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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Penguins Around The World :)

Here are This Weeks Vacation Pictures from Aunt Arctic :) The First Picture is when Rockhopper met a New Friend :) Cute :)

Penguins Around The World :)

…one of the White Puffles is having a Blast riding in a Motor boat :) I LOVE the way the Trees Mirrors in the water :)

Penguins Around The World :)

…This Black Penguin found a Lake and Played some Hockey :) Good idea I LOVE Winter sports :)

Penguins Around The World :)

…WOW! A Ninja Penguin walking on WATER…LOL :) This Ninja has started to train for the next level of Card-Jitsu the Water Element :) GREAT Picture :) Don’t fall over…LOL :)

Penguins Around The World :) …The Red and Green Puffles made a Snow Penguin to surprise their Friends coming back to the Hotel from Adventures :) This Penguin is so cute :)

Penguins Around The World :)

…Then they all left the snow and ice and Traveled TOGETHER to a Warm and Sunny Place :) They traveled the whole night and arrived just in time to watch the sun Raise :) Now they will have Fun in the Sun :) Penguins Around The World :)…Next Week our Friends Adventure will continue :) Until then Waddle On!

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New FAN Art in Club Penguin :)

Today we got MORE FAN Art at Club Penguin Community :) This Drawing of Aunt arctic is GREAT I remember this from Mission 1 Case of the Missing Puffles :) I Like the details as Aunt arctic’s Freckles GREAT Shadowing of The Open Stove :) Well Done :) 

Fan Art Club Penguin :) ...A NINJA FIRE Puffle! Cool :) I LOVE the HAPPY Smile on The Puffle and the summer clouds at the Sky :) Good Work :)

Fan Art Club Penguin :) …I Like this Picture :) It is ALWAYS FUN to make New Friends and it looks like The Lime Green penguin and The Fish are Talking :) Good 3D effect with The Ice :) The Ski Lodge is Drawn in Perspective! That is Really GOOD! Notice the depth in this drawing :) Well Done :)

Fan Art Club Penguin :)…A Penguin on a Waddle with his Puffles :) I Like the Smiley Emote, the HAPPY Beak and the Puffles face expressions :) Good shadowing on the Hoodie and Great detailed T-shirt :) The Hair is cool and I like that you have used more than one color to get highlights and Effects :) GREAT WORK!

Fan Art Club Penguin :) …This Guitar Playing Penguin is probably a GREAT singer BOTH Puffles likes his song :) I Like the Penguins Face it is Very Well Done :) Fan Art Club Penguin :)

…This Rescue Penguin Reminds me about all The FUN we had in the Snow Maze and Yeti cave FUN with Friends in the Amazing Maze :) I Like the Waddling angle and the Detailed outfit :) GOOD WORK!

Fan Art Club Penguin :)

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Favorite Character in Fairy Fables – Penguin Poll :)

Fairy Fables is on at The Stage and my Favorite character is: Fairy Twee, The Big Bad Wool, Prince Redhood, Princess Grumpunzel…Read about The Fairy Fables Characters who do You want to be? I choose Fairy Twee I think she is so cute and FUNNY :)

Penguin Poll

                  …This is how the Poll looks like right Now :)

Penguin Poll

…What is YOUR Favorite? You too can VOTE :) See Last Weeks Club Penguin Poll :)

Read The Fairy Fable Storybook :)

Fairy Fable BANNER in Club Penguin :)

THANKS Club Penguin for the FANTASTIC Fairy Fable Banner :) This is Much BETTER than I Wished for :) THANKS for Changing The Party Banner you are AWESOME! New Party Banner Please :)

Fairy Fable Banner :)…I LOVE Fairy Fables and I am so HAPPY that  Fairy Fables is back at The Stage :) Don’t Miss The Fabulous, Fantastic Fairy Fables Now at The Stage :)

Fairy Fable Banner :)

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How to Resize Club Penguin Banners :)

New Community Featured Igloo in Club Penguin :)

   Today we got a NEW Featured Igloo on Club Penguin Community :)

Featured Igloo :)

…CONGRATULATIONS! to Icemeg7 :) I LOVE the Pier and the Water :) The icicles are so cool! I guess this water is not so Fun to swim in right now…LOL :) Great Kitchen and Cool Stone Ruin :) Well Done :)

Featured Igloo :)                          See Last Weeks Featured Igloo :)

NEW Coloring Page in Club Penguin :)

         Under Fun Activities we got a NEW Coloring page Today :)

