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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Create a Mini Game and New Igloo Items Reviewed By You :)

This is a message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!

Last week we asked you about mini-games and Rolo 23 said:

i would make a game called do - it - yourself and i would put it in the igloos. you can design your own furniture item, and there would be judges. when you have fineshed your item, it would be shown to the judges. if they scored you over 50 points, you get to keep the item for free and it would be put in your inventory! if your score is under 50, you wouldn't get to keep it. there would be loads of designs to make! waddle on cp!

Rolo 23's reply got me thinking - what new igloo items would help you decorate for the holidays?

Write your Reviewed By You answer as a comment. We'll post one (50 - 75 words, please) in next week's Reviewed By You. If your submission is chosen to be the feature comment on next week's blog, we'll add 10 000 coins to your penguin account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add coins!

Until then... Waddle on!

- Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

I would like to have twinkling Stars :) Please Club Penguin can you make that?

Monday, November 29, 2010

Card-Jitsu Power Card Animation BUG!

Right now I’m working to Animate ALL the NEW Card-Jitsu Power Card Animations and I found another Club Penguin BUG!

You can see how this Animation SHOULD look here on my YouTube Channel :)

Water Card-Jitsu Power Cards VIDEOS on YouTube :)

I am so HAPPY that 24 NEW Animations for Card-Jitsu Water Power Cards are added in Club Penguin :) If you go to the Dojo and Challenge Sensei you will find them ALL there BUT count on Playing for a LONG time until you have seen them all! I will make sure to Post ALL of them on my YouTube Account so you easily can see them there starting with this one of Sensei and Aunt Arctic working TOGETHER to beat me…LOL :)

Sensei in Klutzy Costume :)

Sensei and Puffle Rescue Thin Ice :)

Sensei EPF Agent and Tube Transport :)

Sensei drilling up a Forest :)

Sensei and Herbert's Pizza :)

Sensei and Puffle Rescue Mine :)

Sensei and EPF Puffle Flare :)

Sensei and Hot Air Balloon :) Remember? TOGETHER WE Decided about this Card :)

Sensei and Puffle Rescue Sea Level :)

Sensei and the Golden Knight's Treasure Rain :)

Sensei and EPF Field-Ops Firewall :)

Sensei and Cadence's Dance Contest Game :)

Card-Jitsu Power Card Animation BUG!

Sensei and Herbert's Popcorn Device :)

Sensei, Spy Phone and Snowball Fight :)

Sensei Playing Orange Double Necked Guitar :)

Sensei in Haunted House :)

You can see MORE at Saraapril on YouTube :)

More soon…

Mancala and Find Four Location BUG!

After you have finished a Game of Mancala you should stay in the Book Room…BUT you get Teleported to the Coffee Shop!

…If you Play Find Four in the Attic…

2010-11-29 21.00.32 - Copy …you get Teleported to the Ski Lodge…

…and if you Play in the Ski Lodge you get Teleported to the Ski Village after the Game!

2010-11-29 21.00.00 - Copy

…Thanks to arikichan for telling me about the Mancala Bug :) Club Penguin has serious Problems and must start to FIX ALL these Club Penguin Bugs SOON!

Catchin’ Waves Detail :)

All of you that read my Blog know that I like details and today we got a small detail changed in Catchin’ Waves :) The Font Type of the points we earn is changed from Italic to…

…Normal :) I think this make it easier to see the number but before it was more stylish…what do you think?

