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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Coins for Change 2010 :) Information from Club Penguin :)

The Coins You Give Are Going Places.

During Coins For Change, each time a player gives virtual coins, they choose a real-world cause. Their donations in the game serve as real world votes, so kids will help decide how a $1 M cash donation is split amongst 3 causes.

Provide Medical Help :)

  • Support medical clinics for African kids and families in Malawi and Lesotho
  • Fund operations for sick and disabled children in Cambodia

Protect the Earth :)

  • Teach kids and families to care for the Rainforests
  • Protect endangered animals in the Andes Mountains

Build Safe Places :)

  • Provide school programs for kids displaced by war in the Darfur region of Sudan, Africa
  • Protect girls from violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Fund projects to provide water to communities in India

…Go to Club Penguins Page for more People Pictures and if you want to read ALL about Coins for Change look under the Label Coins for Change :)

Coins for Change Log in Background :)

Coins For Change - Penguin Poll :)

What items will Rockhopper bring us?

Saraapril’s Holiday Igloo 2010 :)

Gift Code to all Penguins with a Parent Account :)

How to Raise Money to Coins for Change and How do you Celebrate the Holiday? - Reviewed by You :)

Parent Update from Club Penguin :)

Coins for Change Stamp CHEATS :)

Club Penguin Times issue 270 :) December 2010 :)

Holiday Party - Penguin Poll :)

Club Penguins Coins for Change and Holiday Home Page :)

Coin for Change Stamp BUG!

MORE Coins inside Lighthouse :)

Saraapril’s Coins for Change Igloo :) ANIMATED :)

Coins for Change BUG at Beacon!

More Coins in the Lighthouse :)

Send a Gift Party :) FUN with Friends :)

How do you celebrate the Holiday? Which Coins for Change cause do you donate to? Reviewed by You :)

Coins for Change Goal Reached!

Party Stamps by Billybob :)

Club Penguin Times issue 271 :)

Coins for Change Donation Tube Bug Fixed :)

Coins for Change Banner Update :)

Saraapril’s Give away a Present Igloo :)

Coins for Change 2010 is Over!

Thanks for Donating to Coins for Change :) by Billybob :)

Coins for Change and New Year – Reviewed by You :)

Coins For Change Results Video 2010 :)

Prehistoric Puffle :)

Coins for Change 2010 detailed Result :)

Coins for Change Board Result at Beach :)

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