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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Winter Carnival in Quebec Feb 2010 – You Decide :)

This is a Message from Billybob :)

Hello Penguins!

It looks as if you're having a great time exploring at the Cave Expedition! There's been lots of creativity in the Mine lately - and we're really hoping you'll be able to help the team with a creative decision...

From January 29 to February 14, Quebec, Canada hosts a giant winter celebration called Carnival. It's the largest winter carnival in the world, and if you have the chance to go this year, you'll see a Club Penguin area with activities, lots of ice sculptures, and tons of surprises! There's even going to be an award-winning ice artist. We really want your help to decide the final ice sculpture he'll carve live during Carnival!! Click on the box that matches the one you'd like to see the most:

The Handstand :)                                      The Handstand

The Rocker :)                                         The Rocker

Winter FUN :)                                         Winter Fun

                            …I Voted for Winter FUN :)

Vote For Carnieval ice sculpture for Quebec :)                  …This is how the Poll Looks Right Now :)

Poll For Carnieval ice sculpture for Quebec :)               …Please make YOUR Opinion Heard! VOTE :)

For those of us who can't be at the event, we'll have someone get a picture and I'll post it on the blog in February. Thanks for your help! We always get a great response for You Decide polls and we've had to turn the comments off so it doesn't get really slow. But they'll be back on for Monday's blog.

Until then...Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

Thanks Flame0522 for telling me about This Post :)

We Penguins at Club Penguin LOVES Snow :) Here are Pictures and Links to The Snow Sculpture Festival 2009 TOGETHER with my Friends I had so Much FUN :) Everything started the day Uncle Gary Brought The Ac 3000 Back :) When Gary don’t use the AC 3000 Sensei Likes to Borrow it…LOL :)

…I Wish I could go to The Snow Festival Carnival in Quebec Canada it sounds AWESOME FUN :) 

Rockhopper’s Flowerpots have Buds Again :)

I am so HAPPY for the FUN Adventures down in Mine Caves so I Totally Forgot to Check The Flowers and Plants in My Igloo…Luckily I have Friends with good eyes for Details :) Thanks Maxguy12467 for telling me that Rockhopper’s Flowers have Changed again :) The Rose has got some small PINK and Blue Flowers :)

Rockhopper's Flowerpots :)

  …and this Flower have a Bud :) Spring will soon be HERE…LOL :)

Rockhopper's Flowerpots :)

See how The Flowerpots looked Earlier :)

…Now I will Waddle to The Mine Caves and Swim around in The Underwater World :) See You There or in Underground Lake Room or The Dig site at Mine Cave :)

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