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Friday, January 15, 2010

New Furniture Today! by Billybob :)

Hello Penguins!

There's new furniture and igloos today - the catalogs are right in your igloo so check 'em out! Some of you've already started decorating with the cave items. Check out this igloo we found!

Igloo :)In Other News: Lots going on down at the Mine and it's great how you're helping out! We've seen drilling, shoveling, fire hoses... It's cool how you're working together. Stay tuned for more details about what's happening down there. HOLE in Mine Wall :)

Until then...Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

Thanks Ponytail 001 and Teddy2tie for telling me about this Post :) You are GREAT Friends :) At the Mine i have so Much FUN :) Right now I am working as a Fire Fighter to make sure that The Ground and Herbert stays Cool…LOL :) Legos13 plays Herbert and he DOESN’T like water…

Fun with Friends :)…I know! I will be a Life Guard and offer Herbert swim lessons :) Follow me to The Underground Pool  :)

  My Cave Igloo :)

Igloo Updates Catalog CHEATS! January 2010 :)

Better Igloos Catalog Jan –Feb 2010 CHEATS :)

Rockhopper’s Plants have Changed :)

When I was Decorating my New Cave Igloo I noticed The Tree Changed! And so did the Rose Bush Plant :) I LOVE these Flowerpots :)

        See How these Plants from Rockhopper looked like earlier :)

My Cave Igloo :)

Me and My Puffles have just Moved in to a Brand New Cave Igloo :) Now we will have FUN TOGETHER and Decorate our Cave Home :)

Cave Igloo :)…DONE! We Pretend that I am a Pretty Princess that has been capture by a Dragon that watch the door so I can’t escape :) My Puffles came to rescue me thru the Box Dimension but the Dragon has now destroyed the box so we can’t escape that way! As soon the Dragon falls asleep I will take the Brome and carefully make him move without waken up :) That’s why we sing lullaby songs all the time…LOL so far No Luck The Dragon is STILL awake…LOL :) Rumors says that he hasn't slept for 100 Years…I better try another lullaby :)

Cave Igloo :)

…THANKS Club penguin for the New Items I LOVE to Play in my New Cave Igloo :)

Better Igloos Catalog Jan – Feb 2010 CHEATS:)

Igloo Upgrade Catalog CHEATS! January 2010 :)

My stories and Adventures: Helping Rory :)

Igloo Upgrades Catalog CHEATS! January 2010 :)

Today we got a NEW Igloo catalog :)

  …On this Page you find The Hidden Secret Stone Igloo 2000 coins :)

Secret Stone Igloo :)                           …The NEW Cave Igloo 2500 coins :)

Cave Igloo :)

…Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo 5000 coins :)

Deluxe Stone Igloo :)

Better Igloos Catalog Jan – Feb 2010 CHEATS:)

My Cave Igloo :)

Better Igloos Catalog Jan – Feb 2010 CHEATS :)

The Stone Furniture Catalog we have waited for is HERE :) This will ROCK! As Always I will Help you find ALL Secret Hidden items without Ruin your FUN to Look for them :)

…First This Catalogs New Furniture's :) Stone Furniture Stone Couch 400 coins, Stone Chair 350 coins, Stone Lamp 150 coins, Stone Table 75 coins, Stone Deck Chair 375 coins…

Stone Furniture :)

    …Rosewood Dinner Table 700 coins, Rosewood Chair 150 coins…

       …Here are The Secret Hidden Items :) Portal Box 200 coins…

Portal Box :)

                                    …HD TV 1000 coins…

HD TV :)

                           …Snowboard Rack 600 coins…

Snowboard Rack :)

                                 …Nutcracker 950 coins…

Nutcracker :)

                       …Small Christmas Tree 400 coins…

Small Christmas Tree :)

                            …Christmas Lights 30 coins…

Christmas Lights :)

                                  …Coat Rack 200 coins…

Coat Rack :)

                                …Shoe Rack 120 coins…

Shoe Rack :)

                                   …Fireplace 1200 coins…

Fireplace :)

                                     …Icicles 150 coins…

Icicles :)

    Now I will go and Decorate My New Cave Igloo with these items :)

Igloo Upgrade Catalog CHEATS! January 2010 :)

My stories and Adventures: Helping Rory :)

HOLE in Mine Wall :)

Our Hard work down in Mine have giving Result! A BIG STONE is coming down if you Mouse over it :) The Rumbling Noise is Loud! …TOGETHER we have Break trough the Wall Now we need to Work some More :)

…Mephison has a drill and Aries42 dances so the ground Shaking GREAT IDEA :) The Stone is Falling! Watch Out Viciplingi! Oops! That was Close! Mephison throw a snowball through the Cave opening…I think I heard someone on The other side…LOL :)

Falling Rock What’s Up with The Underground?

New PIN The Puffer Fish in Club Penguin :)

                   The New Puffer Fish Pin is at The Iceberg :)

Puffer Fish PIN

         …You have found Undefined…LOL I have to wait a little :)

…Here it is :) You have found a Puffer Fish. Would you like to Pick it up? YES Please :)

Puffer Fish PIN :)

See Earlier Pin :)

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