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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

GROW GREEN in Club Penguin :) Penguins at Work :)

If you want to Help a Garden Grow, This Uniform The Water Suit 3000 is all you need. And if you want to GROW a Forest Put the GREEN Hard Hat on :)

…How can I water The Plants? Put on The Cool Grow Green Outfit and Dance :)

Grow GREEN in Club Penguin :)

…How can I drill up a Forest? Put on The Green Hat and click on d or Dance :) If you want you can add the Orange Work Vest too and The Black Puffle will Help you Drill :)

Drill up a Forest in Club Penguin :)

…Right Now you can buy these items in The Penguin Style Catalog :)

FREE Item at The Dock April Fool’s Party :)

How can I get The Free item at The Dock? Start to Throw Color filled Balloons ( click on the snowball icon or at t) at The Canvas :) Throw Paint Earn Item :) You have to Paint for a while Before The Treasure Chest will be done and Then…

…The Red Flying Cap will Spring up from The Ground :) This Works MUCH FASTER if you are MANY Penguins that Painting TOGETHER so take Help from your Friends :)


…You have found a Red Propeller Cap Would you like to Pick it up? YES but I CAN’T I already have one…LOL Next Year I wish for a SPARKLING Purple and PINK Propeller Cap wouldn't be COOL if Glitter was Flying around us :)

Red Propeller Hat :) …I am FLYING I LOVE how the Paint looks on the Trees :) Try to Throw Paint EVERYWHERE in  this Room :)

…and I LOVE when we can do Things TOGETHER in Club Penguin I am so HAPPY That this Painting by Throwing is BACK again :) If you a Member you Find another FREE Item at A Silly Place :)

How can I get the Red Flying Cap ANIMATED :)

April Fool’s Party 2010 CHEATS – Ultimate Guide :)

A Silly Place April Fool’s Member Room in Club Penguin :)

From The Snow fort Members can Enter This Room Filled with Jokes and Laughter :) A Special Stage is made for comedians and we can walk Through one Door and become INVISIBLE! The canon is loaded with lots off Funny items :)

A Silly Place in Club Penguin :) …This Room is a JOKE…LOL…ALL Members finds a FREE Item in This Room :)

A Silly Place in Club Penguin :)

…You have Found a King Jester Hat would you Like to Pick it up? LOL…YES Please :)

FREE Item :) FREE Item at The Dock for ALL Penguins :)

A Silly Place ANIMATED :)

April Fool’s Party 2010 CHEATS – Ultimate Guide :)

CHEATS Penguin Style Catalog April 2010 :)

The NEW Clothes Catalog is OUT in Club Penguin and I will as Always Help you to Find ALL The Secret Hidden Items WITHOUT Ruin YOUR FUN to Look for them :) This Catalog is AWESOME! It have so many Earth Friendly Environment Items THANKS Club Penguin :)

…We have Two Patterns for our Create your Own T-Shirt :) Puffle Earth and Puzzle :) COOL! And a NEW Color for our T-Shirt Artwork too :) So with this we can Create 11 NEW T-Shirts :) I Wish for a HOT PINK T-Shirt Color Next Time :)

…On this Page you find the Red Viking Helmet 750 coins…Open and Close Three Times open again and…

…You have found the Blue Viking Helmet 1200 coins :)

…The Green Face Paint :) THANKS to Roc On Pengs and Got3n for Helping me finding this item GREAT WORK :) Update: I found something :) Have ONLY this Face Paint on and then WAVE to GO GREEN :)

…We have a NEW Penguins at Work Page this time we can Help the garden to Grow you just need a Water Suit 400 coins :) Remember how we Voted and The Green Hard Hat WON! Green Hard Hat 50 coins :) The Pretty WHITE Cocoa Bunny Costume is NEW too :) WHITE Cocoa Bunny Costume 550 coins and The White Cocoa Bunny Ears 250 coins…

…Cocoa Bunny Costume 550 coins…

…Cocoa Bunny Ears 250 coins…

…Dazzling Blue Top Hat 475 coins :)

…Top Hat 350 coins…

…Dazzling Blue Tux 850 coins…

…The Brunette Hair 300 coins and The Purple Spring Dress 400 coins…

…Pastel Suede Jacket 700 coins…

…Pom Pom Scarf 250 coins…

…PINK Snorkel 200 coins…

…PINK Flippers 200 coins…

…Jade Necklace 200 coins…

…ALL Penguins can buy these Backgrounds for 60 coins each :) The NEW Recycle Decal background :)

…and The Zigzag Background is BACK this is an OLD RARE Background :)

…I LOVE ALL These NEW COOL and Earth Friendly GO GREEN Items :) The Trend Hair 450 coins, Green Cotton Scarf 175 coins, Water Bottle 50 coins, City Top and Jacket 500 coins, Gray Boots 250 coins, Green Cap 400 coins, Knotted Recycle Shirt 300 coins, Brown Leather Cuffs 100 coins…

