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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Recycling Plant in Club Penguin :)

The NEW Room in Club penguin is a RECYCLING PLANT :) But Before you can Enter this ECO Room you must Help out to Clean Up Trash in Club Penguin :) Collect used objects to Recycle around the Island. Once you have the Reward for Finding ALL of Them, you can Enter This Room :) Recycle Hunt CHEATS :) 

…The Recycling Plant :) Throw a Snowball in The Recycletron 3000 Machine and you will Throw Old Items that can be Recycled :)


…Xps6 and I are working with Recycling :) If you want to Throw items superfast click on the key t and then on left click…FAST…LOL :)

Recycletron 3000 :)

…We have collected used items that nobody wanted anymore and then we made them to something useful :) Buoy, Artwork, Lamp, I LOVE how the Machine ALMOST drop the Life Ring and Anvil …LOL  :) Recycling is so Much FUN :) And I LOVE the Cool Sound Effects too :)

Eco Friendly Recycle Machine  3000 :)

…Maxguy124678 and I having a HAPPY Throwing Recycle item Fight…LOL :) I LOVE This ROOM :)


…Time to Work again :)

Recycletron 3000 Controls :)

…The Recycletron 3000 Works PERFECT :)

Recycletron 3000 Monitor :)…THANKS Gary the Gadget Guy :) You have Created a useful and wonderful Eco Friendly Recycle Machine that will make life here in Club Penguin so Much Better :) GREAT WORK UNCLE GARY :)

Link Collection :) Earth Day 2010 in Club Penguin :)


Edster12499 said...

The new Recycling Plant is VERY cool! :) I love to throw my paper, cardboard, and plastic into there! I go to my igloo, I clean it, and Recycle ANYTHING that is Recyclable! :) I am a BIG fan of Earth Day! I like to celebrate virtually, and in the real world!

Anonymous said...

That is awsome! I love the fact to that in ur messages it says, "recycle" insted of "trash" the mine is looking so beautiful with all its flowers and food. Our mine now looks like a place to stay and enjoy! The other nice fact is that the many things learned on club penguin teach us about the real world! After I helped plant the garden at the mine I felt like our house could use some plants! My mom and I are going to fix up the landscaping abit and make our outside as amazingly relaxing as possible! Earth Day is a very inspiring day to celebrate and I hope many other ppl celebrate it to! =) Your Youtube Best Friend, ;D
Happy Earth day!
Plz check ur private messages on youtube thx

XlotX said...

I knew it! It was a Watering-Can and Straw hat :)

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