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Monday, May 31, 2010

Sneak Peek - Coming up in June 2010 :)

See This is a Message from Billybob :)

Hello Penguins!

It's nearly June, and that means lots of new events are coming up fast!

Many of you have asked what adventures are on their way, and we wanted to give you a sneak peek. There's going to be even more new things for agents, and a TON of stuff for those of you who like the sea. Sneak Peek :)

So what do you think? Let us know!

Until then... Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

The First Picture looks like it is from the Treasure Hunt can that picture been taken close to the Battle Ship? The second for EPF and I Think the third is from the Jungle at the Island Adventure Party :) This will be FUN I LOVE NEW PARTIES!Saraapril :)

Membership FUN June 2010 :)

Plant Experiments in my Igloo :)

Here you find Links to the Club Penguin Adventure Party 2009 :)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Plants Experiments in my Igloo :)

The Hunt for New Outfits and Rare items will be here this Month (Membership FUN June 2010 :) and Gary have asked me to Test Grow some Plants for the Island Adventure Party :) I have placed a fan to test the plants ability to grow during severe circumstances…I might have to give these plants more water or…

…this article is interesting I will try this New idea :)

…by the way have you noticed that the Penguin in the sunset Painting can rise his arm? I LOVE Details :)

Sunset Paiture

…back to my Experiment :) Hmmm…if I take this and this and then it need to boil for 15 minutes…now I have time to check my Mailbox…

…I am waiting for a Special Delivery by Mail from Club Penguin…

…but the Flowers looks lovely :)

…15 minutes is up…Now I will do some more Testing…Herbert was so Helpful when we saved the Island Herbert’s Revenge and if I known how to contact him I would do that to…WAIT!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO HERBERT AND KLUTZY??? I need to contact Uncle Gary the Gadget Guy RIGHT NOW!!!

On this Post How I decorated my Igloo for the Halloween  Igloo Contest 2009 :) You will find my Halloween Decorated Igloo and Links to More Experiments and Stories :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010


The Elite Penguin Force is so Much FUN and Agent Spider880 and I met up in the Command Room to look around and see if we could think out a plan to catch Herbert…

…Agents Invisible4 and Patsy 19140 might have some ideas too…let’s join the other Agents at the table and see what we can think up TOGETHER :)

…Hi Crazyuba :) This is so COOL! This Agent Lobby and Test Facility is AWESOME!!! Wait a minute…This is ONLY a Everyday Phoning Facility…LOL :)

…It took awhile before my Friend Funkyawesome had cleared her mailbox so I could send her a Secret EPF invitation…Shhh…That is a Secret…ONLY Special Remarkable Citizens will receive an invitation…

…Hi Recon509 I unlocked my Black Elite Puffle Flare with my Herbert’s Revenge DS Game Code :) Cool Dance Moves Mrs Aiready :)

…Time for an EPF Recruit Party :) Hi Chowmein42 it was so much FUN to meet you :) Sorry I couldn't add you BUT now we are Club Penguin Friends anyway :) And THANKS for feeding my Puffle :)

…Hi Quinn116 :) Do you need an invite too?

…Fancy60 has taken the Agent Test and now Belongs to Elite Penguin Force Agency too :) HURRAY!!!

…The Grey EPF Jacket is one of the items I unlocked with my Herbert’s Revenge Code :)

…I am so HAPPY that ALL Penguins can join EPF no matter if you are a Member or Non Member Free Playing Penguin :) THANKS Club Penguin :) This ROCKS!!!

…Thanks Fancy60 you ROCK too :)


…Thanks for reading my Blog Waddleboy200 :)

…You think my Web Rocks too :) THANKS Koloway :) I hope you get your Wifi connection to work :)

…Go Flare :)

…Time to end the Party I have much more Blogging to do :) THANKS Everyone I hope you all got an invitation and it was FUN to meet both old and New Club Penguin Friends :) Waddle On!

…ATTENTION AGENTS! Dale327 is Herbert…HELP!!! Herbert Kidnapped FLARE…STOP HIM!!! GREAT IDEA Pinkish390…all Agents help us make a Big Bubble of gum to catch him in!

…it Worked :) I got Flare back BUT Herbert manage to teleport himself out from EPF…

…Agent Spider880 came up with an Idea…We should form a little team inside the EPF Our team's job would be investigating and attempting to stop Herbert…Great Idea Agent Spider880 :) And I am now Happy to Report that I have talked to Uncle Gary just as you asked and he said INDEED this is Exactly what EPF need right now :) Time to investigate :) We need to STOP Herbert’s Revenge :)

…THANKS to ALL Penguins I have Played with in Club Penguin during the launching of Elite Penguin Force you ALL met the Requirements for GREAT EPF Agents :) Keep on INVESTIGATE :)

EPF HQ and LINK Collection :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Klutzy Crab Costume :)

ALL My Items from Herbert’s Revenge are now in my Club Penguin Account :) LOOK I have a KLUTZY COSTUME AWESOME!!! Time to Spy on Herbert…This will be so Much FUN :)Klutzy Costume :) 

Herbert’s Revenge CHEATS Walkthrough Guide and Tutorial :) 

Where can I find Klutzy Costume in Club Penguin?