…Penguins at Work :) A Tour Guide a Pizza Chef and a Secret Agent Cool :) I have Brand NEW Crayons and Glitter Glue I NEVER have used Before I will start to use them TODAY :) Grandpa will be so HAPPY when he gets a NEW Picture to his Wall :) I will have the Drawing Ready for Sunday when we go to Grandpa’s House for Dinner :) And I will make one of the older Coloring Pages with Puffles on for my littlest cousin too :) That Drawing will be colored in PINK, Purple and filled with Glitter Glue :) She LOVES PINK and GLITTER just like me :)

Coloring Picture :)      You can PRINT out this Picture :) See Earlier Coloring Pages :)

FUN with Friends :)

I LOVE to Waddle around Club Penguin and Play TOGETHER with Friend this are SOME of the Things I have done lately :) We Working very hard at the Mine and Having FUN TOGETHER :) Right now I Pretend to be Herbert that Works TOGETHER with Rory’s crew digging out secret Yeti Caves at the Mine :)

…I was invited by 2k8torres2k8 to the Coffee Shop for a Yummy cup of Hot Chocolate :) Thanks 2k8torres2k8 :)

…My Buddy List is FULL! Sorry…Friends Anyway :) I sent a Buddy card to 2k8torres2k8 so now we are Club Penguin Friends :)

                    …7strawberryx is here :) HAPPY RUNNING :)

                               …Time to look for Herbert…

…2k8torres2k8 got a GREAT Idea she will be Rookie and I will be Gary :) Then we Played a Mission :)

…We looked for Herbert EVERYWHERE! Including at the bottom of the The Card Surfer…No Herbert…

…2k8torres2k8 or Rookie wants to capture Herbert…That is GREAT keep on Trying and if you do DON’T Give him a Phone this time…LOL :) For More info Play Mission 10 Waddle Squad :)

…Bart51054 and I found Radiovideo23 working alone inside the Mine :) Hi there we will help you :) TOGETHER we can do More :)

…I visited my Friend Harris T 1’s Igloo and we had so Much FUN Playing with his cute Puffles :)

…Then Harris T 1 and I had a Dance Contest and Wilbur15 was the Judge :)

…Have ANYONE seen Herbert down at Mine? Let’s looks for clues…Nope No clues bit lots of FUN anyway :)

…Wilbur15’s white Puffle believes that we need to drill and dig More before we can find clues that leads us to Herbert :) Puffles are very smart so I ALWAYS Listen to them :) We started to drill and then Suddenly…LOOK HERBERT and KLUTZY! OR…LOL…It is My Friend Black Print1 and the Red Puffle :) This is GREAT we ALMOST found Herbert LOL :) Let’s Drill some More :)

…Now I need to Play Club Penguin Games so I can earn Coins for Tomorrows Catalogs :) I can Hardly Wait to start Decorating My New Cave Igloo it will be so Much FUN :) New Igloo Rock! Starting January 15, 2010 :)

…THANKS to ALL Penguin I have Played TOGETHER with you are ALL GREAT :) Waddle On!

Ultimate Igloo Furniture and Favorite way to Help out – Reviewed by You :)

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!
Last week we asked what you thought the ultimate igloo furniture item would be. Yodalaheehoo said:

The ultimate furniture item would be a flying carpet!!!! When you walk over it, it would rise up and fly around your igloo! That would be so awesome!!!!!! And you could pick the color and pattern!!! Haha- A penguin can dream of flying in the own comfort of its home, can't it? You rock Club Penguin! Waddle on!
Thanks for all your cool ideas - I'll pass them on to the team!
In other news, there's been a rockslide in the Mine and lots of you are helping dig away the rubble. So this week, we want to know what your favorite way to help out when something like this happens on the island? Do you like jackhammering? Supervising penguins? Bringing pizzas around? Or something else? Let us know.
Write your Reviewed By You answer as a comment! We'll post one (50 - 75 words please) in next week's Reviewed By You. And if your comment is chosen as the feature comment on next week's blog, we'll add 10,000 coins to your penguin account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add coins!
Until then...Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

I Like to Help out with EVERYTHING :) Both with the jackhammer and bringing Refreshments :) And I LOVE to Play Herbert or other characters too :) I LOVE when we can work TOGETHER in Club Penguin that is so Much FUN :)

  Herbert at the Mine…?

