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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Penguins Around The World :)

Aunt Arctic has sent us More COOL Penguins Around The World Pictures from Their Big Journey :) The First Picture is from a visit at a Museum :) The Explorer Penguin has found Boris Sarcophagus from the Quest for The Golden Puffle…LOL :)

Penguins Around The World :)

…Rockhopper took some Penguins and Puffles to show them something Spectacular RED Pretty Sand dunes and RED Water! WOW! I guess this Picture is taken on a Beach in Australia? Does anyone knows?

Penguins Around The World :) …and a Sailor Penguin stayed at The Hotel Pond and Practice to be a better sailor with a Mini Migrator…LOL :) Look at the cute Ducks in the Background :)

Penguins Around The World :)

…Suddenly Aunt Arctic heard a SCREAM for HELP! She Rushed away to see what it was…KING KONG! PLEASE put our Friend down! Gamma Gal flied in and Saved The Explorer Penguin! The Red Puffle gave Kong an O’Berry and King Kong become HAPPY and FRIENDLY  :) Kong explained that he felt lonely and just wanted to Play with the Explorer Penguin he didn't scare him on purpose! Then They ALL Played Nicely with Kong TOGETHER they had so Much FUN :) King Kong turned out to be a GREAT Friend and not scary at all :)

Penguins Around The World :)

…This is AUSTRALIA :) I would LOVE to go on a photo safari and see a Kangaroo in Real Life Just as our Penguins want to do…

Penguins Around The World :)

           …Rockhopper knows where to Drive to find Kangaroos :)

Penguins Around The World :)

…More Penguins Around The World Adventures Next Week :) Until then Waddle On!

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New FAN Art in Club Penguin :)

We have MORE FAN Art at Club Penguin Community :) The First Drawing is From the Aqua Grabber Game :) Oops! THE SQUID! LOL :) I like the Details on The Aqua Grabber and the seaweed :) GOOD WORK!

Fan Art Club Penguin :)

…Penguins Around The World (UP) United Penguins :) I LOVE This Drawing  GREAT Details and it is so Cool that The Puffles Plays all over The World! You have made Good use of The Penguins unique Personalities too :) GREAT WORK :) VERY WELL DONE!

Fan Art Club Penguin :) …Puffle Party! I LOVE This Drawing it makes me HAPPY to Look at :) You have used All The Puffles and Drawn them having FUN Together with their Penguin :) GREAT Details WELL DONE!

Fan Art Club Penguin :)

…I Like this Picture from The Mine Rock Slide :) GREAT Painting at The Yellow Puffles Paper :) This Penguin must be a Secret Agent :) Good Details an the spy phone it looks like The White Puffle and the Black Puffle gets an Update from Gary the Gadget Guy :) Look Herbert and Klutzy hiding in The Cave…GREAT WORK :)

Fan Art Club Penguin :) …Dance Party This Band Rocks! And TOGETHER they’re making a Video :) Good Details and Deep in This Drawing Great expressions on The Penguins Faces :) Cool Fireworks WELL DONE!

Fan Art Club Penguin :)

…The Yellow Penguin have Mixed Music at DJ3K and Danced at the Dance Contest so Much that she gets all Dizzy…LOL Cool Colors GOOD WORK :)

Fan Art Club Penguin :)       See last Weeks Club Penguin Fan Art :) See Fan Art Archive :)

Player Card Pin – Penguin Poll :)

This Weeks Penguin Poll is about Pins :) Om My Player card I Like to Show: The Latest Pin I found, My Favorite Pin Ever, A Country Flag, What’s a Pin? I Like to have The Latest Pin or sometimes an old Pin that goes well with My outfit and Background :)

…This is How This Poll Looks like Right Now :) Please make YOUR VOICE HEARD go and VOTE :)

                 See Last Weeks Club Penguin Penguin Poll :)

Right Now TWO Pins are available in Club Penguin :) The Amethyst Pin and the Puffer Fish Pin :) HURRY! to get the Pins they are ONLY available for six more HOURS or LESS!

