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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS! May 2010 Medieval Party :)

This Catalog is AMAZING! Club Penguin has gone all out and Create a Medieval Fairytale :) I Have never seen so Pretty Dresses before in Club Penguin EVER! THANKS Club Penguin for these Extraordinary Fabulous Fantastic Outfits and Costumes :) As always I will help you find ALL the Secret Hidden items without ruin YOUR FUN to look for them :)

…The Duchess Hair 400 coins, Duchess’ Dress 550 coins, Duke’s Hat 150 coins, Duke’s Outfit 400 coins and Pointy Shoes 200 coins :)

Medieval Party Outfits 2010 :)

…On this Page you find the First Hidden item in this Catalog :) Mouse over the Page and you will find the Green Dragon Costume 1000 coins :)

Green Dragon Costume :)

…The Damsel Hair and Hat 400 coins, Damsel’s Dress 450 coins, King’s Crown 400 coins, Royal Scepter 150 coins, Royal Robe 400 coins and King’s outfit 375 coins :)

Medieval Party Costumes 2010 :)  …Beautiful Braid Hair 400 coins and Emerald Dress 550 coins :)

Beautiful Braid Hair and Emerald Dress  :)

…The Fair Maiden Hair 400 coins, Maiden’s Gown 425 coins, Gold chain 150 coins and Squire Outfit 325 coins :)

Medieval Party Costumes 2010 :)…Knight Helmet 400 coins and Knight Amour 600 coins Do you want to Work? The Blacksmith Apron is for sale for 100 coins :) See how to use it at Penguins at Work - Ye Old Blacksmith :)

Medieval Party Outfits 2010 :)

…Green Hooded Cloak 550 coins :)

Green Hooded Cloak :)

…Red Viking Helmet 750 coins :) Open and close Three times then open again and you will find the…

Red Viking Helmet  :)

…Blue Viking Helmet 1200 coins :)

Blue Viking Helmet  :)

…Green Face Paint :)

Green Face Paint :)

…Top Hat 350 coins :)

Top Hat :)…Dazzling Blue Top Hat 475 coins :)

Dazzling Blue Top Hat :) …Dazzling Blue Tux 850 coins :)

Dazzling Blue Tux :)

  …Cocoa Bunny Ears 250 coins :)

Cocoa Bunny Ears  :)  …Cocoa Bunny Costume 550 coins :)

Cocoa Bunny Costume :)

…Pastel Suede jacket 700 coins :)

Pastel Suede Jacket :)

…Pom Pom Scarf 250 coins :)

Pom Pom Scarf :)…ALL Penguins Both Members and FREE Penguins can buy Backgrounds :)

…This is the NEW Background :) Would you like to buy Dragon's Lair Background for 60 coins? YES PLEASE :)

Dragon's Lair Background :)

For Medieval  Tabards, Shields, Lute and Toro red this Post :) Medieval Catalog :)

Now I am Ready for all The Medieval Party FUN see you around in Club Penguin :) Waddle On :)

Saraapril :)

Medieval Party 2010 CHEATS and Link Collection :)

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Anonymous said...

sara april! Guess what? I've already done both quests! They r really fun!

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