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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Card-Jitsu Water Game CHEATS Walkthrough, Guide and Tutorial :)

How to Play Card-Jitsu Water? On this Walkthrough Guide and Tutorial you will find Help, Cheats and the Secrets to Become a Club Penguin Water Ninja :) Instructions:
To earn Water Items: Talk to Sensei Choose “Earn your Water Suit”
To become Water Ninja: Earn your Water Suit, Choose “Challenge Sensei”

…Go and Talk to Sensei and he will give you Card-Jitsu Water Booster Deck…OR does he? I just got ordinary Cards and a Card-Jitsu Power Card NO WATER CARD-JITSU CARDS!
…Then click on Instructions and listen to Sensei when he explain the Rules of Card-Jitsu Water for you :)
…Ninja, use your skills to master the element of Water. Race to the Gong! Choose a card from the bottom of the Screen…
…Be Powerful like a Storm. Empty stones by making Elements disappear. You may have to play several cards on the same stone…
…Be fast like a river. Jump ahead. Pick an empty, glowing stone to move. Remember – you can jump diagonally!
…Be Reflective.Like a still pond. it is important to know how to win. Reach the Gong or be the last Ninja standing! The further ahead you are, the more experience you’ll earn.
…You need Patience, Practice, Power. Tips and Hints help too: kick the Gong to earn Bonus Experience Points :) Add Elements to Stones in front of your opponents to slow them down…
…Now it is time to Start Play click on earn your Water Suit!
Race toward the Gong!
1. Choose a Card :) 2. Play on an Element :) 3. Jump Ahead :)
2010-11-24 15.07.56 - Copy
…Time to Play :) The Secret is to NOT fall down! Use the cards and choose where to Jump :) Use your Ninja skills from earlier game Fire beats Snow, Water beats Fire, Snow beats Water :) The Green Squares tells you the Element you can choose to Battle with a Card :) Power Cards and Cards with high numbers are best to use! If you use a card with a low number you might has to Throw more then one card and that will make you lose time and get you closer to the Waterfall Drop…Some Cards will help you to open up Two Stones and you can quicker jump ahead :) You can block other Players by jumping in front of them or cut in on their cleared stones :)

Tips: Look at the visible Card-Jitsu cards while the Game loading so you quickly can make a first decision :)
Tips for very skilled Players: Example, If you throw Snow on a Snow Pile it will be higher…this is a Good way to stop other Ninjas :)
Tips If your Computer can’t run this Game: If you have Problem to Play the Card-Jitsu Water Game you can try to Play in a Smaller Screen and the Game will work MUCH Faster :) Just click on Small Screen when you login :)
…and you can lover the Resolution too BUT it will make Club Penguin look Ugly! BUT you can Play the Game FASTER :) Just click on - or = key on your keyboard when you are playing Club Penguin :) To get back to High Quality just click on one of the Keys again :) To Optimize the Game you can use BOTH this Tricks at the Same Time :)
UPDATE: You can try this too Card-Jitsu Water Update :)
…There is much practicing ahead! The road to winning, can be a little bumpy…you came in forth place.
…Keep Practicing! You gave it your best. Keep training, and don’t give up. You came in third place.
…You have done well! Your skills are growing…You nearly won, but this time, you earned second place.
…CONGRATULATIONS! You WIN! Your amazing skill, has brought you great victory! You have earned First Place!
…Try to Reach the Gong :) CONGRATULATIONS! Great Success is yours…
…During this Journey we can earn Water Ninja Stamps :)


Anonymous said...

Where are you saraapril I'm stuck on the mask what about you??

Anonymous said...

Hey april I have 11%. my next item is the mask.

-Alex Eskimo

Michael said...

Its hard! I've ownly come in 2nd place! uUgh! I can't stay it lol

Anonymous said...

i found the fish you were taking about he chosed to stay in the waterfall:)im so happy i have company in there and im stuck on the water suit lol waddle on saraapril!!!

Greyclub said...

This is too hard!

sissyroo3 said...

Its hared but you can do it it took me a long time to do it but i did it! i have everything! it is hard but not impossible.

Anonymous said...

Its hard but not impossible! That is what i say to myself when i stuck in a problem! Keep that in mine.

Doggym said...

I think it's pretty easy but it takes FOREVER!!!

Anonymous said...

i just need help with how you choose a card and use it! im on 99% of the oceans of helmet!

Anonymous said...

I just went to play card jitsu water and sensei said too me; " I sence you have the pumpkin head.I ask you this:Does that orange thing float?" - I wasnt even wearing the pumpkin head (which was found at the halloween party last year)! waddle on moomoo1512

Anonymous said...

This game is not hard its just that even with lowest quality it doesn't even work (for me). Whenever I go to the my cousins' I always play on their computer to level up ,and now I only need like 80% to have the entire water suit.


Anonymous said...

I got the amulet gem. Sensei becomes easier to defeat once you get the whole suit.

Covey123 said...

Wow! I never thought that others thought that this game is hard!
I became a ninja in 4 days! Well... just practice. At first, I thought it was hard, too. But I saw that using higher cards and blocking people works too! Now it looks like a piece of chocolate cake! Hope you guys can, too! Because, TOGETHER WE ROCK!!!!!!!

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