cheats, Secrets, Free items and Member FUN :) TOGETHER we will have a PUFFLETASTIC Time :) 

Puffle Party 2010 :)

Very Much is like Last Year :) You find Green Puffles Flying Around at The Beacon :) The Yellow Puffles are inside The Lighthouse and The White Puffles inside The Mine :) The Black Puffle Plays at The Underground Pool Area :) Disco at The Night Club…Look for Purple Puffles there…The New Color Night Club is not available during the Puffle Party…PINK Puffles Playing at The Iceberg and The Blue Puffles at The Forest :) Red Puffles Playing Pirates at The Cove and The FUNNY Orange Puffle Hiding at Box Dimension, Ski Lodge and Ski Village :)White Puffle Ice skating Party :)

…The Party Balloons that are Decorating our Island will Change Color depending on your Puffles Color :) If you have no Puffle with you The Balloons will be in Mixed Colors :)

…Many Other Rooms Have Different Colored Puffles Playing TOGETHER :) The Beach, The Dock, The Pet Shop and at The Snow Fort a Friendly Puffle Snow Fight going on Feel Free to join in and Have FUN :)

Puffle Snowfight :) …From The Snow Fort you can waddle to The Puffle Feeding Room and have FUN TOGETHER with Friends :) The Puffles are ALWAYS HUNGRY…LOL :)

Puffle Feeding :)…The Plaza and Town are Decorated for The Party :) Mouse over The Puffle Toys and They will Move :) Look in the Link Collection under Puffle Party 2009 for More Pictures and Animations  :)

Here is a COMPLETE Link Collection to Club Penguins Puffle Party :)

Find Puffle Animations and More at Puffle Party 2009 :)

Puffle Party 2010 Preparations :)

NEW Puffle Furniture starting February 12, 2010 :)

New Igloo Music List :)

February Sneak Peak by Billybob :)

Questions to a Party Planner by Happy77 :)

Puffle Party coming February 19, 2010 to Club Penguin :)

Puffle FUN in February for Members :)

Igloo Music - Penguin Poll :)

Puffle Party Log in Background :)

Club Penguin Cap with Black Fire Puffle :)

O Berry Smoothies – Recipes!

Puffle-in-The-Box - Arts & Crafts :)

Hot Puffle – Outdoor Activities :)

NEW Animated Auto-Updating Event Banners for Club Penguin :)

Newspaper Delivery Delay!

What are you Most Excited about and Puffle Adventure - Reviewed by You and Newspaper Launched :)

More about The Puffle Party starting Feb. 19, 2010 :)

Take your Puffle Places – Secret Revealed :)

Orange Puffle in Club Penguin CONFIRMED :)

Brown Puffle coming 2011 to Club Penguin?

Puffle Party Boxes all over Club Penguin :)

Puffle Party Log in Picture 2010 :)

CHEATS! NEW Pet Furniture Catalog Love your Pet :)

Another Puffle Party Log in Background :)

ORANGE Puffle Found in Box Dimension :) ANIMATED!

Orange Puffle in cuckoo clock in Ski Lodge :) ANIMATED!

The Secret of The Bamboo Forest Postcard :)

Puffle Washer and Puffle Ball Furniture Toy :) on YouTube!

Orange Puffle in Cuckoo Clock in Ski Lodge :) on YouTube!

Orange Puffle in Box Dimension :) on YouTube!

Orange Puffle in Puffle Party 2010 Video :)

How can I Wash my Puffles in The Puffle Washer?

Puffle Party Update - Sneak Peek :)

Orange Puffle Plush TOY soon for Sale :)

New Launch Time! Puffle Party will start EARLY :)

FUN with Friends :)

Bring your Puffles to Party Feb. 18 – 25, 2010 :)

New Puffle in Club Penguin?

Puffles – Tour Guide :)

Puffle Party 2010 is HERE :)

Puffle Show Room for Members :) ANIMATED :)

Puffle Show Room for Members in Club Penguin :)

Free Item at Puffle Party 2010 The Puffle Hat :) CHEAT!

Igloo Upgrades February 2010 :) CHEATS :)

Better Igloos Catalog Feb – March 2010, CHEATS :)

How can I Play with my Puffle in The Puffle Show Room for Members? This is How :)

White Puffle Plays inside Mine! ANIMATED :)

ORANGE Puffle in Ski Lift at Ski Village :)

Puffle Party at Club Penguins Home Page :)

Puffle Show Member Room at YouTube :) VIDEO :)

ORANGE Puffle in Ski Lift! YouTube :)

Herbert's Revenge Sneak Peeks :) EPF Nintendo DS :)

Tour Guide Booth is Back :)

Puffle Party Tour Guide and Puffle Jokes :)

Club Penguin website Server Problems!

Orange Puffle Plush Toy by Billybob :)

Orange Puffle for sale in Pet Shop Feb 25, 2010 :)

Rockhopper and Yarr are soon BACK on Club Penguin Island :)

What sports do you like? Rockhopper Favorites - Reviewed by You :)

Screenhog on Puffle Design :)

FUN with Friends at Puffle Party 2010 :)

When can I Adopt Orange Puffle? NOW WE KNOW :)Orange Puffle :)

Tour Guide - The Plaza :)

How does the Orange Puffle Play? Sneak Peek :)

More soon…

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