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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Decorations in My Cave Igloo :)

TOGETHER Me and My Puffles got rid of the Dragon :) See My cave Igloo :) None of My Lullabies worked but as soon My Yellow Puffle Sunshine started to sing The Dragon fell asleep and carefully we Pushed him out and we were FREE :) LOL :) This we Celebrated with a HAPPY RUNNING FREEDOM PARTY and then we Redecorated our Igloo Home and made up Silly Stories TOGETHER :) It was so Much FUN and We Laughed so Much :) I LOVE to Play TOGETHER with my Puffles :)

Cave Igloo in Club Penguin  :) …Now I will go to The Book Room and Read The FUN and Silly Lime Green Dojo Clean Book :) I Wish we get a New Paint by Letters Book soon It was almost A YEAR ago since we got the last one…That is a VERY LONG Time!
PLEASE Club Penguin can you make a New one soon? I LOVE to Read and I Think Paint by Letters Books are so Much FUN :)

Cheats for Lime Green Dojo Clean – Paint by Letters Book :)

Paint By Letters Books in Club Penguin :)

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