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Saturday, June 26, 2010

FUN with Friends on the Fireflies PARTY :)

When I entered the Forest everything was Quiet and Suddenly Friends jumped out from all kinds of Hiding Places…


…THANKS to ALL of you for coming to this Party :)

…LOOK! at ALL the PRETTY Fireflies I LOVE how they Change Colors :) Time for Postcards…

…I TRIED to Send Postcards to EVERYONE that asked :) Some of you have a FULL Mailbox just like me…This Postcard is for you that didn't get a Card :)

…THANKS for all the PUFFLES :) Time for a HAPPY Fireflies Running…LOL :)

…Pilpulp got the Idea that we ALL could be in the Same Boat :) GREAT idea :)

…in The Mysterious and Pretty Mermaid Cove we found an Adventure…

…We Discovered that BOTH HERBERT and KLUTZY were at The Party…LOL :)

…As Many of you asked to Visit my Igloo I added it on Map :)

...WELCOME to my Brand NEW Fish Bowl Igloo it is so New that I haven’t BLOGGED about it YET…LOL :)


…Flower for Friends and Waffles to EVERYONE!

…Dancing  and CAKE Eating at the Night Club :)

…If we can do Dance Contest? Sure :)

…Oops! This is HARD…LOL GREAT Work Koopuin and Nayr11 :)

…How many Penguins can fit on the Dock? MANY…LOL :)

…Sadly we are Marooned BUT Luckily we are all SAFE and TOGETHER with FRIENDS :) Vanda123 dancing on the water and hopefully she can make the Squid to come and Save us :)

…Looking for the Squid HAPPY RUNNING :)

…Some Penguins are Trapped in a BOX how did that Happen? Don’t worry we will Help you…now you can climb out :)

…Time to end the Party but first another Look at The Pretty Fireflies :) Bye Friends THANKS for ALL the FUN and Laughter :) See you again another time in Club Penguin :) Waddle On!

…THANKS to ALL Penguins that came to The Fireflies Party you are ALL AWESOME :)

For More FUN with Friends look under the Label FUN with Friends :)

Island Adventure Party 2010 :) Tour Guide and LINK Collection :)


Anonymous said...

That was so fun! I sent you a youtube message as well, great party! And thanks for postcards ;)


Snowy65174 said...

Thanks for the postcard!

Kingkongo6 said...

It was Great!!!!

Anonymous said...

I totally forgot about that. LOL! Hope you guys had fun! ;)

Cpgirl100 said...

Sorry if i was anoyying asking for my postcard! I was Gold99887... Well.. Ill guess next time! Cant wait for next time!Lol loved your igloo!

bwjack 5000 said...

i couldnt make it

Awez Ome said...

That party was so fun, but I had to leave early :( .I am in a lot of the pictures, though :D . I hope you have another party soon!

Caitiecat12 said...

I could hardly believe it, but I finally met you on Club Penguin Saraapril!!! I live in Australia, and I thought because I think you live in the northern hemisphere, you wouldn't be on Club Penguin when I was, but you were! And thankyou SO MUCH for the "Follow Me" postcard, we're friends!! I saw you in the Hidden Lake, but then you went and I had no idea where you were! I thought you logged off, but I saw your igloo was still open and just before you left, I found you in the Forest again!! I was standing right next to you in the last picture btw! :) Sorry I didn't say much either, but I was making a video!! I'm so happy Saraapril! It's almost as good as meeting Rockhopper!
Waddle on!

Anonymous said...

Hi Saraapril! I loved the party!!I was Helene352. i was so happy to see you!!!! (: Happy running!!!

Anonymous said...

The Cake thing was my idea!! So was the waffle thing! And remember the 'Be Annoying thing' that was my idea with the bell and whistle! lol

Rsnail 1st said...

The party was awesome! I can see myself in a lot of those pictures.

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