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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Club Penguin Times Issue 267 :)

We have a New Newspaper and this week it is all about Ninjas :) Thanks Aunt Arctic for your Hard work but I wish the Old Club Penguin Time came Back! You can use your Arrow Keys to Scroll Down in Club Penguin to read the Paper OR you can click on the Pictures and read it here :)

Ninjas can begin their Card-Jitsu Water training now at the Dojo.

Card-Jitsu Water CHEATS Walkthrough Guide and Tutorial :)

Ninjas Seek to Master Water :)

Card-Jitsu Water has arrived. Sensei announced that training has begun to master the element of water.

“Bring your cards, students. And come to the Waterfall. Your journey awaits,”said Sensei at the Dojo Courtyard.

Ninjas are heading to the Water Dojo in large groups. Those who wish to join them must first earn their Ninja Masks. How can I be a Ninja in Club Penguin?

Ninjas will also need an Amulet before they can begin. They’re advised to check the Martial Artworks catalog for info. Ninja Amulet Key to New Ninja Journey :)

The Club Penguin Times interviewed a ninja about the new game. “It’s so fast,” said the ninja. “You’ve got to be quick witted, because there’s no time to pause. It’s the perfect test of a ninja’s skills.”

“I can’t wait to earn my Water Suit, and challenge Sensei.”

Water Dojo Open for Battle :)

The Water Dojo is open, thanks to everyone’s hard work. Card-Jitsu Water is HERE :)

Building a Dojo is a challenge. With the Water Dojo finished, ninjas everywhere are celebrating a job well done. A job that the Club Penguin Times found out was even bigger than it seemed.

“While ninjas were pumping water,there were others busy behind the scenes,” said a worker at the Dojo. “Many were helping gather water items for Sensei. And lots were helping jackhammer at the new Dojo.” Water Hunt and Water Ninja Preparations :)

Workers are now celebrating at the Dojo Courtyard, which has been decorated  for the occasion. “Our thanks to everyone who helped,” said a ninja with an anvil. “We hope to see you all training in the Dojo, and joining us.”

The end result is a Dojo built to last and a challenging new game. Congratulations to everyone who helped make it possible.

Secrets :)

The mysterious Amulet is key to Mastering the Elements.

The Amulet is a powerful and mysterious item. You will need it to gain entry to the Water and Fire Dojos.

Buy one for yourself from the Flying Flippers Emporium in the Ninja Hideout.

As you train at Card-Jitsu Fire and Water, you will earn legendary items. And the most important of these are gems for your Amulet.

To earn the Fire and Water gems, you must challenge Sensei and win. That requires patience and training.

If you think you’re ready, seek Sensei and follow his wisdom carefully. Good luck! 

…The enjoying open the Newspaper Bug is Fixed :) Last week if you clicked on the X BEFORE the Newspaper was opened you had to restart Club Penguin…THANKS Club Penguin Bug Team :)

See Last Weeks Club Penguin Times :)


Spider880 said...

Hey Saraapril! There's a new wallpaper with Sensei and a Water Ninja, and on the Club Penguin homepage, the storm cloud is moving away, all the penguins have a ninja mask and a black belt, and if you click the water balloon where the EPF Spy Phone usually is, a ninja will pop out and grab it!

Flippers 863 said...

This is cool, best newspaper yet. I have an urgant Card Jitsu Water Question if you could PLEASE answer. I have a gold code card from Card Jitsu Water and when I put it on it will not allow me to skip a rank, because it doesnt think Card Jitsu Water is out yet! I tell Club Penguin but they have yet to respond. Please can you tell them about this? I really really appreatiate it thanks. - Flippers 863

Anonymous said...

UGH!! Card Jitsu Water is being so stupid! It lags so much and when I click on a card it thinks I clicked on the next one then whenever I click the tablet at the end someone else somehow gets way up to the top of the thingy with the gong. I should have the mask by now but NO!

Chief8256 said...

I dont still dont like the paper... anyway, how do you get a picture of the whole paper?

Chief8256 said...

also i dont really like the game because its like very hard.... and i never ever hit the gong! if i win its because i fall off last.

naomi1636 said...

I only won 2 times! And thats by hitting the gong! Clubpenguin needs to speed things UP!

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