See Earlier Club Penguin Details :)

New Club Penguin Servers added Today :)

Today we have got 21 NEW Servers added in Club Penguin :) Four English Servers :)

Downhill and Elevation :)

…Misty :)

…Tea :)

…Eight Spanish Servers :) Al agua pato, Aletas de fuego and Cuesta abajo :)

…Elevación, Isla secreta, Nebulosa and Trineo de nieve :)

…Té helado :)

…Five new Portuguese servers :) Chá, Cordilheira, Descida :)

Nublado and Teleférico

…Four new French servers :)

…Ascension, Brumeux and Descente :)

…Thé :)

Facts: It was less than 4 months since Six New Spanish servers in Club Penguin :) It was almost one year ago Nine New English servers in Club Penguin :) Now I will login and Waddle around in them :) Time for Tea…LOL :)

…THANKS to Trainman1405 for telling me that I had missed some Servers and helped me find 10 of them :)

Ultimate list of Club Penguin Servers :)

NEW Water Card-Jitsu Stamps Login Background :)

We have a NEW Water Card-Jitsu Login Background :) New Stamps are Everywhere! Member Ninjas can earn the latest Stamps at the Waterfall :) Card-Jitsu Stamps CHEATS :)

See Water Ninja Login Background :)

Card-Jitsu Water CHEATS Walkthrough, Guide and Tutorial :)

CONGRATS Club Penguin to BAFTA Award :)

The BAFTA Kids’ Vote Result is here and one of the Winners is Club Penguin! Congrats CP to the Web Category Prize :)

BAFTA = British Academy Children’s Awards :) Read more about the Contest here: BAFTA Kids’ Vote 2010 :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sensei Failed to give me Water Boost Deck!

The First Time you go and talk to Sensei to play Card-Jitsu Water he will give you 10 more cards to add to your Online Card-Jitsu Deck :) These cards should be from the Brand NEW collection of Card-Jitsu Water Cards :)

…Water Booster Deck has been added to your inventory :)

…BUT I didn't get ONE Card from the New Water Card-Jitsu Collection! ALL the Cards Sensei added are OLD and from the Card-Jitsu and Card-Jitsu Fire Decks! And three of the cards I already had BEFORE and now I have Doublets and Triplets of them…sigh…

…Saraapril’s Card-Jitsu Cards Online…

Card Collected: 77 Power Cards: 17 of 76…

…I used these Cards to become a Water Ninja but I would had LOVED to get the NEW CARDS Sensei Promised me! So much are failing in Club Penguin…I think we should rename Club Penguin to Club BUG!

See More Bugs in Club Penguin! and Unlock items Online FAILED! What to do :)

I Saraapril am a WATER Ninja in Club Penguin :)

How to Play Card-Jitsu Water Game CHEATS :) Guide, Walkthrough and Tutorial :)

UPDATE: I have PAID for a  MEMBERSHIP in Club Penguin that means that I have PAID to get a Water Booster Deck! I will now contact Club Penguin about this!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Unlock items Online FAILED! What to do :)

What to do if you don’t get items while using a Club Penguin Unlock items online code!

First of all remember if you have bought Club Penguin Toys that includes a Code to Unlock items Online that not work Club Penguin HAS by LAW the Responsibility to fix it! Then COMPLAIN to Club Penguin! DON’T Give up and DON’T give in!

This is how I got the Card-Jitsu Cards I PAID for to my Club Penguin Online Account:

November 9, 2010 I bought and Unlocked Card-Jitsu Cards that NOT ended up on my Club Penguin account Unlock Items Online NOT WORKING!!!

I really wanted to have my Card-Jitsu Cards BEFORE the Water Journey started so I immediately contacted Club Penguins Bug Team about this with details and proof of what should have been added …

November 10, 2010 I contacted Club Penguin Support and provide them with proof, details and links so they could fix this and then I waited for an answer…

November 11, 2010 I contacted BOTH Club Penguin Bug Team and Club Penguin Support and asked for help with this Problem and again I sent all the Proof of what SHOULD be on my account…

November 11, 2010 Now I got TWO answers one from Club Penguin Bug Team, One from Club Penguin Support BOTH from the SAME person…

Hello there, 

Thank you for taking the time to contact us here at support, we always appreciate parent's involvement in their children's online activity.  I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with unlocking Card-Jitsu cards online. Unfortunately, our system is not quite ready to process some of the new codes that have been released. I apologise for the inconvenience this has caused you. Try to enter the codes in a week or so, and hopefully soon you will be able to unlock those cards. Please feel free to drop us a line at any time with any other comments or questions you may have, we are always here to lend a helping flipper! 