PINK Puffle Clothes from Club Penguin :)

Club Penguin Multi Hooded Top :)

Club Penguin fans can look cool and stay cosy wearing this eye-catching top, whose comfy hood has a patterned lining and whose bold pink fabric is decorated with three cheeky glitter print Puffles. 100% cotton. Machine washable.

Club Penguin Multi Hooded Top :)

Club Penguin Multi T-shirt :)

What could make more suitable summer wear for Club Penguin fans than this striking short sleeve tee, whose bold Pink fabric is decorated with three cheeky Puffles in twinkling glitter. 100% cotton. Machine washable.

Club Penguin Multi T-shirt :)

COOL! I LOVE PINK and PUFFLES and GLITTER this is Definitely something I would wear :) Only one thing This is cute and I Like these items BUT I would LOVE them if they were HOT PINK and The Puffles had Brighter Colors and Much More GLITTER :) The Puffles are WAY to PALE!Saraapril :)

I found the clothing on

On this Post Club Penguin Backpack – Black Fire Puffle :) I Wished for more PINK, Purple, Sparkles and Pretty Puffle items :) THANKS Club Penguin :)

For more Puffle Clothes look here White Puffle on Hooded Top and more Club Penguin Clothes :) and Puffle Plush Toys and Puffle Stuff :) and under The Label Toys :)

For MORE Club Penguin and Disney Toys, Books, Clothes and items :)

EPF HQ Tour Guide and LINK Collection :)

I got a call to my New Spy Phone…it was Gary that asked if I was Ready for my First Assignment as a Club Penguin Online Elite Penguin Force Agent? YES! I answered I am ALWAYS Ready to Help :) INDEED!That’s the EPF Spirit :) Uncle Gary the Gadget Guy answered…Your Mission will be to make a Guided Tour of the Everyday Phoning Facility! Okay :) I said over and out…GUIDED TOUR Starts NOW :) Here we have the Ski Village…Here you'll find the Ski Hill and the Ski Lodge...and on your right is just an average Everyday Phoning Facility...

Ski Village :)

…Follow me…Here we have an average, Everyday Phoning Facility. Yup, not much to see here. Nothing suspicious about it at all...let's move on…What did you say Paroylis1999 YOU think this is a Secret Agent Lobby? Ridiculous! SHHH…LOL :)

Agent Lobby Everyday Phoning Facility :)…Where are Everybody? Hmm....Looks like I'm the only one here. I can't really give a Tour to just myself...or can I? Here we have the Facility. It's pretty empty…LOL :) Waddle On…

Agent Lobby Everyday Phoning Facility :)…Welcome Agents, to the EPF Command Room. As you can see, we're currently upgrading it with a LOT of New Equipment. Agents will receive New orders soon…

EPF Command Room :)…until then your Mission is to Help fixing the Communicate Central in the EPF Commander room :) I am so HAPPY to report that All Missions now are transferred from PSA to EPF via my Secret HQ Igloo :)

Agents Saraapril and Flare :)

…Listen to the Music in the EPF Command Room :) Club Penguin have not only created a Fabulous Head Quarter they have composed New Secret Agency Music for EPF :) Have you noticed that the log in background only is EPF right now? COOL :) And That concluded the Guided Tour of EPF Thanks for Listening :) Now I will report back to Gary and tell him what a Fantastic Group Penguins you are…one more thing right now The Black Elite Puffle Flare can help us weld and I believe that the ELITE Puffles will change depending on the work that needs to be done around Club Penguin Island :) BUT I HOPE that we will get ALL Elite Puffles in the Future and then WE can choose which Puffle to work with…That would be AWESOME! Time will tell :)

Flare Welding :)

THANKS Club Penguin Team for all the FUN you Creating for us to Enjoy :) Waddle On!

Membership FUN June 2010 :)

Everyday Phoning Facility on Club Penguin Homepage :)

Elite Penguin Force Secret HQ :)

EPF Agent invitation :)

Empty Igloo BUG!

EPF Test Online Club Penguin YouTube VIDEO :)


How to get a Perfect score at EPF Test CHEATS :)

New EPF Spy Phone :)

How to get Elite Puffle Flare in Club Penguin ONLINE :)

Non Member Penguins can Join EPF :)

How can I find EPF Suit Costume?

EPF Secret Agency Backgrounds Log in Pictures :)

Klutzy Crab Costume :)

FUN with Friends :) 

Plants Experiments in my Igloo :)

Sneak Peek - Coming up in June 2010 :)

How do you Help? and Adventure - Reviewed By You :)

Tour Guides got Paid Today :)

Details from Herbert’s Revenge :)

EPF Report for Duty June 15 :)

Elite Penguin Force Banner :)

Agency Upgrades - Penguin Poll :)

EPF Club Penguin Case for Nintendo DS/DSi :)

Where is my FREE Herbert’s Revenge?

