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Friday, November 26, 2010

How to earn Sensei Card CHEATS :) Club Penguin :)

This is the Secret to earn Card-Jitsu Sensei Card Stamp :) See the Sensei Power Card :)

…First go to Dojo and Challenge Sensei in Card-Jitsu :)

…When Sensei tries to use this Card on you the Sensei Card Stamp is Earned :)

…Here on my YouTube Channel you can see the Sensei Power Card :) And Many MORE Card-Jitsu Power Card Animations :)

…This is how the Sensei Power Card looks like in my Stamp Book :)

Question? Will we earn the Stamp if we see this card while Playing with other Penguins? If anyone know Please leave a comment :)

Card-Jitsu Stamps CHEATS :)

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Teddy2tie said...

I think so but I know one thing though if you try and use the sensei card and it doesn't score (as in the other person used fire) you still get the stamp! That is how I got the stamp!

Dylan97543 said...

Yes you can I have the card and I used it on my friend and we both got the stamp.

Anonymous said...

One time I was on Club Penguin and I said, "I HAVE THE SENSEI CARD!" About 5 Penguins came up to me saying, "Can I Have The Stamp?" "Please Play Me!" It was Awesome!

-Mud Kip1

Flame0522 said...

Hello Saraapril,

I think it's really cool that you earned that Stamp as I am also trying. I know that the 'Sensei Card' is the element of Snow, but what element should I use to help me earn it?


Nion said...

Thats pretty cool! your good at finding glitches and cheats Saraapril! -Nion

Flame0522 said...

Mud kip1,

Hey, I was wondering if you could PLEASE help me get the 'Sensei Card Stamp' reply back if you can help! =D


Anonymous said...

Hey Saraapril,
I'm quiet sure you can't earn the stamp while playing with other penguins, because it said "SENSEI card' but if what Mud kip1 sais it's true, I think it will be a very rare occasion..
But I have a question: Does the power card must be level 12 and snow? because when I played VS. Sensei, he used a 12 power card but fire...
And I didn't get the stamp...
Well, I'll keep trying!!!
Goodluck everyone, and Congrats, Saraapril, for earning this stamp!


Highfive said...

Yes because I played against this girl and she played it on me. She won that battle, (of course,) Though I never thought I would get it.

Saraapril said...

@Noga Thanks :) You have to Find the Card you can see in the Video :) Good Luck :)

Anonymous said...

Ok sure, Flame0522! I will be on Server Tundra for a while in the Ninja Hideout! Tell Your Friends to come too!

-Mud Kip1

Anonymous said...

when will i get the stamp i mean how long dose it take

naomi1636 said...

you said if anyone know please comment but it is if anyone knows please comment

Anonymous said...

Is there a certain element I need to use or a specific number of tries before Sensei shows me the card???

Anonymous said...

I saw the sensei power card - SNOW 12 but it has other image and the dont give me the stamp, it means that the card must be from snow power 12 and the correct card image please answer me

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