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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More FUN with Friends in Mine Caves :)

We’re having FUN Drilling in the Mine Cave :) LOOK we have Three Different Hard Hats :) Jt9034 has The Red CPIP Beta Hard Hat I have The Yellow Construction Hard Hat on and Bowl4ssoup and Seraphim2 have The Orange Mine Hard Hat :) I have them all :)

Mine Cave :)

…Seraphim2 got a GREAT idea! We put our Flying caps and Looked for Treasures in The Underground Cave Lake :)

Underground Cave Lake :)

                             …We could see LOTS of GOLD!

Underground Cave Lake :)…TOGETHER with Bolt1410, Jt9094,Concon171 and Tom309 we dived for Treasures and Found Gold, Gems, Jewels, Pretty Seashells and Pearls :)

Underground Cave Lake :) …Jt9034 has made Environment Experiments and found a way to Grow things at The Bottom of The Sea :)

Underground Cave Lake :) …Underwater FLOWERS! So Pretty I am so HAPPY! THANKS My Friend :) I wonder if we can Grow FOOD down here too? Let’s Try :)

Underground Cave Lake :)

…Seraphim2 had brought Ice cream for us ALL YUMMY! Thanks Friend :) This was just what we needed :)

Underground Cave Lake :)

           …Secret lake PARTY! I LOVE to Dance in The Water :)

Underground Cave Lake :)

…Lydie7 came and invited us to a Igloo Party :) Thanks :) Agentr55, Jt9034, 5kitty, Seraphim2, Lydie7 and me Laughed Talked and Danced TOGETHER :) GREAT Igloo Lydie7 :)

Lydie7's Igloo :)…THANKS to ALL Penguins I have Played TOGETHER with :) You ALL ROCKS!                  

    FUN with Friends in Mine Caves :)

How to Find The Hidden Treasure in Mine Caves :)

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