Kind regards,  XXXX Club Penguin Support (First Person to Answer)

This answer PROVES that They didn't even Bother to READ my emails!

November 11, 2010 I answer BOTH Club Penguin Bug Team and Club Penguin Support…

First I am not a Parent I am a Penguin named Saraapril!
Second this is not Water Ninja Codes this are Fire Ninja Codes and they should work! As you could see in the Pictures I got 36 cards unlocked but NONE shows in my Card deck Online or can be used!
Please reread the email and come back with a solution to this problem!


November 11, 2010 I get an answer from Club Penguin Support…

Hi Saraapril,

I see the cards you unlocked but didn't receive and I've added them to your deck. Please check your deck and let me know if you find the cards there.  Kind regards, 

XXXXX (Second Person to Answer)
Club Penguin Support

I checked my Card-Jitsu Online Deck BUT all Cards were NOT added! And Two Cards that I never had Unlocked were added!

November 12, 2010 I sent an email to Club Penguin Support…

Some of the cards are there...
Before I had 39 cards
I unlocked 36 cards
Now I have 65 cards
This means I miss 10 cards!

To make it easier for you I have made a picture
See the image showing 2 cards I should not have that needs to be removed
and the 12 cards that are missing and needs to be added

November 11, 2010 I got an answer from Club Penguin Support…

Hi Saraapril,
Thanks for your reply, I will gladly look into putting the correct cards on your account, but I cannot see attached images through our e-mail client unfortunately. Is there any chance you could send me the URL of the image? If so, I will take a look and get you playing Card Jitsu with your full deck asap!  If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to include them in your reply.  Have a great day! 

XXX (Third Person to Answer) 
Club Penguin Support

November 12, 2010 I send an email to Club Penguin Support…

Here the image is available to download showing what cards that are missing and what cards I shouldn't have: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX 

Here you can see all the cards I unlocked:
Here you can see all the cards I had before:

November 13, 2010 I got an answer from Club Penguin Support…

Dear Saraapril,

Thanks for taking your time to write to us and for sending us these links, as well the pictures, too! They were of great help to us here at Club Penguin!
With this information, I was able to take a look into the records for 'Saraapril' and have added any missing cards that were unlock with your recently purchased deck of Card-Jitsu cards.
As for the 2 that you are unsure where they came from, I'd like to let you know that I have decided to leave these cards in your Card-Jitsu deck. Feel free to use them whenever you wish!
Saraaparil, thanks again for writing to us! It is so nice to hear from our many penguins on the island!

Waddle on, 
XXXXXXX  (Fourth Person to Answer) 
Club Penguin Support

November 13, 2010 I send an email to Club Penguin Support…


Once AGAIN Club Penguin has FAILED to fix this! I want the Cards I have unlocked and PAID FOR!
Reread the email below and see that I should get a total of 75 cards. Today I only have 69 cards so with the 2 extra cards it should be 77 cards. I have not even bothered to check if you got the correct cards in there as the total was not correct.
I will make this even EASIER for you 39+36+2=77 so why are there 69 cards in my online deck?
I would prefer if you REMOVED the TWO WRONG Cards!
Then make sure to get the CORRECT cards added you have PICTURES of them! Look at the Links I have sent EARLIER!
I expect that my 75 cards CORRECTLY are on my account TODAY!