Calling EPF “Penguins around the World”

FUN with Friends :)

EPF New Room and Weekly Assignments - Sneak Peek :)

Adventure Plants Growing in my Igloo :)

New EPF ROOM take Tube Transport in HQ :)

FUN Activities in Club Penguin :)

FUN with Friends :)

Now the EPF Field-Ops Assignments have started and I will continue the Link Collection on this Post :)

New Field-Ops Available :) EPF First Weekly Assignment CHEATS :)

EPF Secret Agency Backgrounds Log in Pictures :)

Elite Agents Wanted. Are You Ready? WOW! This Log in Pictures are the BEST Club Penguin have made so far :) I think this is so COOL and PERFECT for introducing Elite Penguin Force at Club Penguin Island Online :)

Elite Agents Wanted :)

…Report for Duty! Look how our Agents tries to short-circuit the Power Box :)

EPF Agents Wanted :)

…EPF Spy Phone The most Powerful gadget in an Elite Agent’s arsenal. This new Phone has Everything an Agent needs…and More :) New EPF Spy Phone :)

Update of Spy Phone information: Alert Display Flashes to notify Agents of any Emergency Alerts. Elite Gear Coming soon – Elite Gear. Access to the most advanced Elite Agent Equipment. Field-Ops Coming soon – Field-Ops. Be ready to Report for Duty. Teleport Allows EPF Agents to teleport to any Location in Club Penguin. Now faster and easier to use. Recruit Agents who meet skilled citizens can invite them to join the EPF. Send a Top-Secret Postcard…The rest is up to them. Elite Puffle Call on Flare, one of the highly skilled Elite Puffles to Help you protect the Island. Reserved for Agents on the “Herbert’s Revenge” case. Go to Command Room Instantly Teleports the Agent to the Command Room. For those that need to get there immediately. Thanks to bobafet22 that gave me a hint so I could find out more information to this update :)

Spy Phone EPF :)

…How to join EPF: Create Penguin or use Existing Penguin :) Check your mail for orders from the EPF :) Prove your Skill as an Elite Penguin Take “The Test” Grab your New Spy Phone and Report for Duty :) How to get a Perfect score on EPF Test CHEATS :)

…Club Penguin EPF: Herbert’s Revenge Nintendo DS Herbert’s Revenge CHEATS Walkthrough Guide and Tutorial Elite Penguin Force Nintendo DS :)

…You can see Two EPF Videos too Log in to Club Penguin or See The Newest Video for Herbert’s Revenge in HQ here :)

Herbert’s Revenge High Quality HD Trailer Video :)

EPF Tour Guide and LINK Collection :)

How can I find EPF Suit Costume?

Many Penguins asking where is the EPF Suit ? How can I get the EPF Suit? Where did you buy that Jacket? The Elite Penguin Force Suit outfit or costume is an item you get when you unlock the code you get from the Herbert’s Revenge Nintendo DS Game :) See more info about how to get this New Secret Agent Costume EPF Secret HQ :)

…I think this EPF outfit look COOL I LOVE the EPF Badge and the Shoulder radio :) Oh I hear something…Okay Gary I am on my way…LOL :)

EPF Suit :)

How to get EPF Puffle Flare in Club Penguin Online :)

How to get a Perfect score at Elite Penguin Force Test CHEATS :)

EPF Tour Guide and LINK Collection :)

Club Penguin Small Soft Toys in UK :)

Club Penguin Rockhopper Small Soft Toy :)

Hmmm…small? They are BIGGER than the Normal sized Plush Toys…anyway :) Now they can add a pirate captain their Club Penguin crew in the shape of this Rockhopper soft toy, complete with his fluffy beard, bushy eyebrows and familiar hat plus a code coin to unlock items online. H25xW12cm approx.Club Penguin Rockhopper Small Soft Toy :)

Club Penguin Squizoid Small Soft Toy :)

Bring home a stage star from a classic Club Penguin play. This colourful soft toy is dressed in full Squidzoid costume, complete with tentacles and patch details plus a code coin to unlock items online. H25xW12cm approx. Club Penguin Squizoid Small Soft Toy :)

Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Small Soft Toy :)

Stop Press! This Aunt Arctic soft toy makes a headline addition to any Club Penguin collection and features her famous woolly hat, glasses and pencil, plus a code coin to unlock items online. H25xW12cm approx.Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Small Soft Toy :)

I found these Plush Toys on :)

These now so called “Small Soft Toys” are the same size as these 9 inch Plush Toys: 9" Penguin Plush Toys Limited Edition :) and Club Penguin 9" Limited Edition Penguin Plush – Rocker :) I Think they are cute :)

I have a Club Penguin Coin Code How can I use it to Unlock items Online?

For MORE Club Penguin and Disney Toys, Books, Clothes and items :)

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