Community Featured Igloo in Club Penguin :)

               This Weeks Featured Igloo has a Music Theme :)

…CONGRATS! to Ucar :) You have a THEATER as an Igloo that is so COOL :) I LOVE The TV Screens, Lizards and Masks at the Wall and all the Chairs…what a work to put ALL of Them in Place! Cool effect with the Spiders and web…you need to dust up there…LOL :) The Records and Instruments on the Wall are GREAT! You must have so Much FUN TOGETHER with your Friends playing in this Igloo :) It is only one Thing left to say…This Igloo ROCK!

Featured Igloo in Club Penguin :)                           See Last Weeks Featured Igloo :)

Cool Cave Coloring Page :)

I just came Home from Figure skating Practice and found that we have get New Stuff at Club Penguin Community :) THANKS CP :) here is a New Picture for me to Color…COOL :) I Think Stone Age is a FUN Time to Play in but I wouldn't like to live in That Time for Real for Long…Why? They didn't have Glitter Glue! LOL :)

Cave Igloo Coloring Picture :)

…I will Color this Picture one later Tonight here  you can PRINT out this Page:) See earlier Coloring Picture :)

Help Others in need and Favorite Cave Expedition Part - Reviewed by You :)

Hello Penguins!
Last week we asked how you'd been able to help others in need and the team was really proud of all the responses the community gave. Bubishii said:

In our local comunity I help find lost pets and look after stray animals. In Club Penguin I help penguins who don't know how to do stuff. I also try to help resolve disagreements. Its really great to hear the money we raised has made a difference! Waddle on! & have fun! 

It's awesome to hear about how you help each other out - on and off the island!
We've seen lots of you having fun together at the Cave Expedition and we want to know what your favorite part of it was!
Write your Reviewed By You answer as a comment. We'll post one (50 - 75 words please) in next week's Reviewed By You. And if your comment is chosen as the feature comment on next week's blog, we'll add 10,000 coins to your penguin account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add coins!
Until then...Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

I LOVE to Play in the Underwater World and sing TOGETHER with The Fishes and Throw Bubbles and Dive after Treasures and Grow FLOWERS TOGETHER with my Friends :) To Dig after The Amethyst Pin is Cool too :)

                 Makeup139 shows me some New Swim Moves :)

WHY is Club Penguin so SLOW to waddle Around in?

Since The Cave Party Expedition started I have done some Tests and I have found that it is Harder and Slower to Waddle Around in The Cave Rooms compare to other Rooms in Club Penguin! In The Beginning of The Party it was almost IMPOSSIBLE to Move even if The Room was Empty! I have Tried this in Explorer, Firefox and Chrome with the same result and I have tried Different Computers with the same result! These Animations are made Today in an EMPTY Server and I am ALONE in The Rooms…Look how Waddling around in Club Penguins Cave Party rooms is slow compared to if you waddle around on the Ice Berg...

Waddling on the Iceberg :)

Waddle Server Test Iceberg

…Waddling in Underground Cave Secret Lake Room…The Cave Room with the Mud Pit is equally slow…

Waddle Server Test Underground Lake

…Waddling in Underwater Cave Room…It is often a Problem to start Moving in this Room…And Harder to Move when the Fishes Swimming around…

Waddle Server Test Underwater Cave Room…In ALL the Caves it is slower to Dance, Throw snow balls Drill, open and use Emotes and Messages and other things than it is in Ordinary Club Penguin Rooms…If we add more Penguins in The Cave Rooms it goes WAY Slower!It is NOT so Fun to play in a slow Room!

If you have noticed the same thing Please leave a comment so we can make Club Penguin more aware of this Problem :) If Possible tell what Browser you use! Thanks :)

NEW Puffle Furniture starting February 12, 2010 :)

In This Club Penguin Times Issue 224 we get Good News I have waiting for :) The Pet Shop is preparing for some brand new pet furniture, due to arrive on Friday, February 12. The latest issue of Love Your Pet, the pet furniture catalog, should be a hit with puffles of all colors.

Puffles Plays with Toys :)

“We're making things that puffles are sure to play with,” said one puffle expert in the Pet Shop. It's really cool when you see them use their furniture by themselves!”

The Club Penguin Times overheard a few penguins at the Pet Shop planning something special for their puffles.

“I'm gonna throw a puffle pampering party in my iggy,” one said. “I have a puffle of every color and puffle houses for each one!”

