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Sunday, October 31, 2010

What’s New Update Needed!

The Rotating Text  Banner that Announce What’s NEW on Club Penguins What’s New Blog need to be updated…The Anniversary Party on Now! Oh I thought this was Halloween…LOL :)

Whats New Banner

..I guess this Banner automatically announce the latest News Posts :)By the way I don’t think it is so smart of the Jet Pack flying Penguin to flying around during a Lightning Storm…A Jet Pack is made of metal…that is NOT SAFE! Hi there can you come down here Please? I don’t think he can hear me in this Loud Storm…Picks up Spy Phone :)

Guided Tour of Halloween Party 2010

Autumn Leaves on Tree :)

Look! Rockhopper’s Tree has Golden Leaves again! No more Yummy Fruits…for now :)

See earlier Flowerpots updates Flower buds on Rockhopper’s Plants :)


I LOVE CANDY!!! It is so YUMMY and Gary is so GENEROUS and lets us pick up as much Candy we want!

Saraapril is CANDY CRAZY!!!

…ALL My Puffles refuse to eat this Candy…Hmmm…

…Have you noticed that the Candy has the same color as the Swamp Slime? BUT…BUT…BUT…This Candy is so YUMMY! I better STOP thinking of what it might is made of…LOL :)

Saraapril :)

Halloween Candy Hunt CHEATS

Halloween Party 2010 CHEATS! Club Penguin

Gary’s Spiders!

My Uncle Gary the Gadget Guy LOVES Halloween and he LOVES to try to SCARE Everyone during this time of the Year! Have you noticed that on several places around Club Penguin right now small black spiders are running around? See Halloween Tour Guide And the Dark Chamber is filled with small crawling Spiders! Did you know that they actually NOT are REAL spiders but small mechanical inventions of Gary just like this BIG Spider is?

Dark Chamber Big Spider

…I know Gary laugh so hard if we get scared BUT he has PROMISED not to try to Scare me and other Penguins that not like to be Scared! GARY!!! I found another of your Mechanical Secrets Again :)

Gary the Gadget Guy in Forest and LOST Background! 

 I got NEW Gary Background AGAIN! THANKS Friends :)

Halloween Party 2010 CHEATS! Club Penguin

Sport items are Back :)

Outside the Everyday Phoning Facility the Sport items are Back! They have been gone since the Winter Sport Shop was replaced! LOOK! The Red, Pink, Green, and Blue Tubes and the Green Racing Sled :)

Sled Race Items :)

…I wonder if this is on purpose or if the Club Penguin Artists forgot about them when they updated this room from last years Halloween Party? THANKS to Wwerocks88 for telling me about this detail you have a GREAT eye :)

Halloween Party 2010 CHEATS :) Club Penguin :)

Club Penguin Halloween Icon on Miniclip

On Miniclip the Club Penguin icon look like this right now promoting the Halloween Party!

Thanks to Wwerocks88 :)

Halloween Party 2010 CHEATS :) Club Penguin :)

Club Penguin Map Animated!

Have you noticed that the Storm on Club Penguin Map is Animated :) I LOVE details :)

Storm on Club Penguin Map!

Tour Guide Halloween Party 2010

Halloween Party 2010 CHEATS! Club Penguin

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tour Guide Halloween Party 2010!

The Thunder and Lightning Storm is here and have made Club Penguin to a Dark and Scary place…Club Penguin Map Animated

2010-10-29 14.38.03 - Copy …Right now we should focus on Penguin and Puffle SAFETY but instead Halloween has taken over Club Penguin Island with Candy Hunts, Monsters and Unpleasant Places…I am a Club Penguin Tour Guide and it is my work to guide you around so if you want you can follow me around just make sure NOT to hold an Umbrella or Fishing pole!…On several locations you fill find a sign and if you click on it you get this message: Deep in the Forest waits a haunted House and a Dark Chamber of Monsters. Enter if you DARE…

2010-10-29 14.37.53 - Copy

…Welcome to the Forest. Here you'll find two very spooky choices. Do you enter the swamp for the Dark Chamber or make your way to the Haunted House? Enter either if you dare...Why is a Pumpkin blocking the entry to the Secret Lake?

  …Spiders! Lets try the…

…The Dark Swamp! Oh my, this place is creepy. This organ looks suspicious...if we work together, we will solve the Puzzle. The smell in here reminds me about rotten eggs…door open

…This is the Dark Chamber! Wait! Who turned off the lights? Just some kind of light in here and small surprises can be found in here just click around and Make sure you don't trip while waddling and watch out for monsters that may be lurking…AHHH!!! SPIDERS!!!

…we escaped! Wow! The Monster Room! Ah! This is where all the candy went! Become a monster and join in the fun or go back into the Dark Chamber to spook others! What is Uncle Gary up to is he building a NEW Robot? Has he forgot what happened LAST time? Elite Penguin Force Nintendo DS Bats will come if you stand or sit on the Throne, Hide in the Sarcophagus or make an Experiment Go inside the Tree to make slime bubble and DON’T let the Monster in the Puffle House SCARE YOU! Remember to pick up some CANDY!

