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Monday, June 21, 2010

Tour Guide Island Adventure Party 2010 :)

The Adventures are all over Club Penguin and when I talked to Aunt Arctic she asked me if I could give a Guided Tour of ALL the FUN and Secrets and Post it on my Blog so no one have to miss anything? I am HAPPY to I answered and Hurried to put my Tour Guide Hat on :) Before we start the Tour I will tell you a Secret if you look closely on the Pictures you will noticed Paper Sailor Hats in some of them…they are pieces in the Island Adventure Scavenger Hunt :)
Let’s start the Island Adventure Tour at…This is the Town! Here you can enjoy a a jig at the Night Club and buy the best clothing items for adventuring from the Gift Shop! Please Follow me…

…Dance to the jungle beats at the Night Club! Look lively shipmates! It's the perfect place for a sailor's jig. let’s stay and Dance and Sing for awhile :) La la la la la la laaaa…Time to continue the Tour…Please Follow me to The …

…Snow Fort :) Here and all over Club Penguin during this Party you will se Cannons Mouse over them to Fire some SNOW :) Get your sailing practice here! These Sailing Forts are fun for snowball fights. Ready... Aim... Fire! LOL a Friendly snow fight is always FUN :) Time to Waddle to…

…Here we are at the Plaza. It's a pirate's playground! Adopt a shipmate at the Pet Shop watch Ruby and the Ruby at the Stage or enjoy a pirate's feast at the Pizza Parlor!

  …Both here at the Plaza and in Town you find some signs…

…Captains Needed! Click on this sign for immediately Teleporting to the Beach :)

…Here is the Second Sign Let’s take a closer look :)

…Be a Pirate! Click on this sign and you will be Teleported to the Cove :)

…From the Forest you can Enter a Special Room ONLY for MEMBERS! These are the Tree Forts a great place to hang out with your buddies and talk about your adventures! The plant to your right eats snowballs. Feed it and watch it grow! This Room is one of my Favorite Places on this Party :) I LOVE the cute Fireflies up here :) At last years Adventure Party I Animated The Snow Eating Plant and The cute singing Birds you find the Links here: Tree House Tour Guide 2009 and Adventure Party - More Effects 2009 :) Now it is time to climb down from this Tree and to take a closer look at…

…The Forest :) Welcome to the Forest, where sailor's set up camp. Look at all the friendly fireflies! Climb the ladder to visit the Tree Forts or push the rock to discover a hidden place. The Fireflies are AWESOME I believe they are coming from the Mermaid’s Cove and are the mermaid’s Friends and Pets :) Do you want to visit the Home of all Club Penguin Mermaids?

…We can Enter via this Secret Cave Tunnel…

Secret Tunnel to Mermaid's Cove :)

…Wow! This must be the Hidden Lake. It's a Mermaid's treasure trove! I wonder where all the jewels came from? This ladder leads to the Forest. To enter the door under the water you need to find the hidden key. I LOVE this Pretty PINK and PURPLE Mermaid Cove :) This is Absolutely My FAVORITE Room during this Party I think it is FABULOUS FUN to Play in here :) Next Stop on this Guided Tour will be at…

…This is the Pirate's Cove! Here pirates can play Catchin' Waves tell tales of their travels or walk the plank to the Pirate Ship! The Small Boat has a Secret BUT I will wait a little before I reveal that…The Snow Cannon is AWESOME in this Room don’t forget to Mouse over it…Oops! I almost got snow on the inside of my Computer Screen…LOL :) Now Please open your Club Penguin Map and meet me at the Berg…

…We're shipwrecked on the Iceberg with no boat to take us to shore! There's only one thing to do let's throw a party! I wonder if it was Kraken that sank the Boat by Mistake? Anyway you can see the Mysterious Giant Squid from here…Don’t be afraid I have all reasons to believe that this Sea Monster is Friendly :) Follow me to…

…Welcome to the Pirate's Village! Here you'll find the Ski Hill and a Boating Lodge on your right is just an average Everyday Phoning Facility…Nothing to see in there…So now we will move to…

…Welcome to the Dock. Here, sailors come to plan their voyages sail away on the Hydro Hopper or rest and enjoy some tea! I think it is FUN that this Fort is made of Sand Very Well Done Constructor Worker Rory :)

…Up in the Beacon we can see that Rockhopper and Yarr are Closer to Shore :) I hope they will be here to Play with us Before this Party ends so that we can go TOGETHER with Yarr and Rockhopper on an Adventure :) Now Please Waddle down to The Beach…

Rockhopper's Ship the Migrator :)…Weigh anchor sailors! Welcome to the Beach where ship's captains study the sea. Jump on deck and prepare for an epic sea battle. And Now it is time to Reveal the Secret I Promised Earlier :) If you are a Club Penguin MEMBER you can Enter The Secret Battle Room from here…Just take the little Boat…

…Ahoy sailors! Avast pirates! This is an epic snowball fight. Pirates should fill the buckets to launch the cannons. Sailors should stand on the triggers. Use your jackhammer to fix leaks! Ships Battle Room CHEATS and VIDEO :) 

…If you want to bring a Smile to your Penguin Friends Beak you can tell a Joke :) Just Press “j” on your Keyboard OR open the Messengers Quick Chat and choose “Activities” and then ”Tell a Joke”

What did the sea say to the mermaid? Nothing, it just waved!

What do you call two octopuses that look alike? I-tentacle twins!

Why do seagulls live by the sea? Because if they lived by the bay...they would be called bagels!

Why did the mermaid swim across the ocean? To get to the other tide!

What does a sea monster eat for dinner? Fish and ships!

Why couldn't the sailors play cards? Because the captain was standing on the deck!

Where does a boat go when it's sick? To the dock!

Where do you find cold pirates? In the aaaaaarrrrctic!

What is a pirate's favorite fish? A swordfish!

Why did the captain grab a bar of soap when his ship sank? To wash himself ashore!

What do pirates say when they're scared? Quiver me timbers!

…THANK-YOU for Taking the Island Adventure Party Tour Guide :) Now I will go and Change to another Adventure outfit and then it is only one Thing left to do…Waddling  around and Have FUN TOGETHER with Friends! See you around in Club Penguin :)

This will be FUN!

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Loulou11207 said...

Heyyy Saraapril!!! Is RH coming? Everyone thinks hes not. Is that true? Well I know he is! Just a little late right? You want to hang out some time? Just tell me if and how. Well bye!!! :D

Rockhoppr418 said...

Saraapril Rockhoppers ship is HERE!!!!!His free item is the squid lid!!!!!

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