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Friday, January 22, 2010

Throw a bubble in the Underwater World :)

If you are in the Underwater World Cave and Throw a Snowball it will become a Bubble :) Cool :) Good Swimming Olaaugust :)

Throw a Bubble in Underwater World Club Penguin :)

Thanks Giant Squid for telling me about the Bubbles you are GREAT :)

How to Find The Hidden Treasures in Mine Caves :)

Mine Caves Tour Guide :)

Gather Around here Please The Mine cave Tour Guide Starts Now :)Welcome to the Mine...This tunnel was opened by a rockslide recently...Where it leads to is a mystery...Rockslide at the Mine! 

…Here we have the Mine Cave...Some workers say they've found buried treasure...So grab a hardhat and start digging! How to Find Amethyst Pin and Open Secret Cave ANIMATED :)

…Wow! This place is the Hidden Lake...Where did all this treasure come from, I wonder...And it looks like there's a door under the water...

…BLUB! This place is Underwater...Look at all the colorful fish and plants! And treasure! This place sure is unusual...

…Thanks for Taking The Mine Cave Tour :) Now some More Information :) Or as Billybob says Other News :)The Safe Chat or Quick Chat has added some Cave Party related things to say :) First open chat by click on Messages Then click on Hello – Mine and Then Choose something to say :)

"This is a hard hat area!"
"Waddle with caution!"
"It's still safe to go Cart Surfing"
"Help clear the debris!"
"Digs away the rubble"
"Dig or drill, but don't stand still!"
"Time out!"
"Back to work!"
"Great job!"

…I LOVE The Featured that tells us where our Friends are :) If your Friend is somewhere in The Caves you will get a Messages like these…

"Saraapril is in the Mine Cave"
"Saraapril is at the Hidden Lake"
"Saraapril is Underwater"

Right now My Friend Y27 is in the Mine Cave :) GREAT I will go there too :)

…Backstage at Penguins Play Awards 2009 we could see The Pretty Ocean and a Seahorse and an Orange Fish :) Back Then I Wished to Swim TOGETHER with Them and Today I did :) THANKS Club Penguin You makes my Dreams come True :) I Wish for Underwater World :) 

…Hoover Over The Fish and Seahorse and They will Blow Bubbles :) I LOVE The HAPPY Smile on The Orange Fish Face :)

 Fish Friends in Underwater World :)

…It is so Much to see and Do In Club Penguin so for Now I will stop Blogging and start Playing :) See You In The Mine Caves :)

How to Find The Hidden Treasures in Mine Caves :)

Discover Hidden Caves at the Mine – Login Background :)

Diggers Needed! A NEW Club Penguin Adventure is HERE :) Dig After Treasures! Open Secret Caves and Explore The Underwater World :)

Discover Hidden caves at the Mine :)

…I LOVE This :)

How to Find The Hidden Treasure in Mine Caves :)

Secret Underwater World in Mine :)

How to Find Amethyst PIN and open Secret Cave! ANIMATED :)

I Like that we have to work to find this Rare Pin :) This is The First Amethyst Part I dug up :)

…To Find The Second Part of the Amethyst you have Dig or Drill on a New spot :)

2010-01-22 01.13.34 - Copy

          …Dig or Drill on a Third Spot For The Third Gem Part :)

…The Fourth Part makes The Amethyst Complete :) Look how Pretty it Sparkles :)

Amethyst Pin Animated

  …Treasure Complete! You’ve earned a Pin and Opened The Cave :)

…You have found a Amethyst Pin would you like to Pick it up? Yes Please :)

Amethyst Pin :)

         …The Big stone that Blocked The Cave Entry Rolls Away…

Rolling Cave Stone :)   …I Diving for Treasures in The Serene Underground Hidden Lake :)

Saraapril in Hidden Lake :)

…Now I will Swim in to The Underwater Cave Members Room and Look at The Fishes again :) There you Find The Coral Reef Background :)

Coral Reef background :)

…For More Help Free Items and Secrets see How to Find The Hidden Treasure in Club Penguin Mine :)

How to Find The Hidden Treasure in Mine Caves :)

First go to The Dig Site at Mine :) You can Click on This Signs at The Town and The Plaza or go use The map to go To Mine :)

Dig Site!

A secret dig site has been discovered underground! Grab your jack hammers and shovels and start digging!

…Pick up a FREE Hard Hat at The Mine and put it on your Head :) I am so HAPPY that this item is FREE for ALL Club Penguin Players both Members and Non Members :) THANKS Club Penguin :)

…WOW! This Mine Cave Room is so Cool It looks just Like Billybob’s Sneak Peek :) And Now we know what that machine is for too :) Throw snowball in it to keep the light bulbs work :)

2010-01-22 01.13.12 - CopyFind the Hidden Treasure!

  1. Wear a hard hat or use a shovel.
  2. Dance to dig.
  3. Find all 4 pieces.

TIP: Try digging in different areas!

Find The Hiden Treasure :)

…Start work and you will soon find your First Treasure :) You need to move and dig to drill in another spot to find next :) When you have found all four pieces to complete the Pin you open another cave too :)

How to Find Amethyst Pin and Open Secret Cave! ANIMATED :)

…You have found The Amethyst Pin Would you like to Pick it Up? YES PLEASE :)

Amethyst Pin :)

     …This Underwater Treasure Hidden Lake Room is FANTASTIC :)

                          …Deep Sea Diving Suit 50 coins :)

Deep Sea Diving Suit

…Would you like to buy Deep Sea Diving Suit for 50 coins? YES PLEASE :)

    …Put on Deep Sea Diving Suit and Dance or click on D to swim :)

Saraapril swim in Deep sea Diving Suit

                    …Here you Enter The Underwater World :)

         …Oops! This Room is ONLY for Members! Sorry Littletias…

…I LOVE The Underwater World Reef it is so Pretty and Amazing :) I LOVE The Fishes that swims around and ALL The Corals :) And I LOVE The Sound of The Ocean :) FABULOUS! My Wish came TRUE THANKS Club Penguin you are The BEST :)

…You have found The Coral Reef Background Would you like to Pick it up? YES PLEASE I would LOVE too :)

Coral Reef Background :)

…This is How My Player card Looks Right Now with The Amethyst Pin The Coral Reef Background and me in The Sea Diving Suit :)

Saraapril :)

…Now I will Dive around and Explore Club Penguin’s Underwater World :) See you…Blub…Blub :)

Secret Underwater World in Mine :)

How to Find Amethyst PIN and open Secret Cave! ANIMATED :)

Discover Hidden Caves at the Mine – Login Background :)

Mine Caves Tour Guide :)

Throw a bubble in the Underwater World :)

Can we meet Rory or Herbert in Mine Caves?

Cave Expedition Update by Billybob :)

FUN with Friends in Mine Caves :)

More FUN with Friends in Mine Caves :)

Caves in Mine Closing until Further Notice!

Club Penguins Underground Areas Tour Guide :)

WHY is Club Penguin so SLOW to waddle Around in?

Help Others in need and Favorite Cave Expedition Part - Reviewed by You :)

Cool Cave Coloring Page :)

New FAN Art in Club Penguin :)

Mine Caves are CLOSED!

Secret Underwater World in Mine :)

WOW! My Dreams came True This is FANTASTIC! The Underwater world at Mine is AMAZING :) MY DREAMS CAME TRUE! THANKS Club Penguin Team I LOVE you ALL :)

Club Penguin Underwater World :)

How to Find Hidden Treasure in Mine caves :)

How to find Amethyst Pin and open Secret Cave! ANIMATED :)

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