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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ruby and The Ruby Back at The Stage :)

One of Club Penguins most Successful Play is back at the Stage Welcome to join and solve the Mystery with the Ruby :) This time we have a brand NEW Ruby Ring Pin :) THANKS Club Penguin for Listening :) The Ruby Pin Return – Answer from Club Penguin :)

Ruby and The Ruby :)

…You have found a Ruby Would you like to Pick it up? Yes Please :)

Ruby Pin :)

…This is how the New Ruby Pin looks at my Player Background :) Remember that BOTH Members and Non Member Free Penguins can Find and buy the Secret Hidden Background in the Costume Catalog :)

…If you need help to find the Ruby, The Hidden Dark Detective’s Coat or The Secret Background take a look at these Posts :)

Ruby and The Ruby The Costume Trunk CHEATS!

Ruby and The Ruby Solving the Mystery and The Ruby Video :)

…Before we start to Play this Play I suggest that we take a Guided Tour…Oh! I am the Guide…LOL…Wait a Second so I can put on my Tour Guide Hat :) Here we are at the Stage This is Ruby and the Ruby a play with more twists than a chocolate pretzel! A ruby is missing, so look around for clues. Pick a costume from the trunk and join in :)

Ruby and The Ruby Tour Guide :)

…Now it is Time to Play :) Remember to send a Ruby Postcard and invite anyone you meet to The Stage TOGETHER we will find the Ruby again :)

Saraapril :)

Ruby and The Ruby Script :)

Scene 1:
Hammer: I was working late. A terrible storm was raging.
Ruby: You've got to help me!
Hammer: What's the problem, madam?
Ruby: Someone has stolen my gemstone!
Hammer: Jacque Hammer at your service.
Ruby: Let's work together."
Hammer: I work alone, Ms. Ruby.
Ruby: There was this fishy-looking guy outside.
Hammer: And you suspect him?
Ruby: I saw him throw something in the bin...

Scene 2:
Hammer: The name's Hammer - Jacque Hammer.
Hammer: I've got a few questions for you.
Tenor: Mind if I play hopscotch while you ask them?
Hammer: What were you doing yesterday?
Tenor: I was right here with my hopscotch gang.
Hammer: I bet you've hopscotched away a few gems, right?
Tenor: You're barking up the wrong tree, Hammer.

Scene 3:
Hammer: There was nothing in the bin. I needed clues.
Dom: Hello Mr. Hammer. It's good to see you, sir.
Hammer: Seen anything suspicious, Dom?
Dom: Sorry, Mr. Hammer, sir, I haven't.
Hammer: Where's Ms. Ruby?
Dom: She's arranging the flowers across the hall, sir.
Hammer: That lady's trouble.  I need to speak to her...
Dom: Don't forget to sign the guestbook, sir.

Scene 4:
Hammer: Anything else you can tell me, madam?
Ruby: Haven't you found it yet? I'm busy.
Ruby exits
Hammer: I found a note under a vase.
Hammer: The numbers looked like a combination.

Scene 5:
Hammer: Here's your gem, Ms. Ruby.  It was safe all along.
Ruby: Oh, jolly well done, Hammer.
Hammer: Another day, another crime solved.
Director: Scene 1. And, action!
Director: Scene 2, from the top!
Director: Scene 3, places please.
Director: Scene 4. Let's see some effort here.
Director: Ready for Scene 5?
Director: Let's take it from the top.
Director: Can we have some quiet please?
Director: Two minute call, actors to the stage.

See the Ruby and The Ruby VIDEO on YouTube :)


Anonymous said...

Awesome that helps!
And how do you take pictures???

Edster12499 said...

I LOVE Ruby and the Ruby! It's SO mysterious...LOL. Did you know that you could get a background? Go to the back of the catalog, click on "How do I get coins?" Then slide that down. You get the FREE item! :)

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