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Friday, January 1, 2010

FUN with Friends :)

Today we had a Waiting for Catalog Party in The Gift Shop…LOL we are STILL waiting…I guess Club Penguin has a Bug…The New Pin and Fireworks are missing too…The Party was so Much FUN :) HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Gift Shop

…I met my Friend Emma84432 :) Hi Friend I am so HAPPY to see you I have missed you so Much :)


…Tux99999 Twittered me and asked to meet him at Town Hi Friends Lets PARTY :)

Club Penguin Town                   …Waiting for Fireworks Party at Iceberg :)

Iceberg …back at The Gift Shop :) Still no Catalog…Lets PARTY until it comes :)

Gift Shop

…THANK to the juggling Clowns that kept us entertained and HAPPY :)

Gift Shop

…Time to have FUN with French Friends :) I met P109779315 and we Waddled over to…

Club Penguin Town …The Coffee shop for some Yummy Hot Chocolate :) Tu veux à 4 à la Suite?

Coffee Shop Club Penguin                 …P104949771 gave us a Guided Tour THANKS :)

Ski Lodge

                                       …Find Four FUN :)

Ski Lodge …Dance Party :) Bye for now Friend see you another time in Club Penguin :)

Ski Lodge …Gronafo, Ppppinky, me and Meta Knight9 had a Dance Party TOGETHER at The Plaza :)

The Plaza Club Penguin                                        …and in Town :)

Club Penguin Town

…Mata Knight9 added his Igloo to Map and the we were invited to an Igloo Party :) THANKS! Gronafo played AWESOME Music and 0blondie1 showed us some New Dance Moves :)

…More Friends came :) Hi Peanut426 and Hunbun16815 :) We had so Much FUN Playing Games TOGETHER :)

         …Card-Jitsu Time :) Yarr helping me to Battle Gronafo :)


                …Oops! Gronafo has the Ski Hill Card…LOL :)

Card-Jitsu                      …Meta Knight and I in a Snow Battle :)

Card-Jitsu        …This was FUN HAPPY Dance Party in Dojo to Celebrate :)


           …Hi Puppy147 and Yugioh103 I am HAPPY to see you :)

Dojo             …Hi Davodill and Wickeddude How are you Today :)


                                ...Card-Jitsu FIRE Time :)

Card-Jitsu Fire Game                                …CONGRATS! Good Game :)

Fier Dojo …Yugioh103, me, Gronafo and Mega Knight9 in a FUN Fire Battle :)

Card-Jitsu Fire Game                        …Me and DominatorX in a Battle :)

Card-Jitsu Fire Game …THANKS to ALL Penguins that I have Played TOGETHER with in Club Penguin Today :) You are GREAT! Now I will Waddle around in Club Penguin and wait for the Pin, Fireworks and Penguin Style Catalog :) Wave and Smile if you see me :) Have a HAPPY Waddling Waiting PARTY!Happy Waiting :)

Rockhopper’s Plants have Changed Again :)

The Flowerpots are Changed again :) I like this so Much they are just like REAL Plants :)

Saraapril's Igloo :)THANKS to my Friend  Pengwing4 for telling me about this :) You have a GREAT eye for Details :)

    You can see how the Plants looked Earlier in This Holiday Post :)


HAPPY New Year to EVERYONE! Let’s make 2010 to one More HAPPY and FUN Club Penguin Adventure :)HAPPY NEW YEAR from Saraapril :)

                      Waddle On! See you ALL in Club Penguin :)

HAPPY New Year Club Penguin :)

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