…This is the Haunted House! It's full of terrifying Halloween surprises and a reward for those brave enough to enter...Haunted House Animated 2009 Uncle Gary LOVES to make gadgets to scare us…

…We're outside the Haunted House. If you're brave, take a look inside. Or continue on the path to the Mine Shack. In this room like the most Halloween Decorated room you can click on items…Try the window and pumpkin and…


…I hope the Storm and Lightning don’t hurt the Community Tree…

…Here we are at the Cove! Put on your favorite costume gather your buddies around and tell a spooky story! OR a cute one :)

…Someone sending silly jokes during the Storm! Hmmm…

…This is the Iceberg which appears to have been turned into a pumpkin. If you're feeling artistic try using your jackhammer on it. Or just sit down and enjoy the Northern Light :) Is that a Lollipop? Yummy :) Candy Hunt!

…Welcome to the Plaza! There's a cauldron of…green stuff! Don't put your flipper in it, though. I think it's super slimy! Here you can pick up the Purple Bat wings FREE Halloween Party items 2010!

…We are in the Pet Shop. Look! Did the Puffles set up those decorations?

…This is the Pizza Parlor. Order a Halloween special pumpkin pizza! And enjoy the spine-tingling sounds from the haunted organ…

…This is the Courtyard. Woah! A Ninja pumpkin! Do you suppose it had to defeat Sensei? Now when the sky is dark we can clearly see  the Volcano burning…What have you done Sensei?

…Here we are in the Dojo. A couple of years ago it was struck by lightning. That's quite a storm out there right now.

…Welcome to the Ninja Hideout! Looks like Sensei's put up some decorations. Keep an eye out! Ninjas might be playing invisible hide and seek.

2010-10-29 15.06.22 - Copy…Sensei look at this Storm! You can’t control this! STOP do things that Hurt our Environment!

…Here's the Town Center! It's been decorated for Halloween. Check out the Gift Shop and choose a costume. Then join in the fearsome fun! OR NOT!

…This is the Coffee Shop. Here, you can watch Night of the Living Sled. There's a bowl of treats, too! I wonder what's bubbling in that cauldron? Night of the Living Sled part 1 Animated!

…Welcome to the Book Room! It's a bit spookier than usual. These pumpkins may have been playing Mancala. We'll have to keep an eye on them just in case...

…Here we have the Night Club. It's time to show off your monster moves. Even the green Puffle dressed up!

…This is the Lounge where you can see Night of the Living Sled 2! That is one spooky sled prepare to be scared! Night of the Living Sled part 2 Animated!

…Welcome to the Gift Shop. Pick out your favorite Halloween Costume If you try on a monster outfit you can earn a stamp! Monster Mash Stamp CHEATS!

…Welcome to the Ski Mountain! You can sure see the lightning up here maybe we should race down quickly.

…This is the Ski Village. Looks like there's a costume contest going on! Step on stage in your most fearsome outfit!

…Look a Pumpkin in the Ski Lift…

…Here's the Lodge Attic which is a bit spookier than normal. Play a game of Find Four by candle light or tell a scary story…Or a HAPPY one :)

…OH NO! Pumpkins and Halloween Decorations are up here too!

…Welcome to the Dock which has a giant pumpkin patch! Have a game of hide and seek, but watch out! Some of these pumpkins look haunted...Let’s waddle to…Wait My Friend Adiman needs help to get away from the sticky pumpkin…

…Done :)

…This is the Beach! Step inside the Lighthouse and watch Night of the Living Sled 3. It's alive, I tell you - ALLIVVVVEEE!!

…Club Penguin is WAY to unpleasant for me right now! I think I will relax by building a Sand Castle…No comments!

…We're at the Lighthouse. Sit down and enjoy the spooky show Night of the Living Sled 3! Can someone please pass the popcorn? Thanks :) Night of the Living Sled part 3 Animated!

…The Beacon holds the Lighthouse spotlight... woah! Someone's swapped the bulb with a pumpkin! I think it might even be the largest one on the island. LOL…what a silly Tour Guide line the Iceberg Pumpkin is MUCH BIGGER :) I hope this Pumpkin don’t interfere with the Beacon Light Fairy’s work…tries to switch the level…Oops! It DOES! Or?

…This doesn't look Good…

…This place is…Look a Swimming Pumpkin!

…The storm effects us everywhere!

…I am very worried!

…I am so GLAD that we can take shelter in my New Igloo :) Saraapril’s Storm Shelter Igloo :)

If you like Halloween jokes:
Where do ghosts buy their food? At the ghost-ery store!
Why was the mummy so tense? He was all wound up!
What monster likes to dance the most? The Boogieman!
What's a ghost's favorite treat? Ice-scream!
What do ghosts wear to parties? A boo-tie!
What do ghosts have in their coffee? Scream and sugar!
What kind of mistakes do ghosts make? Boo boos!
What do birds give out on Halloween? Tweets!
What do monsters use in their hair? Scare spray!

Halloween Party Safe messages:
Happy Halloween!
Did you hear that noise?
Costume contest at my igloo!
Let's go find the candy!
It's really dark in here...
Let's watch Night of the Living Sled.
Great costume!
Watch out!
sneaks up

Do you like CANDY? Halloween Candy Hunt CHEATS!

For Halloween Party 2008 Memories look in Saraapril in Club Penguin Blog Archive :)

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