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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Saraapril’s Storm Shelter Igloo :)

Thanks to Hard work and Help from my Friends all our stuff are digged up from the snow and the New Igloo and inventory are Built :) I and my Puffles have just moved in to our New Home and Uncle Gary has helped me build this Igloo strong and snowball proofed a bit up on the Mountain :) Due to the fact a Storm is Coming to Club Penguin very soon I have made Storm Preparations so we all can be Safe :) We have TONS of Food to eat and Water and Cream Soda to Drink :)

…We have lots of warm clothes and Extra Blankets and The First Aid Kit is here and both me and ALL my Puffles have got First Aid Training so we know what to do if someone gets hurt and need help :)

…With this storm we might going to have a Flooding and our escape plan is to get ourselves to higher ground if that happens…The Dojo Courtyard just to the right of the Dojo doors under the lantern is our meeting Point if we get separated :)

…We have the Boat, Lifejackets and a Floating Tube Ready :)

...and if the Storm gets really bad and it is unsafe to go to the Dojo we will evacuate to the Box Dimension :)

…BUT before we evacuate we will listen to the latest News and Storm Updates…if anything happens Gary will give an early warning to all Penguins on Club Penguin Island! And I have lots of extra batteries to make sure that I can hear it no matter if we have power or not :)

…Right now we are NINETEEN living TOGETHER here so our home is sometimes NOISY especially when all Puffles having FUN Playing Around or EATING...LOL :) That’s why we have agreed to use this Drum as a Warning System :) Drum…Drum…Drum…Time for IMMEDIATE ATTENTION!

…We have both a warm Fire and lots of candles and Matches :) And a second fire to lit if needed :)

…Now when we are well prepared we don’t have to worry :) Time to read a Book :)

…Oops! Lightning and Thunder can be SCARY!!!!

…We have lots of things to do in our Igloo :) Right now Sunshine and I are having FUN Painting a Forest TOGETHER :)

…If anyone need shelter during the Storm you are WELCOME to come here and Stay with us :)

…THANKS to Dad Gary, Uncle Gary the Gadget Guy and Rory you are FANTASTIC! Thanks 1candy0 for the Yummy Pizza and FUN Puffle Toy and Thanks to Snake Girl that gave us a nice new warm cozy bed :) Thanks sevalbar for the Pretty FLOWERS I like them so Much and Thanks to Anonymous for the Pretty PINK Paint :) Thanks to Red Apollo aka RedCP for the 1000 coins that came to good use during the Igloo building and Thanks to naomi1636 that has made dinner to us that will last for 2 weeks :) And a BIG THANKS to ALL Penguins that have given us Help and Support during this time of rebuilding you are ALL AWESOME Friends :)

      Saraapril’s Temporary Igloo Update :)


Anonymous said...

Saraapril it is Tickjo do you still have my puffle scratch post?

Anonymous said...

I got a problem ,everytime i go to my iglooo it says ERROR ...
What should i do ?
-Andi Pingu

Y27s said...

It's nice and good that we are always PREPARED :)

Saraapril said...

Hi Tickjo :) Yes Thanks :) You can read more here Saraapril's Temporary Igloo Update :)

flatmat said...

im so happy that you and your puffles are safe i hope you enjoy your new home its AWESOME!:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Saraapril!
It's me, Noga! (if you remeber me).
I've noticed that a few stampbooks covers has two stamps one on the other! When you custmize your stamps, you can't do it!
Is ot a glitch, or just a trick?
What do you think?

Africa223 said...

Lovely deisgn Saraarpril! I hope I helped! If I didn't help I will try to help! Anyway, I can't wait for the Haloween Party or maybe not! It's a little bit spoooooooooooky!


Africa223 said...

Hi Saraapril,

Are you online now? If you are I'm on Christmas in the Ski Village. Can you try to come?

Anonymous said...

Hey your shelter is cool!

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