November 14, 2010 I got an email from Club Penguin Support…

Hello Saraapril,

Thank you for your response.
Please know that the card count shown on your penguin account will only show you the number of unique cards that you have. Multiples of one card will only display as one in the 'Cards Collected' tally. To find out exactly how many cards you have, including the multiples, I recommend viewing your cards.
When you view your cards, you will notice that some of your cards have a number on the bottom right side. That number indicates how many of that card you have collected. When you add up all the cards you have, plus the multiples, you will have a total of 75 cards.
At this time, I can confirm that the penguin 'Saraapril' does have 75 total cards in their inventory. I can also confirm that the cards you unlocked have successfully been added to this penguin's inventory.
If you have any other questions, please feel more than welcome to contact us at anytime. We are always here to help.
Kindest regards,

XXXXXX (Fifth Person to Answer)

Club Penguin Support

This is INTERESTING! Club Penguin Doesn’t count the double Cards but STILL we Pay full Price for them! We can’t choose our Card-Jitsu Cards we have to take what we get…This is a GREAT way for Disney Club Penguin to earn Money and to get a Full Online Deck can Cost EXTREMELY Much as you NEVER will know how many doubles you will Unlock! PLEASE CP CHANGE THIS! I DON’T want any Doubles BEFORE I have a FULL DECK!

November 15, 2010 I sent an email to Club Penguin Support…


Thanks for letting me know about how you counting the cards I missed that...Sorry
With this new facts I still miss a Card:
I had initially 39 different cards and 40 cards totally (I missed to count the doubles)
I unlocked 31 different cards and 5 doubles that makes 36 cards totally
I should end up with 70 different cards and 76 cards totally
BUT I have 75 cards totally in my deck.
I compared card by card and found that there is 1 card missing and that is the first card that I had from the starter deck Sensei gave me

I missing the fire nr 3 cart surfer Penguin the card has a blue frame and a soft Pink (apricot) Penguin riding in a Mine Cart
Can you please add it back?

November 15, 2010 I got an email from Club Penguin Support…

Hello Saraapril,

Thank you very much for your response.
I'm glad to hear that the card count issue has been cleared up. I have added the 'Cart Surfer' card to the penguin 'Saraapril' for you, bringing your total card count up to 76.
I hope that you are enjoying your time waddling around the island and if you have any other questions or concerns, please feel more than welcome to write to us at anytime. We are always here to help!

Kindest regards, 
XXXXXX (Sixth Person to Answer)
Club Penguin Support

November 23, 2010 I sent an email to Club penguin Support…

All my Cards are on my Account now and they are placed in right order too without me asking for it :)
Thank-You! Thank-You!! Thank-You!!!
I just wonder one thing is this Bug fixed OR will I have problem if I unlock another Card-Jitsu Fire Code?
Saraapril :)

November 24, 2010 I got an email from Club Penguin Bug Team…

Hello Saraapril, 
Thanks for your reply. You shouldn't have any more troubles with unlocking Card-Jitsu cards but if you do, please contact us and we will be happy to help sort out any issues. I hope that you continue to enjoy your experience waddling around the island. Card-Jitsu Water has officially been released! Have you had a chance to play? We would love to hear what you think. 

Happy waddling,
XXXX (Seventh Person to Answer)

Club Penguin Support

FINALLY I got all the Card-Jitsu Cards I have PAID for to my Account!

Saraapril’s Card-Jitsu Cards Online :)

I think Club Penguin Support and Bug Team needs to be better educated to fix problems and need to be more careful and diligent when they read and reply to Penguin’s emails.

Conclusion: This experience has taught me that we can clearly NOT Trust Club Penguin to automatically give us what we PAY for! All this has taken A LOT of hard work and stolen lots of TIME for me!

Even if I am Happy that this FINALLY is solved I can’t understand how grownups can Fail so completely Again and Again to do the work they are Paid to do!

Talk to Sensei in Water Dojo :)

Just as in the Fire Dojo we can click on the Rock to Talk to Sensei (click on Rock in left down corner of your screen) Your keen stance shows your interest in this area. For you, I’ll explain.

…Long we have waited for the sign to tame water and take this journey.

…The rain clouds appeared. And we channeled the water to the Waterfall.

…We worked together. Now, new challenges flow from this Water Dojo.

…For all my Non Member Friends I have Animated the Story here :)

…If you click on Sensei he will say and show you this…

…You have some interest in this grand Suit of Water? I shall explain it.

