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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Game Day CHEATS :) Walkthrough Guide and Tutorial for Wii :) Club Penguin :)

Here is a Complete Walkthrough Tutorial and CHEAT Guide for Club Penguin Game Day with Help, Hints,Tips, Tricks, Secrets and Club Penguin Game Day Review from the Instruction Booklet :) Disney Customer Support :)

Club Penguin Game Day :)

Club Penguin Game Day! features a collection of 12, all-new Wii exclusive games, including Puffle Paddle, Dance Off and Sumo Smash. Players create and customize a penguin, choose a team color and try to conquer challenges in each of the six zones on the island. The team that takes over the most territory wins.

The game includes innovative ways to connect with the virtual world, allowing players to transfer their penguins, achievements, coins, and exclusive unlockable items to their online accounts on How to unlock items online. Players can also interact with familiar characters from the virtual world, including Rookie, Aunt Arctic, and Gary the Gadget Guy.

Another feature lets players transfer their customized penguins via their Wii Remote™ to a friend’s Wii for use in game play. Once back on the original console, high scores, coins and customization items earned will merge with the player’s profile.

General Hints and Tips :)

Wii Remote :)

Wii Remote :)Menu Controls :) 
Wii Remote: Move the cursor to highlight an option
A Button: Select the highlighted option
B Button: Go back to previous menu

Game Controls :) 
On Game Day, you get to use your Wii Remote all kinds of ways:
Wii Remote: Aim, tilt, shake, swing
+Control Pad: Move left, right, forward, back, side flip, dash
A Button: Shoot, brake
1 Button: Use items, Dash
2 Button: Swing stick, move forward, Jump, push
B Button: Make snowballs

Island Controls :)
Move: Point where you want to move, and hold down A Button
Dance: Up on the +Control Pad
Throw Snowball: Press Down on the +Control Pad, point where you want to throw, and press A Button
Emoticon: Press B Button to open the menu, then press a direction on the +Control Pad to choose an emoticon. (Press Down on the +Control Pad to view other emoticons.)
Wave: Left on the +Control Pad
Sit: Right on the +Control Pad

 It’s Game Day!

Play in the first ever Club Penguin Game Day! only on Wii console. Compete in an extreme team color competition, playing wacky Club Penguin-style contests to see which team reigns as the ultimate team color.

Explore the world of Club Penguin on your Wii, earn and upload coins, unlock exclusive items and sync your Game Day Wii penguin with your online penguin.

Each team color has its own unique personality, mix of games and home base on the island.

Compete in 12 games, each with multiple levels and difficulties, playable with up to 4 players. Hurl snowballs at other players, bobsled at top speeds down a mountain, hop to the finish line in a java sack race, score the most points in a dance off, and much more. In addition to the events, there are 12 unique challenges characteristic of each team color, playable with up to 4 players.

  • Bean Balance
  • Dance Off!
  • Fast Freeze
  • Feed a Puffle
  • Goal!
  • Jackhammer!
  • Java Jump
  • Puffle Paddle
  • Rollin’ Riot
  • Sled & Slide
  • Snowball Battle
  • Sumo Smash

Play in any of the three gameplay modes: Story, Quick Play or Tournament. In Story Mode, travel to each of the six locations on the island and challenge the opposing teams to a series of 4 games plus a final challenge. Defeat all the teams and conquer the island. In Quick Play, brush up on favorite events or challenge friends to an event. In Tournament Mode, play together in teams or solo to see how many points you can get.

Main Menu :)

Create a penguin or choose an already saved penguin and get started! If you use your online Club Penguin ID, you can transfer coins you earn here up to your account there. This is done from the Welcome screen where you select Options and then Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. In Options you can also select Transfer Penguin, High Scores and Delete Penguin.

Select player: You can create up to 4 different player profiles and have up to 4 guest penguins for friends or family. You can link your player profile with your online Club Penguin account.

Story Mode :)
Join a team and jump into the competition. See if you can win Game Day! with all four teams. Games you play are unlocked for replay in quick play. Invite your friends over and work together to paint the island in your team's colors!
All six competition zones are reached from the map.
To enter a zone, click on it while in the map. Talk to the referee to enter a competition.

Quick Play :)
Replay your favorite games whenever you like or invite your friends over for a quick challenge. One to four players can play all at once or pair up into two-penguin teams.

Tournament Mode:)
Tournament is like Quick Play, except you play in a series of four games.

Gift Shop :) 
Visit the shop to buy clothing and accessories and other goodies for your penguin with the coins you have earned competing in games. At first, only a few custom items are available in the shop.
More become available as you play the game.

Tips ‘N Tricks :)

Waddling Around :)
How does a penguin get from place to place on Penguin Island? By waddling, of course! To get your penguin to waddle the right way, use your Wii Remote to position the cursor where you want your penguin to go, then hold the A Button to 'click' it. If you're in a hurry, click the map icon and then click the place on the map you want to go.

Penguin Personalization :)
You can customize your penguin by viewing your player card. To open your player card, use your Wii Remote to position the cursor over your penguin and click by pressing the A Button.

Coins :)
Earn coins by competing in games. The better you do, the more coins you earn. You can spend your coins in the Gift Shop Penguin Style Catalog or you can transfer them to your Club Penguin account online and spend them there.

Cheering :)
When you play a game series in Story Mode, you can help your team win – even if you aren't competing. How? By cheering for your teammates when it's their turn to compete! To cheer, shake your Wii Remote. The effects of your cheer depend on the game. The faster and longer you cheer, the greater the effect.

How to Take Your Penguin to Your Friend’s House :) 

1. Transfer your penguin data to your Wii Remote using the Transfer Penguin screen via the Options menu.
2. Take your Wii Remote with you to a friend’s house.
3. Load your penguin from the Wii Remote to your friend’s Wii on the Choose Players screen. Click on the picture of a Wii Remote to load your penguin.
4. Play Game Day!
5. Don’t worry about transferring your penguin back to your Wii Remote when you are done playing. The game does this for you automatically!
6. Bring back the coins, high scores and customizations to your Wii by using the Penguin Transfer screen via the Options menu.

Hint: The game automatically saves your progress during play.

Message from Lane Merrifield aka Billybob co-founder of Club Penguin and executive vice president of Disney Online Studios: “With Club Penguin Game Day!, we hope to give families new ways to connect, be active and have Fun TOGETHER.”

Go RED Team! Go Blue Team! Go GREEN Team! Go YELLOW Team!Club Penguin Game Day Referee :)

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Club Penguin Game Day Now Available on Wii :) Compete in 12 New Events :) Conquer the Island! Be a Game Day Champion! Join the Challenge :) Here you can buy Club Penguin Game Day for Wii Nintendo :) by clicking on the image below (Affiliated Ad)

Disney's Club Penguin: Game Day

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