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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Details in Club Penguin :)

Sometimes small Details changes in Club Penguin and here are some :) First from The Newest Penguin Style Catalog The Parka is renamed to Black Parka and The Wrist Watch is renamed to Silver Watch…

    …The Diver's Suit is renamed to Divers Suit…a spelling detail :)

…and our Friends Rockhopper and Yarr are Now further away from Club Penguin…Rockhopper and Yarr leaving Club Penguin! Sail Safe Friends make sure The Migrator doesn't hit a New Iceberg…Aqua Grabber The Beginning :) 

…THANKS for the FUN PARTY Rockhopper and Yarr Please come Back soon :)

Message From Billybob :)

Hello Penguins!
First of all, I want to thank all of you for your patience yesterday when the Penguin Style catalog didn't launch. We are really sorry for the delay and I know a lot of you were looking forward to the new T-shirts! New Penguin Style Catalog :)

The team was able to launch the catalog and the fireworks today and we hope you enjoy checking it out with your friends. We're really excited to hear what you think about creating your own T-shirts in the Gift Shop! 
In other news: There's something new for Fire Ninjas who wear their Fire Suits. Try waving and dancing to see what happens! Fire Suit Secrets :)
Until then... Happy New Year and Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

THANKS for Fixing ALL The Bugs and for your Hard Work! This was worth waiting for :) I LOVE to Create my OWN T-Shirts it is so Much FUN! THANKS :)

                       New Fireworks PIN in Club Penguin :)

YEAR BUG on Club Penguin Style Catalog :)

LOL…Look at the Year on the New Penguin Style Catalog…Club Penguin forgot to write 2010 not 2009 :) HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Penguin Style Year Bug :)

THANKS Davmanred for telling me about this you are a GREAT Friend with GREAT eyes for Details :)

NEW Penguin Style Catalog :) CHEATS!

UPDATE: The Penguin Style Catalog Bug is now Fixed :)

Fireworks at Ski Hill and Iceberg are HERE :) HURRAY!

The Fireworks are HERE Time to CELEBRATE :) We can see them from Iceberg…Fireworks at Iceberg :)                     …and Ski Hill :) See Fireworks Animated :)

Fireworks at Ski Hill :)

…Time for a Delayed HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 Party at Iceberg :) TOGETHER we watching The Fireworks :) Dancing, Singing and Telling Jokes :)This is so Much FUN :)

New Years Party at Iceberg                   …TIP The Iceberg PARTY :) TIP! TIP!! TIP!!!

Tip the Iceberg Party :) How to Tip The Iceberg in Club Penguin :)

NEW Penguin Style Catalog :) CHEATS!

I am so HAPPY That the New Penguin Style Catalog for January 2010 is HERE :) Year BUG on Club Penguin Style Catalog!

Penguin Style Catalog :)

We have a NEW Cool Feature called Create your T-Shirt :) First Pick your color…Choose your Design…Buy your Custom T-Shirt 250 coins :) This is GREAT I LOVE to be creative :) 15 New T-Shirts are Available :)THANKS Club Penguin Team this was worth waiting for :) Now we can special customize and design our clothes both to our Penguin in Club Penguin and to Ourselves in Real Life :) Remember when we Voted for The First Splatter T-Shirt?

Create your T-Shirt

…Here are this Catalogs Secret Hidden Items :) As Always I will help you without Ruin your FUN to Find them :) On this Page you find the PINK Snorkel 200 coins :)

Pink Snorkel

                               …PINK Flippers 200 coins…

Pink Flippers…Red Viking Helmet 750 coins…Open and close three Times open again and…

Red Viking Helmet

                   …You find The Blue Viking Helmet 1200 coins…

Blue Viking Helmet

                               …Stocking Cap 200 coins…

Stocking Cap

                                  …Drumsticks 120 coins…


                                 …Trumpet 450 coins…


                             …Acoustic Guitar 700 coins…

Acoustic Guitar

                                …Snare Drum 380 coins…

Snare Drum

                               …Long Johns 350 coins…

Long Johns

                                 …The Dizzy 500 coins…

The Dizzy

                          …Black Superhero Mask 100 coins…

Black Superhero Mask…Penguins at Work :) Be a Construction Worker :) Hard Hat 50 coins, Safety Vest 200 coins…Put on Hard Hat and Wave to start Work :)

Penguins at Work Construction Worker…Backgrounds are for EVERYONE both Members and Non Members :)  We have got Two New :)                      

Player Backgrounds …Would you like to buy Paint Splatter Background for 60 coins? YES Please :)

Paint Splatter Background …Would you like to buy Ocean Background for 60 coins? YES Please :)

Ocean Background…Flags are For Members and cost 20 coins each :) I Wish Flags were for EVERYONE! PLEASE Club Penguin that would make me so HAPPY if you could make that Happen :) And I Wish for a I Live in Club Penguin Flag too so we all could Feel united no matter where we come from :) Costa Rica and Guatemala Flags are New and so are The World Map background the Flags are on :)

Choose a Flag …Malaysia, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Singapore and Venezuela are New Flag Pins too :) Put a Flag Pin on your Player card and Say HELLO to The World :)

Choose a Flag

...Now I will go to Gift Shop to create and Buy one of each 15 T-Shirts :)

Costume T-Shirt

                         …What T-Shirt is your Favorite?        

New Fireworks PIN in Club Penguin :)

WOHOO! The NEW PIN is HERE :) Inside the Lighthouse you find the brand new Fireworks Pin :)

Fireworks Pin :)

…You have found a Fireworks Pin :) Would you like to Pick it up? YES Please :)

Fireworks Pin in Club Penguin            See Previous Pin New Snowman PIN in Club Penguin :)

Disney Advertise Club Penguin FIRE :)

        Right Now Disney has a Commercial for Club Penguin FIRE :)

Disney Card-Jitsu Fire…I Like the Special Effects :) Sensei invites all Club Penguin Members to Card-Jitsu Fire :) Master the Elements if Fire in Club Penguin :)

Sensei on Disney :)

         …Ninja Ready to Fire Battle :) See The Fire Ninja Video :)

Ninja on Disney :)

Thanks mumbo221 for finding this on Disney The Official Homepage for ALL Things Disney :) GREAT WORK!

On This Post you will find information and a Link collection that’s helps you to Play Card-Jitsu Fire :) I Saraapril am a Fire Ninja in Club Penguin :)

The Ultimate Fire Ninja Journey Links collection :) Ninja Amulet Key to NEW NINJA Journey in Club Penguin :)

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