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Monday, May 17, 2010

Veggie Villain Mission 11 CHEATS :)

Cheats, Tips, Guide and Tutorial for Club Penguins Newest Mission The Veggie Villain :)

ATTENTION Agents Report to HQ Immediately! Gary the Gadget Guy Needs ALL Secret Agents!

The Veggie Villain

Another Incident has been Reported involving Herbert P. Bear. Are you Ready for the Big Showdown?

Mission 11: There has been a Disturbance at the Gift Shop and Several items have been Reported Missing. Herbert is the Primary Suspect.

Report to G in the HQ.

But First it is something I want to say…in this Walkthrough of Veggie Villain I will Help you to find Solutions for ALL The Mysteries, Riddles, Problems and Games you will have to Solve in Mission 11 WITHOUT spoiling YOUR FUN to play the Veggie Villain Mission 11 :) That was all for now :) Time to go and talk to Gary in HQ :)

…Talk to Gary and listen then use Map to go to Gift Shop…

…Talk to Rookie and Pick up corn seeds from Floor put them in your inventory :)

…Go Upstairs to the Staff Only Office room and Talk to the Jet Pack Guy…pick up more corn seeds from the Floor and add them to the inventory :) The Spy Phone starts to ring so hurry up Agent and Answer the call…

…Gary is in Trouble! HURRY to WADDLE Back to The HQ! He needs to talk to you Right NOW! Talk to Gary and…Listen…Follow Gary’s Order…

..The situation is SERIOUS Herbert can Compromise PSA any Minute now Go to Ski Village…Herbert’s Show has just started Listen and work TOGETHER with Rookie he has really GREAT ideas :) YES that is right Rookie has been Training and have become pretty smarter as an Agent…Almost…LOL :)

…click on the projector device…You need a Disc… on Penguins in front of the Screen to get Clues to find disc…A Piano…hmm…Go to Lighthouse and take a look :) Pick up the Disc AND the Cleaning Stuff take time to clean the Disc :)

…back to Ski Village and stop Herbert's Video Feed by loading The Projector with the Disc :)

…Now The Living Sled is showing instead for Herbert BUT EVERYONE can STILL hear him! We need to track his signal to the source! Back to The Projector again and use the Wrench from the Spy Phone Tools to open The Transmitter box…

…Read the instructions and Solve this FUN Mini Game :)

…Then Talk to the Penguins and Promise to help the Poor brown Penguin…

…Waddle to the Light house and up to the Beacon Talk to Rory he will need your Help…Listen to him…you will find a Tin Can in the Lighthouse and you can get…from the Beach…Tips: If you have Problems go back and get more clues from Rory :)

…Go to HQ and use the Test Chamber…and then back to Rory…He will give you a lens…

…to take to the Brown Penguin at The Ski Village so you can fix his Glasses :)

…To The Mine Shack…gulp…A Strange Corn Field…Follow the popcorn inside the Corn Maze…you will find small paper clues…follow Herbert’s paw prints…pick them up and put them Together in the inventory :)

…pick up the Plank of Wood and put it in the inventory too :)

…Waddle until you comes to the Big Pile of Popcorn and read the Clue :) Water, Corn, Fertilizer, Hot Sauce and Coffee…Now chose the way that has this marks :) First the Yellow Water can…

…You found the way through the Corn Maze and reached the River :)Use the Plank to cross the River…

…to lower the ladder and reach to the Level put some corn kernels in the fire so they pop…

…You have found HERBERT and KLUTZY!!! Listen to Herbert…

…then switch off the power by clicking on the plug…talk more to Herbert and he will teleport you to HQ…

…Talk to Gary and Rookie and…

…We will FINALLY found out Herbert's Plan!!!

…We are LOCKED IN! And we need a Way out of HQ before it is too LATE!!!

…Look around…Decode the Message…Nope! I will NOT do that for you…YOU are a SMART Agent that have read many Books YOU know how to do that :)

…Follow the Clue and you will find a Game to Solve :) Click on Help to Read the Instructions :)

…DOT! D from Elite Penguin Force is HERE :) Can EPF save PSA?

…I could NEVER have GUESSED what Happened next…I am so SHOCKED!!! I will so NOT tell!!! You have to PLAY The Veggie Villain Club Penguin Mission 11 to Find out :)

…That were ALL clues and CHEATS you need to solve Mission 11 Veggie Villain :) Good Luck Secret Agent Keep up the Good Work :) When you have Solved The Mission you will be Rewarded :)

The Veggie Villain As a Reward for Fixing the Mission, you will get a Medal of Excellence. For Fixing the brown Penguin’s glasses, you have received a Gift.

Amazing Maze Master Medal For confusing corn counter-ops, and clever covert cover-ups! I LOVE this Medal if you Mouse over it you can play a Maze GAME :) Lead the ball to the X…

…click on Shake to see the Popcorn POP! What a PERFECT Memory Gift :) Click on the RED Button and…

…You will find a Hidden Super Secret EPF GIFT!

…you have found Spy Goggles would you like to Pick them up? YES THANKS! I will wear them Proudly :)

…and here you find a Secret Thank-You letter from Dot the Disguise Gal :) I heard you helped out a Friend of mine. Thanks! Here’s a token of my Appreciation. – Dot

…You are Welcome Secret EPF Agent Dot :) And THANKS! I Think my Black Spy Goggles looking GREAT :) Bye for now Secret Agent :) Waddle On! See you around in Club Penguin :)

Saraapril :)

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Spider880 said...

Hi Saraapril! I completed the mission, and it was alot of fun! If you give the brown penguin at the ski village a new lense, you'll get a snow globe at the end, but if you press the shake button, it opens up and you can get a free pair of spy goggles!

lcoolkid said...

if you click on the red button on the snowglobe dot gives you, then u get some free glasses! Best item from a mission ever!

Anonymous said...

I cant beilve it!
It kinda seems unfair to the people who are epf agents(like me)
I guess now i wont be playing anymore missons becuase now all the epf penguins will get to defeat herbert.

Pen234guin said...

You did a great job Saraapril! I used your guide for the mission! :D
Can you add me on CP sometime? Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I always forget to do the little mission with the penguins who lost something or has something broken! Gah now i have to re-start Veggie Villain just to get the gifts!! Well i have something to do when I'm at home now! (Basically have to re-do every mission!)

~ Molly1003

Amy B said...

Thanks Saraapril, this guide is really helpful! I managed to coplete this mission with your help, so THANK YOU!!!


Unknown said...

This is so helpful! Thank you, Saraapril! :)

- Pingping4069

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