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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Tour Guide :)

Welcome to Earth Day 2010 in Club Penguin and to Guided Tour :) Here we are in the Town! We're celebrating Earth Day. Follow the scavenger hunt clues and find things to recycle then take them to the Recycling Plant! It is so COOL to Recycle and Club Penguin has done some of that in these Party Decorations :) The Town Decorations are similar to The St Patrick's Day Party :) And The Trees are put in a Flowerpots and Recycled from The Adventure Party :) GREAT WORK Club Penguin :)

Earth Day Tour Guide :)

…Do you want to see items that can be Recycled? Click on the Recycling Bin :) Have you noticed  that The Pretty Flowers are Recycled from The Norman Swarm Play :)

Recyceling Bin :)

…This is the Plaza! It's Earth Day, and we're looking after the island! Join in the scavenger hunt and collect stuff to recycle!

Earth Day Tour Guide :) …Both at The Town and Here at The Plaza you will find a Garden Site Sign :) Click on it…Community Garden Help Wanted! We’re planting a garden at the Mine Shack :) Bring your tools and join in :) Click on Go There and…

Earth Day Tour Guide :)…Welcome to the Mine Shack! We're celebrating Earth Day by cleaning up the island and growing a garden. You need to collect things to recycle…Recycle Hunt CHEATS :)

Earth Day Tour Guide :)

…to enter the Recycling Plant!

Earth Day Tour Guide :)

…This is the Recycling Plant! Throw your recycling into the Recycletron 3000 and turn rubbish into useful things!

Earth Day Tour Guide :) …We have got a Path Way Between The Mine Shack and The Forest :) I LOVE That :)

Earth Day Tour Guide :) …I am on a HAPPY Waddling in The Forest :)

Saraapril on a HAPPY Forest Waddle :)

…Earth Day Safe Speed Chat :) Click on Messages and then on Hello and then Earth Day…Happy Earth Day! Come to the Mine Shack :) Help me find things to recycle :) Let's tidy up :) Throw your garbage into the Recycletron 3000! Let's grow some plants :) This needs digging! Please water the plants :) Everybody turn green :) Good job!

Earth Day Tour Guide :) …To Tell a Joke click on Messages again and the Activities and then Tell a Joke OR just click on j :)

Earth Day Jokes :)

What's the worst vegetable to have on a boat? A leek!
What do you get...if you cross a shark with a flower? I don't know, but I'm not going to smell it!

Why do potatoes make great secret agents? Because they keep their eyes peeled!
How do trees get onto the internet? They just log in!
What kind of bean never grows in a garden? A jelly bean!
How does a tree count? One, two, tree!
Why is the letter A like a flower? Because a B comes after it!
Why is a garden like a story? Because they both have plots!
Why do bees hum? Because they don't know the words!
What's black and yellow and goes zzub zzub zuub? A bee flying backwards!
Why was the mushroom invited to the party? Because he was a fun-gi to be with!
Why shouldn't you tell secrets in a garden? Because corns have ears...potatoes have eyes...and the beanstalk!

Earth Day Tour Guide :)

…THANKS for taking this Tour I Think that Recycling and the Community Garden it the BEST Thing that have Happened in Club Penguin EVER!!! HAPPY EARTH DAY :)

Earth Day :) 

Earth Day 2010 in Club Penguin :)


Y27s said...

Notice some are from April Fool's Party? BTW, I emailed Club Penguin about the emote.

Ice Fire Spy said...

Please attend the operation nice award ceremony on the server christmas and at the dock! Forward this to all your friends
Where: Dock, christmas
when: Saturday, at 6:00 PM not penguin standard
And I would love for you to come saraapril! It would be an honor if you showed up

Anonymous said...

hi saraapril king365bunny here i just wanted to ask can we meet up in Club Penguin and add eachother as friends please? :)

Anonymous said...

Saraapril can we add eachother on cp right now please? Server Bunny Hill Room iceberg. my name is king365bunny your friend :) see you there?

Saraapril said...

Hi king365bunny :) My Buddy List is FULL Sorry BUT I can meet you in Club Penguin right now and I can send you a Buddy Card :) See you there :)

Anonymous said...

Okay saraapril sorry im late im there right now from king365bunny

King365bunny said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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