…The Band Hair 500 coins, Rustic Tunic and Skirt 400 coins, Checkered Tote 200 coins, PINK Canvas Shoes 200 coins, Brown Stripe Fedora 400 coins and Green Recycle Shirt 300 coins :)

…I was so SAD when Club Penguin didn't do something SPECIAL for this years Earth HOUR EITHER!!! BUT can this New Outfits be the Start of a GO GREEN Environment PARTY in Club Penguin? I REALLY Wish it is! That would make me so HAPPY :) PLEASE SAVE OUR PLANET!!!  Mother Nature needs YOU and ME :)

Earth Hour Preparations 2010 :)

Earth Hour 2010 has STARTED :)

April Fool’s Party 2010 CHEATS – Ultimate Guide :)

Silliness and Surprises have taken over Club Penguin :) Waddle on and Expect the Unexpected…LOL :) Time for Funny Jokes Laughter and Special Crazy Effects This is so Much FUN :) Who has ERASED Parts of Club Penguin Coffee Shop and Gift Shop? LOL :)

…The FUN Boxes are Back in Club Penguin and Lots of Crazy Arrows and some Dimension Doors :) Mouse over The Iceberg Sign many Times…I Think The Iceberg JOKING with us…LOL :)

…If you Tries to go to The Mine Shack you will end up here in the Never Ending Blue Loading Space The Spinning Arrow Room…LOL…So Many FUN Messages to Read :) Just click on The Loading arrows…

…and you can go to the Mine :) Looking for a Laugh? Read This is Bananas :)

…Mouse over EVERYTHING and as soon you find a Hand click on it for Crazy FUN Effects :) Sometimes Mouse over is ALL you need to Do :) You Find FREE Items as Party Gifts at The Dock and at…

A Silly Place :) To enter The Stage Follow The Red Arrow :)  A Silly Place Animated :) 

…If you are a Member you can Enter The Silly Place from The Snow Fort :) Mouse over the Laughing Teeth and ALL Arrows :) The Snow Fort has been effected by Global Warming! NOT FUN!

…The Forest is up side Down…LOL…BUT we can always try to Grow NEW Trees :) Go GREEN in Club Penguin :)

…I LOVE The Butterflies Box at The Cove and The Gnarly Waves is so Much FUN :) It Looks like the Trees are LAUGHING :) And The Umbrella Flies AWAY again :) The Diving board box…The GROW GREEN Box…Everything is FUNNY at April Fools :) Have FUN Be Silly and Waddle On!

…We have a GROWING GREEN Box at The Coffee Shop and some April Fool’s Messages on The Menu Board :)

…In the Night Club we have NEW Music and here we can have AWESOME April Fool’s PARTIES! if you try to use the Secret Passage way to The Boiler Room you have to take the opposite Speaker than usual…Oops! I meant Cardboard Box Speaker…LOL :)

 …Wait for the Egg clock Timer to sound and The April Fool Joker will came  :)

…My Highly Beloved FLOWER Box is BACK at The Underground Pool :) Look out in to the sea and you will see funny things swimming around and crabs with Messages for you :)

…If you Throw a Snowball in The Pizza Parlor you start a FOOD FIGHT! EWWW!!! Who will clean up this MESS? LOL :) I am a GIRL I HATE when things are STICKY!!! This will be a Mission for MUM she is GREAT at cleaning up Messes :)

…Lots of FUNNY Boxes here at The Beach and something Strange has Happened to The Lighthouse Door…LOL :) Find a Secret at Beach Background April Fool’s :)

…I am inside The Lighthouse :) Mouse over The Top Box at The Stairs and Puffles will come and Fly around :)

  …At The Beacon we have a few Decorations too :)

…The Cuckoo Clock is Box Crazy FUN :) AND in This Room you will find a Secret Door :)

…The Ski Village Mountain can be REMOVED! Click at The little Darker Mountain Top at The Right…The Mountain have a Messages for us…APRIL FOOLS!!!

April Fool’s Party in Club Penguin 2008 :)

April Fool’s Party and CPIP April’s Fool Party :)

April Fools Party 2009 Link Collection :)

April Fool’s Day Party is HERE :) 

April Fool’s Party 2010 Link Collection :)

April Fool’s Party – What’s Coming Up?

April 1 = April Fools FUN :)

April Fool’s Party Update by Billybob :)

A Silly Place April Fool’s Party Member Room in Club Penguin :)

FREE Item at The Dock April Fool’s Party :)

GO GREEN in Club Penguin :) Penguins at Work :)

GRUB - Secret Revealed :)


EPF Spring Seasonal Mission April 1-7 in your Nintendo DS :)


Favorite April Fools Room - Penguin Poll :)

Beach Background April FOOLS :)

This is Bananas! LOL :)

Party Banner Not Updated!

Iceberg FUN at April Fool’s Party 2010 :)

Secret Door – Portal Box Glitch :)

April Fool’s Tour Guide 2010 :)

A Silly Place Animated :)

How can I get the Red Flying Cap? FREE ITEM :)

More soon…

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