New Party Banner Please :)

It was a Long time ago Club Penguin Updated The Party Banner…We STILL have The Coins for Change Party Banner and Coins for Change is Sadly WAY Over and will be back first in December 2010 :)
PLEASE Club Penguin Team can we get a NEW Party Banner soon? I have a Wish :) Can The New Party Banner be about The Rockslide Adventure at the Mine? Please :)New Party Banner

Rockhopper and Coins for Change 2009 are Here :)

What’s Up With The Underground?

Yesterday I Waddled Underground to help Aunt Arctic to interview some Tour Guides down There :) Then I Waddled over to her Igloo and gave my Notes to Aunt Arctic :) Here is the Article she wrote and Posted in This weeks Issue 222 of Club Penguin Times :)

Underground MineThe recent rockslide has penguins wondering about the Underground. What's up with the Underground Pool? Who dug the Mine? Where did the mine carts come from?

We spoke with tour guides this week to “dig up” some answers.

“The Underground has always been something of a mystery,” one guide told us.

“It started with the Boiler Room, and it's been getting bigger... and deeper.”

“The Underground Pool is a lot of fun, but has caused a few problems. The viewing glass cracked once, which led to a big flood. Gary the Gadget Guy keeps an eye on the area now.” Read ALL about That Fantastic High Flying Adventure on this Post Festival of Flight Guide and Cheats :)

Much of the Underground seems to have already been dug out when penguins first explored it. Which leaves the question—who, or what, dug the Underground?

Check back next week for more mysterious info on Underground places.

Cart Surfer

THANKS Aunt Arctic for letting me do The Interview :) It was so Much FUN I LOVE to be a Reporter too one day :) My Family Tree :)

Extra Extra Rockslide at The Mine!

Herbert at the Mine…?

Rockslide at Mine - Tour Guide :)

Extra Extra Rockslide at The Mine!

Most of us have heard about The Rockslide at The Mine and In This Club Penguin Times article Aunt Arctic Provides us with information directly from Rory :)

Mine A rockslide in the Mine has many workers rushing down to help dig out the rubble. Construction teams have been working to make sure it's safe, and they're asking for more diggers to come lend a flipper.

Rory the construction penguin was taking a coffee break, but stopped to talk about the slide.

“Well, I'm not gonna sugar coat this or dip it in mustard—it's a big job. We don't dig the mess, so we're helping to dig it out.”

“We're not sure yet how the rockslide happened. Could be from Cart Surfing crashes. Could be aliens or cotton candy. No way to tell.”

“Everyone is safe to keep enjoying the Mine though. And if you've got at least sixteen seconds to spare, head down and help us out!”

Check back next week for more info.

Thanks Aunt Arctic for these News I have already spent Time TOGETHER with Friends in The Underground to help out and I will soon go down again to see if I can Help out More :)

What’s Up With The Under ground?

Herbert at the Mine…?

Rockslide at Mine - Tour Guide :)

New Igloos ROCK! Starting January 15, 2010 :)

On Friday, January 15, new Better Igloos and Igloo Upgrades catalogs are set to make pre-history with special stone-age selections!

New Igloo Rock :)

“Ever since the play Penguins that Time Forgot’ was performed at the Stage, many penguins have been asking for cave items,” said one excited penguin designer.

“We've been working on them for a while, and they're definitely rock-solid.”

The new cave items will include chairs, couches, and even an entire igloo made of stone.

I can't wait to put my cave together,” said one penguin dressed as a Yeti. “It'll be perfect for me and my puffles!”

The new designs will be available starting Friday, January 15.

Thanks Aunt Arctic for this Newspaper Article :) I LOVE to Read Club Penguin Times :)

Take a Look at The New Couch that comes Tomorrow I think it looks GREAT in My Igloo :) My Stories and Adventures: Helping Rory :)

New Catalogs are Coming – Sneak Peek :)

Expert Dancer – Secret Revealed :)

Secret Nr 60 or Rerun of Secret Nr 35 only the Picture is changed…or Rerun of Secret Nr 21…Reruns…Reruns…Reruns…

Expert Dancer

Are you looking for the greatest challenge in the Dance Contest game?

Here’s how you can access the secret Expert Mode in single player: when Cadence asks you what difficulty level you’d like, click on her instead of choosing a level. She’ll ask you if you think you’re ready for Expert Mode. The only real question is... are you?

Secret Revealed :) Expert Dancer :)

Dance Contest is a FUN Game and I like that we can Choose to Play TOGETHER with other Penguins :) On This Post you find interesting information about this Game both for Members and a Non Members :) Dance Contest Game :)

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