…Throughout this journey, you will earn pieces to your Water Ninja Suit. How to Play Card-Jitsu Water Game CHEATS :) Guide, Walkthrough and Tutorial :)

…Nifty, hey? Water Ninja Suit ANIMATED :)

…Once complete, challenge me. Win to earn a new gem for your Amulet. How to WIN over Sensei in Card-Jitsu Water :)

…Then, and only then, will you have earned the title of Water Ninja. I Saraapril am a WATER Ninja in Club Penguin :)

…Look how beautiful the Water Gem Glows :)

…Depending on what you wear or have in your inventory and Stamp Book Sensei will talk and tell you things differently just like he does in the Fire Dojo and Dojo :) Try to bring a Puffle…These are SOME of the things Sensei will say to you in Haiku :)

Your Amulet shows
your desire to master
all the elements.

Like heated water,
your Cloud Wave Bracers let you...
Poof! And disappear.

Your Cloud Wave Bracers
are powerful. Use them with
suit and mask.... Vanish!

You have Flame Sandals?
They show you walk with power.
Good luck in water.

You already have
the Magma Coat. You must be
quite dedicated.

Your Lava Mask shows
how very well you've embraced
the ways of Fire.

Fiery Helmet!
You are Master of Fire.
Good luck with water.

Ah...the Wave Sandals
you possess will help you walk
to your victory.

You have Wave Sandals.
They tell me you have walked on
this water journey.

A Waterfall Coat!
It shows you know the power
of water. Welcome.

I sense you have the
Waterfall Coat. Do you think...
it is waterproof?

You have great power.
I welcome you back with the
Torrent Mask you wear.

You already own
the Torrent Mask.... Like water,
you have calm power.

Helmet of Oceans!
What you wear impresses me.
Welcome, once again.

Helmet of Oceans!
What you have impresses me.
Welcome, once again.

Ahh, the Pink Puffle.
Secret Masters of Water....
Water beats fire...

The great Blue Puffle,
teaches us to hide our strength,
behind quiet face.

Ah, Black Puffles are
masters of fire. Is yours...
grumpy in water?

Your Green Puffle flies!
But its propeller won't help
tame the Waterfall.

An Orange Puffle,
known for being quite unique...
just might eat your belt.

Your Purple Puffle
has mastered the ancient art...
of giant bubbles.

Does your Red Puffle
enjoy adventure? If so,
it'll like being here...

Ah! A White Puffle.
We should ask it not to freeze
the Water Dojo!

Your Yellow Puffle
must like the water. Both have
much artistic flow.

Ahh, the Beta Hat.
The most ancient of all hats.
I rarely wear mine.

I see you’re wearing
an Anniversary Hat.
I like pointy hats.

You have the stamp of
Three Hundred Sixty Five Days
You are old. Like me.

A stamp of Ninja
Meeting.... You are a very
skilled social ninja!

Ahh, the great Tuba.
A graceful instrument, and
strong, like brass ninja.

Oh! You have a beard!
A fine choice. Mine helps me train....
Wait. Is that tied on?

Did you know there is
a squid on your head? I'm sure
it will help you train!

You caught the Aqua
Grabber Mullet
! You are good
with fish and water!

I sense that you have
the Pumpkin Head. I will ask:
That orange thing floats?

I sense we have met?
Either I am wise.... Or I
peeked at your Stamp Book.

I sense you have the
Disco Wig! This shows your great
style and humor...

You own the costume
of Squidzoid
. Squids and water
go well together.

You own a Blue Tux.
It sparkles blue like water
But won't help you float.

You own the Apron
of the Goldsmith
. Much like gold,
water is precious.

The Ninja Journey is AWESOME and Next Year Card-Jitsu SNOW will be released and for now you can take a Waddle Down Memory Lane :)

Have Items on and Sensei tells Haikus :)

Ninja Amulet Key to NEW Ninja Journey in Club Penguin :)

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