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Friday, March 26, 2010

Billybob Showing Club Penguin Headquarter :)

Billybob or Lane Merrifield giving an interview and taking us on a Tour Guide of Club Penguins Headquarter in Kelowna British Colombia Canada and show us how they work :) Go to to see this AWESOME Interview and they have a CONTEST too :)

Billybob's Headquarter :)

…Billybob Shows how our ideas comes to Life in Club Penguin :)

Billybob :)

…Herbert has Walked here...LOL :)

Herbert's Pawprints :)

…Lane Merrifield, Lance Priebe, and David Krysko The Three Original Creators of Club Penguin :)

Lane Merrifield, Lance Priebe and David Krysko :)

…THANKS Billybob, rsnail and Gizmo for making Club Penguin the FUNNIEST and HAPPIEST Place online :) As ALWAYS Waddle On!Saraapril says THANKS :)


idog0698 said...

hi saraapril. I posted somthing about the video on my blog and gave you credit. Maby we could be friends on club penguin. My blog is club penguin rocks on blogger. add me pleace. Maby we could meet up on cp some time. you could leave me a comment and tell me when we could meet up. Thanks saraapril you rock.

Saraapril said...

Hi idog0698 I can met you at Server Cold Snap at Dock right now :)

idog0698 said...


idog0698 said...

Saraapril it was such a thrill to meet you. Hope we can get togeather on coldsnap soon. I wish we could be on one anothers buddy list but oh well. We can still blog to one another. Maby get on cp when we are both on. Feel free to send me a comment threw the posts where I put you in it. visit my blog as often as you can please. Thanks for being my first visitor and thanks for taking the time to meet me. saraapril you rock.

love idog

Edster12499 said...


This is SO cool! :)

Edster12499 said...


Wanna meet on Club Penguin on the server Sparkle, in the Coffee Shop? :) I REALLY wanna meet you! :)

XlotX said...

Saraapril could i please meet you in Club Penguin? :)

- XlotX

Fro Bro98 said...

Wow thats Awesome! I saw the video and Billybob is awesome! When i get older I want to work for CP! Also I just made a site and can you please tell some people about it Friend. The link is Thank you Friend!

Happy Waddling!

- Fro Bro98

air214 said...

Are you going to be at Happi Pippi and Bunny Buttons going away party Saraapril? I hope so because a lot of penguins are going and I'm prety sure they would like to meet you to!

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