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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Can we meet Rory or Herbert in Mine Caves?

This Underground Party at the Mine Caves is so Much FUN :) Many Penguins have asked me if we can meet Rory during this Party? I have asked Aunt Arctic if Rory said anything about meeting us when she interviewed him about the Cave Expedition and he did! So now I know for sure that Rory is too Busy helping Gary with constructions to keep the Mine Caves stable right now so he has NO time to Waddle Around and chat with us During this Cave Party but he said that he hoped that we ALL could help out with the constructions as Much as Possible and having FUN in The Underwater Worlds :)

Helping Rory in Mine Caves :) …Rory has NEVER Waddled around in Club Penguin so we can’t meet him…YET ;)

I asked Aunt Arctic if she thought Herbert was in The Mine for us to meet and she answered NO Herbert is Not in the Mine Caves Right NOW…Gary said so when I talked to him earlier Today!

Okay Thanks Aunt Arctic :) No Herbert and Klutzy or Rory to meet and get Autographed Background from in Club Penguin…YET! I wonder what Herbert is up too?

                                         Herbert P. Bear

Herbert in Cave :)

                                   Rory the Construction Guy :)   

Rory working at Mine :)

Mine Caves Tour Guide :)

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