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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

FUN with Friends :) Water Card-Jitsu is HERE :)

Today I will Post some of the FUN my Friends and I had during the Card-Jitsu Water Party :) Time to waddle in to the Water Dojo and Play Card-Jitsu Water for the First time EVER :) Card-Jitsu Water Game CHEATS :) Walkthrough, Guide, Tutorial and LINK Collection Post :)

…Oops I got a BUG after I finished the Game…My first thought was NOOOO!!! It will take FOREVER before Club Penguin Support will understand and help me to remove all theses coins! Luckily NONE of these coins ended up on my account! What a Relief!

…It was LOTS of Problem with the Card-Jitsu Water Game BUT it was FUN to meet so many Friends :) Hi Jason59114 I am so HAPPY to see you :) My Buddy List is Full BUT I can send you a Card and then we are Club Penguin Friends :)

…CONGRATS to ALL Ninjas that have earned all Parts of the Water Suit :)

…HAPPY Friends Dancing :)

…Joo10, 11 Penguin1, Dj4424 and I Preparing for a Water battle :)

…Hi Josh8years how are you Today?

…Now I will battle Bigos90210, Loopdupe and Vmi85 :)

…Hi Tomji I LOVE your Bucket Hat :) Let’s stand here in the current and train to NOT fall when the water rush by…LOL :)

…Hi Spider880 :) Right now Spider880 working hard to earn the Torrent Mask :) Let’s Play :)

…HURRAY! I reached the Gong! Card-Jitsu Stamps CHEATS :)

…Oops! This time I will be flushed away…LOL :)

…Time to take a break and Feed my Puffles :) COOL WAVE Dvivoni :)

…Throwing Snow Card…

… After many Battles and Hard work I have earned all Parts of the Water Ninja Suit :) Now I need to win over Sensei to become a Water Ninja and get the Water Gem to my Amulet :)

…I DID IT! I Saraapril am now a Water Ninja in Club Penguin :) Look how the Water sign in the Amulet Glows for me :) And Next Year we can become Snow Ninjas that will be so Much FUN :)

…Having FUN making waves in the Water Dojo :)

…The Entrance to the Fire Dojo and the Water Dojo :)

…THANKS Harrynanu :)

…Let’s try to Tip the Iceberg…LOL :)

…THANKS to ALL Penguins that I met and played Card-Jitsu Water TOGETHER with during this Adventure you are ALL GREAT NINJAS :)

For MORE Club Penguin FUN look under the label FUN with Friends :)


Yoyosam7 said...

Can you include me on some post? I was at Ice Age when we met a long time ago

Snowflake said...

LOL! When you said Feed my puffles, I thought you said feed Fred to my puffles! (My username is Fredfan4ever). I was like...WHAT?! LOL :)

Saraapril said...

@Fredfan4ever :) Ewww...My Puffles don't eat Penguins...LOL :)

Edster12499 said...

LOL... you're FUNNY Fredfan4ever, and Saraapril!:) My Puffles are NOT cannibal. LOL!

naomi1636 said...

Its a good thing puffles don't eat penguins....

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