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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Earning Igloo Stamps Party Pictures :)

THANKS to ALL GREAT Penguins that worked TOGETHER to Earn the Two Igloo Stamps :) I am so PROUD to have GREAT Friends like you :) It was so Much FUN to see all your GREAT Igloo Decorations and the Party was on for 5 HOURS! I am so Sorry that we didn't had time to visit everyone's Igloos but don’t give up Keep on Working TOGETHER :) Here are Pictures from some of the 69 Igloos we Partied in TOGETHER :) We met in the Forest and my Friends had hidden behind the big rock and gave me a FUN SURPRISE :)

…THANKS for coming Everyone :) Put your Igloo on Map and we will try to visit all Igloos on it :)

…AWESOME Igloo Decorations and FOOD for EVERYONE :) Yummy!

…Stamps earned GREAT! Let’s go to next Igloo :)

…Okay…I am alone here…I better start to Tweet about this : )ATTENTION! Stamp Party instructions on Twitter! 

…Now it works Better :)

…THANKS for coming to My Igloo :) 10 Penguins in here…Igloo Party Stamp Earned :)

…30 Penguins in the Igloo and Party Host Stamp is Earned :)

…First Stamp earned but we need MORE Penguins in here for the second Stamp :) DONE! Next Igloo :)

…I LOVE all the Igloo Decorations we saw :) in this Igloo we can both have a Rock Concert and make Scientific Experiments :)

…In this Igloo you can get a New Cool Outfit and grab an Instrument and Rock on the Stages :)

…and this Igloo is a Stage :) ROCK ON!!!

…WOW this Fall Fair Tent is AWESOMELY Decorated :)

…This Igloo is PERFECT for Ninja Training :) Everyone Concentrate…LOL :)

…I LOVE this PINK Music Igloo :) Let’s Play HAPPY GIRL POWER ROCK!

…This Snow Place is a Cool Place :) If you clicked on the Shake! It did and then snow started to fall softly on us…I LOVE that the Snow Globe has that cold effect…LOL :)

…THANKS for keep helping each other :)

…In this Store you can buy clothes to yourself and Toys to your Puffles AND get your Hair Done and Puffle Fur fixed too :)

…This Igloo belongs to Yell :) How do I know that? Look at the Torches they spell Yell! Very Creative :)

…GREAT you got BOTH the Stamps :) Next Igloo :)

…I Like the view from this Igloo I LOVE to look at all the Pretty Fluffy Clouds :)

…LOOK at all the Puffle ball Toys :)

…In this Igloo we had so Much FUN Dancing on the Spinning Disco Balls :)

…I like the beach harmony feeling in this Igloo :)

…WOW! Look at all the Carrots :) May I have one Please?

…Blub…blub…Under the sea…blub…blub :)

…Another Igloo owner earned Two Stamps :) GREAT WORK Everyone :) 

…This was the last Igloo I visited I LOVED the sea made of Puffle Bedz it looked like your Puffles dived in the water :) I gtg now but Keep on Working TOGETHER :)

…THANKS again to EVERYONE that Helped to tell other Penguins what Igloos to go to and to EVERYONE that was on this Party :) It was an HONOR to work TOGETHER with you :)

Earn the Igloo Stamps Party INVITATION :)

ATTENTION! Stamp Party instructions on Twitter!

ATTENTION! Stamp Party instructions on Twitter!

Right now we having an Igloo Stamp Earning Party at Server Permafrost :) We will try to help as Many Penguins as Possible to earn the Stamps BUT You MUST LISTEN and Follow to the Igloo I say so ALL Penguins can earn the Stamps! Lets Work TOGETHER :)

To see what Igloo we are in Follow my Tweets on TWITTER :)Saraapril on Twitter :)

UPDATE: THANKS to ALL Penguins that Worked TOGETHER to earn Igloo Stamps :) You are ALL GREAT :) Keep on Working TOGETHER :)

Earn the Igloo Stamps Party INVITATION :)

Earning Igloo Stamps Party Pictures :)

Earning Club Penguin Stamps FUN with Friends :)

I think Club Penguin is so Much MORE FUN Now when we have the Stamp Book :) Here are a few of the things me and my Friends have done to earn Stamps :) Everyone drill now…

…Stamp Earned! Berg Drill!

…HURRAY!!! EVERYONE that was working TOGETHER with drilling earned the Stamp :)

…Hit the Target at the Clock Tower :)

…We Danced at The Night Club TOGETHER to earn the Dance Party Stamp :)

…swimming at the cove :) Hi Faris102030 if you start to swim you will get this Stamp too :)

…Time to make some Noise…LOL :) How to make a Full Band in Club Penguin CHEATS :)

…Now I have earned 8 stamps :)

…in the Secret Ninja Hideout we earned the Ninja meeting Stamp :) Shhh…this was a SECRET meeting so Please DON’T tell anyone…LOL :)

…Go Blue :) Soccer Team Friends :)

…Hockey Team Stamp earned too :) THANKS all Team members GREAT WORK :)

…I took a Pretty Picture of the Beautiful view from the Ski Hill and got the Snapshot Stamp :) Djkid8 and Muva Flege earned the Stamp too :)

…Dance for the Floor Filler Stamp :) We need More DANCING Penguins…LOL :)

…THANKS Matt20002 you Rock too :) Do you want some Yummy Seaweed Pizza?

  …Let’s Try to earn the Floor Filler Stamp again…HURRAY!!!

…THANKS to Edster12499 for helping out and asking Penguins in Town to go and Dance at the Night Club :) Now it is my turn to Help other Penguins to earn theirs :) PLEASE go DANCE for STAMP in Night Club :)

…Very soon I will Travel out in the Space but first I will Listen to the Great Music Show Bob3228 is holding to wish me Good Luck :)

…I LOVE that we can Both Design our Stamp Book AND see other Penguins Book too :) How to customize your Stamp Book :)

…This cool Stamp Book belongs to my Friend Edster12499 :)

…Up at the Beacon I met my Old Friend Gamgee :) And up here you find this weeks Field-Op 7 Assignment :) See you later Friend now I will try to earn some Jet Pack Game Stamps :) Saraapril is earning Stamps in Jet Pack Adventure :)

…See you later Friends Now I will go and Earn More Aqua Grabber Stamps :) Waddle On and keep Collecting :)

…THANKS to ALL Penguins that I have had FUN TOGETHER with in Club Penguin WELCOME to Earn the Igloo Stamps Party INVITATION :)

Club Penguin Stamps GUIDE ,CHEATS, Walkthrough and Tutorial :)

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