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Monday, January 18, 2010

Flash Player 10.1 beta 2 Problems

I recently found a couple of Bugs in Club Penguin Menu BUG! and Login Background Pictures Missing – BUG!

Today me and Littletias have done some Testing TOGETHER on our Computer and Now we have found the Solution :)
We found that the cause of the problem was that we had installed Flash Player 10.1 beta 2 on our computer

When I uninstalled Flash Player 10.1 beta 2 using “Uninstall or change a program” and instead installed Flash Player 10 the two bug problems were solved :)

I hope Club Penguin will do beta testing of the new Flash Player so theses bugs can gets fixed by Adobe before they releasing the Final Flash Player 10.1 :)

Here is a guide to Solve problem in Club Penguin by reinstalling Flash Player

Unfortunately Flash Player 10.1 beta 2 did not solve the problem with some of the Club Penguin games using Internet Explorer 8 a problem that needs to be solved! Club Penguin has been aware of this problem at least since the Blog Post Arrow keys doesn’t work in Aqua Grabber posted August 29, 2008…I Think Club Penguin needs to work TOGETHER with Microsoft and Adobe to have this fixed so Everyone with Internet Explorer 8 can Play all Flash Games in Club Penguin without problems :)

Work TOGETHER Please :)

…THANKS Littletias for Helping me with these Tests :) You are The BEST BIG Brother EVER!

UPDATE: Now there is a SOLUTION to this Problem :) How to get Club Penguin Games work in Internet Explorer 8.0 :)

Menu BUG!

On these Pages: Membership, Community, Parents, Toys and Help the Menu is not working…

What’s New Rotating Banner Bug…Here you can see what it looks like Right Now…

What’s New Rotating Banner Bug

…Please Club Penguin Bug Team can you fix this? AND can you fix the Login Picture Missing BUG too? THANKS :)

UPDATE: Here is The Solution :) Flash Player 10.1 beta 2 Problems

Machine in Mine coming soon – Sneak Peek :)

Event at the Mine Update :)

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins,

Things keep getting more and more interesting down in the Mine. A big thanks to everyone who's been helping clear the rockslide - you're doing awesome!

I'm excited to tell you that your hard work is about to pay off - the team has a HUGE event planned for this weekend when the rocks are cleared away. Check it out starting Friday!

I was able to get this sneak peek for you guys:

Unknown Machine in Mine

What do you think it is? And what do you think we'll find under the rockslide? Let us know your ideas in the comments!

Until then... Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

…I made The Picture Lighter so we can see it Better :) WOW! This looks Really COOL :) I Think Herbert is up to something :) I LOVE The Underground Waterfall it it so Pretty :)  I Wish this could turn out to be a New Underground Room where we could Snorkel and discover an Underwater World :)

Unknown Machine in Mine

...I can Hardly Wait until Friday :) This Mine Cave Party will be so Much FUN :)

Read what Billybob has to say about this in My Stories and Adventures: Interview with Billybob :)

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