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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Club Penguins 5th Anniversary Party ANIMATIONS :)

CONGRATULATIONS to Club Penguin! This is your 5th Anniversary Party! HURRAY and HAPPY Birthday :) Look at this HUGE Cake :)

5th Anniversary CAKE in Town :)

…I like to add MORE Decorations :) Throws frosting on Cake :) Oops! an item BUG…LOL :)

Decorate 5th Anniversary Cake and Bug!

...Blow out the Candles to earn Celebrate Stamp :) I LOVE the Confetti :) Look how Pretty this Cake is Decorated in different colors and Patterns :) How to get 5th Anniversary Celebration Stamp :) CHEAT :)

5th Anniversary Party Cake :)

…THANKS Club Penguin for the fifth Anniversary Hat :) I LOVE that this Hat has FIVE Colors :) I think I can stand here and open and reopen this Gift all Day Long…LOL :) How to find 5th Anniversary Hat CHEAT Club Penguin :)

Club Penguins 5th Anniversary Party Hat in Gift Box :)

…On this wall we can see the Rare Beta Hat and All Club Penguins Old Anniversary Hats :)

…Up in the Book Room you find ALL Club Penguins Yearbooks time to waddle down Memory Lane and read about FUN memories :) Open ALL Yearbooks :) Club Penguin Yearbook 2009 – 2010 :)

Club Penguins Five Yearbooks :)

…5th Anniversary ART :) 5th Anniversary Art in Club Penguin :)

Penguin Art :)

…CREAM SODA! YUMMY! Gulp..Gulp…Gulp…That Tasted so GOOD :) I MUST have MORE…LOL :)

Cream Soda :)

…THANKS Club Penguin Team for ALL The FUN you have Created for us :) CONGRATS and HAPPY 5th ANNIVERSARY :)


Club Penguins 5th Anniversary Party is here :)


Africa223 said...

I love Club Penguin's fifth anniversary party! It is so fun, decorative, cool and awesome. I wish this party went till October 27th. I like how Club Penguin display all the party hat, right till the Beta Hat. I got the celebration stamp and now I have 123 stamps. The new party hat is very nice and upstairs in the Book Room, the new Yearbook is so nice and the penguin art is lovely! This is one of my favourite parties!

sevalbar said...

I saraapril! Today I do 1000 days! Can I meet you today?

kostica1 said...

Hey saraapril! I noticed a major bug!
I look like I have all the items, but there seems to be no items in my player card. Weird?

Agent Agent6 said...

Saraapril! I noticed in the picture when you were tipping the iceburg, the iceburg had an extra crack in it, like the last time I tried to tip it!

sevalbar said...

I saraapril! Me and my sister lidali whants to meet you! we are at coffee shop, on server ice box, can you come please?

Agent Agent6 said...

Sorry Saraapril, the comment I write just now was suposed to be in the post above it!

Y27s said...

WHOA! I was looking at the mail and it said Date: undefined undefined, !!

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