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Sunday, January 17, 2010

FUN with Friends :)

As Always I am Waddling around in club Penguin and here are some More FUN with Friends Pictures :) I am so HAPPY that my Good Friend 1w34e came and visit me and my Puffles :) My Cave Igloo :)

  …Pengwing4 and me Playing TOGETHER in The Fairy Fable Forest :)

…At The Mine we had a Dance Party when Money6768 asked if we could Help removed the Gravel, Pebbles and Rocks from the Rockslide…YES we are HAPPY to Help :) THANKS for inviting us :)

…Pengwing4, Gbulldogs, Money6768 and me had so Much FUN Drilling, Digging, Laughing and Talking about The New Adventure this Rockslide will lead too :) Can Herbert be on The Other side of This Wall? A New Mission? Will it be Yeti Caves in Different Colors? That would be so COOL :) HOLE in Mine Wall!

                         …HURRAY! We Removed a BIG Rock :)

Work Party at Mine :)

…Legos 13, me and Pengwing4 had a HAPPY Running Herbert Party it was so Much FUN :)

…THANKS to EVERYONE I have Played with in Club Penguin :)TOGETHER we ROCK!

More FUN with Friends :)

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