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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy77 asks about Cart Surfer :)

This is a Message from Happy77 :)

Greetings Penguins -

Looks like lots of penguins - including construction workers and rescue squad - have headed down to the Mine to check out what's going on. Don't forget that the Cart Surfer game's right there!

Cart surfer :)

If you need extra coins for tomorrow's igloo and furniture catalogs, why not give it a shot? I polled a couple of experts around here and got some tips for the game:

Expert #1 - "Do lotsa backflips!"
Expert #2 - "Grind all the corners."
Expert #3 - "Crash on purpose to buy more time! Seriously!"

I tried 'em out! I even managed to get a couple of hundred coins in one game... Still, I think I can safely say one of my faves still is making dessert pizzas on the Pizzatron 3000. What's your high score? Let me know - and share any tips you've got.

Until then...Waddle (and surf) on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77

Thanks to Flame0522 and Homer99 that was the First to Tips me about this Post :) GREAT WORK!

My Tip to do Different Moves all the Time :) This is a Easy Move to make just click up arrow :) First time you do this Handstand you get 80 Points next 40 :) To get the Maximum Points NEVER do the same Moves Twice in a Row :)

Cart Surfer Move

…This is one of my Favorite game to Play when I am in the Phone with my Friends :) I am a GIRL I can do TWO things at the same Time…LOL :)

For MORE Cart Surfing Tips go to Cart Surfer Moves –Secret Revealed :)

THANKS Happy77 for this Post I am Glad that you Post again I have Missed you :) Have a HAPPY Candy day :)

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…Serve the public with Firefighter and Construction Worker with drill 2” Mix ‘n Match Figure Pack… Firefighter and Construction Worker

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…These toys have a coin that can Unlock items Online from the Series 6 Treasure Book Catalogue :)

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