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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

FUN with Friends in Mine Caves :)

I LOVE The Mine Caves this Underground Expedition is so Much FUN :)  Here are some of the Things me and My Friends have done since The Caves Opened :) One of My favorite Things to do is to Dive after Treasures in The Underground Lake :)

Underground Lake :)…My Friend Peggie Quin is HERE :) Hello Friend :) TOGETHER we’re digging after The Amethyst Pin in The Mine Cave Mud Pit :)

Mud Pit in Mine :)

…Oops! We forgot to Throw Snowballs to Power The Light bulbs…LOL :)

Mud Pit in Mine :)                   …This is an Amazing, Beautiful, Pretty Cave :)

Underground Lake :) …We Both LOVE The Underwater Room it is so Super Cool with all The Fishes that swim around and The Bubbles and Corals :)

Underwater World :)

  …I am so HAPPY that we can sit here TOGETHER Under The Sea :)

Underwater World :)                                    …LOL…I will save you :)

Underwater World :)…More Friends :) Floppyj10, Theredy42, Olaagust, Bogdar, Tj1116, Agentawesome1, Kamilek2104 let’s have an Underwater Party :)

Underwater World :)                                       …Blub…Blub…Blub :)

Underwater World :)…I Pretend that I am a Mermaid and This BIG Seashell is my Home :) Now I will go and sing with The Fishes again :)

Underwater World in Club Penguin :)

           …In The Mine I met Jacky23239 and Tiff77498 Hello :)

Mine :)   …I have spent lots of Time at the Mine Working as a Mine Helper :)

Mine :)

…Bettyboo769 is Encouraging us when we Digging for Treasures THANKS you are so Kind :)

Mine Cave :)                    …My Turn to work at The Power Machine :)

Mine Cave Power Machine :)

…More Drilling :) Pingapenpen you can ONLY have Hard Hat and Vest on If you want to Drill not cute outfit…LOL :)

Mud Pit in Mine :)

…If I take this Number and add it to This and then I calculate…LOL…I LOVE Math :) It is so Useful! Right Now I calculate The Ocean Currents to see where All Broken Agua Grabbers ends up :)

Mine Cave Computer :)

                    …here is one :) Now I just needs to Fix it…

Aqua Grabber :)…Time to DIG up some Treasures :) THANKS Sweafford086 for making sure that we have light :)

Mine Cave :) …Digging and Drilling is HARD WORK! THANKS Jedi4847 for the Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows…it was so Yummy just what we needed :) You are a GREAT Friend :)

Mine Cave :)

…At The Dock I met my Friends Harris T 1 and Seraphim2 HAPPY RUNNING :)HAPPY RUNNING at The Dock :)

…THANKS for ALL the FUN! I will Post MORE Fun with Friends Tomorrow :)

How to Find Hidden Treasure in Mine Caves :)

More FUN with Friends in Mine Caves :)

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