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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Penguins can’t Fly…OR?

One thing I Really Like about Club Penguin is the small hidden Messages we can find here is one :) Look at the Lower Left Corner of This Picture and you see Two Penguins in front of their Computers…

Club Penguin Log in Picture…Have you noticed The Message on the computer screens? The Right Red Penguins with a Construction Helmet on His screen shows a Blue Penguin…Cool :)

On The Computer screen that belongs to the Left Blue Penguin in a Red Viking Hat you can see a code:

if (penguin) {
  cantFly = true;

This is probably the computer language ActionScript that The Club Penguin Programmers use to program Club Penguin :)

Translated It basically means that penguins can’t fly!rsnail and Screenhoog :)

…On top of the computer screen you can also see a snail with a rocket on…”Rocket Snail”… so the Blue Penguin is rsnail :) The Red Penguin has on his desk a PINK pig with a screen on the side so he must be Screenhog :) Back to the Topic :) Can Penguins Flies? BBC News have Proofs that Penguins CAN FLY! Look at this Amazing and High Flying Video :)

…LOL…and here is How this Flying Penguins April Fool Video was Made :)


…Thanks BBC for this FUN and cute Video :) So can Penguin fly? YES! In Club Penguin we can :) Put on your Flyer cap or Jet Pack or BOTH...LOL…click on D or start Dancing and Eureka! A Flying Penguin! Penguins can FLY :)

Saraapril flying

…Now I will Waddle to The Stage and Play Fairy Fables TOGETHER with Friends :) I LOVE that Play Flying Unicorn, Butterflies and…

Fairy Fables is Back at The Stage :)

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