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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Login Background Pictures Missing - BUG!

Starting Yesterday I noticed a Bug on The Login Page for Club Penguin…Usually it is one of eight Different Login Background Pictures that comes up when I Log in to Club Penguin :) Now it sometimes Looks EMPTY like this…

Login Background Picture Bug!

…The Fairy Fables Login Background Picture and Card-Jitsu Login Background Picture are Missing! Please Club Penguin Bug Team can we get the Pictures Back? I Miss The Fairy Fables Picture so Much it Always Makes me HAPPY to see it :)

I LOVE Fairy Fables I LOVES to pick Flowers and The Dragon 555fgt Helps me :) You Never know what FUN that can Happens in The Fairy Fable…Oops! Please Dragon 555fgt DON’T Pick the Tree…LOL :) Please put it back…THANKS :)


Fairy Fables is Back at The Stage :)

UPDATE: Here is The Solution :) Flash Player 10.1 beta 2 Problems

Member Badge in Club Penguin Animated :)

I Like to Look at the Details around me Both in Real Life and in Club Penguin :) If you click on a Penguin that is a Club Penguin Member you will see The Member Badge on their Players card :) The Member Badge tells how long a Penguin has been a Club Penguin Member :)

Saraapril's Background    Have you ever noticed that the Member Badge is Animated?          Member Badge                                        Now you know :)

Member Badge History:

Member Badge! The First Member Badge :)

Member Badge Update Edit Player Button Update :)

Member Badge Update! We can see other Penguins’ Member Badge :)

New Members Badge! We now know how long other Penguins have been Members :)

Penguins can’t Fly…OR?

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