Stay tuned for more puffle news next week. Puffles Plays with Toys :)

…I LOVE to watch My Puffles Play :) The NEW Toys will be so Much FUN I hope one will be a Teeter Board and one a Swing :)

Puffle Plays with Toy :)

Puffles Plays with Toys ANIMATED :)

Club Penguins Underground Areas Tour Guide :)

Aunt Arctic has Posted another Great Tour Guide for us:

Hello tour fans, and welcome to another In Focus. Today we’ll be checking out some cool underground places you can explore with your buddies!

We met our tour guide by the Pet Shop. “Hey everyone! I hope you all brought your flashlights and mining helmets. Today we're checking out the Underground - let's do this!”

She quickly jumped down the manhole in front of the Pet Shop.

“This is the Underground Pool. It's awesome! Swim some laps, or check out some of the ocean life through the glass.”

She led us through a large cave, and into a dark room.

“This is the Mine. This is my favorite room of all - mostly because of Cart Surfer. Just jump on a cart, and get ready for a fast ride!”

When we asked how we leave the Mine, our tour guide smiled.

“Well, you can either go back the way you came... Or you can take a cart. There's no ladder to the surface - which means it's time for a crash-course!”

Crash was right. Many of us had trouble at first, but soon we were Cart Surfing like pros. “Have fun! See ya next time.” 


The glass in the Underground Pool has broken and flooded the island before. Gary the Gadget Guy keeps a close eye on it now. The last time the windows were wearing out, he lifted the island into the sky to replace them, creating the Festival of Flight!


A rockslide in the Mine revealed there were more caves beneath the surface of Club Penguin! What else might be hidden underground?


Cart Surfer takes practice to learn how to combine tricks for max points. Never do the same trick many times in a row, because it will give less points as you do. Remember also that if you hold down and either left or right, your cart will grind the rails. You can even grind around corners!


When giving a tour, make sure to point out any games or activities that other penguins might find fun. Some penguins might not know that they can click on a cart and start surfing! WHAT! Click on a Cart? That Doesn't work for ME! I have to Waddle to The Carts to Play The Game!


Are you at least 45 days old? Then take the test and earn your hat! Check out the Tour Guide booth in the Ski Village for more information. Read More Here at How to be a Tour Guide in Club Penguin :)

Mine ShakTHANKS Aunt Arctic as Always your Articles are AWESOME :)

Dot – To - Dot Puzzle :)

I LOVE Dot-to-Dot Puzzle :) And This Week we have one in The Club Penguin Times :) HURRAY! First Guess what this can be…hmmm…

Dot to Dot

                           …A Keytar Player Penguin! Cool :)

Keytar Player :)

                              …I can dress Like That too :)

…Keytar is a Way Cool Instrument and No one Plays Keytar Cooler Than Sensei…LOL :)


See Earlier Dot-to Dot Puzzle :)

How can I get a Keytar? And How to Play Keytar in Club Penguin :)

Caves in Mine Closing until Further Notice!

On January 29, explorers will be putting away their tools, as the Cave Expedition is being shut down due to safety concerns.

“We think the passage underground isn't strong  enough for all the traffic it's getting,” one construction worker said. “So we're going to re-seal the cave for now.”

The Cave Expedition had been going very well, with some explorers reporting amazing discoveries.

“Oh man! I was digging, when I found treasure - it opened a secret cave!” said an explorer. “And inside there was a giant pool. I dove in and then saw a strange door underwater... it was intense!”

Reporters asked Rory the construction worker if there were plans to re-open the caves in the future.

“Well, I can't see or taste the future. But what I do see are a bunch of explorers, and what I taste is this slice of pizza. That's reason enough to build some support beams.”

Rory will be looking into ways to build a safe entrance to the caves next month.

THANKS Aunt Arctic for this Article :) I Really Like The Underground Caves so I am so HAPPY that they will be Permanent Rooms in The Future :) Then we will have a New Room added to the Computer Monitors in HQ and The Black Screen will go to the caves :)

HQ Club Penguin :)

Read More and Find Links to what’s Happening in The Mine Caves :)

How to Catch Mullet – Secret Revealed :)

Secret Nr 62 or Rerun of Secret 39 Secret Nr 22 and Secret Nr 1…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Club Penguin can we have NEW Secrets Next Week? PLEASE!


For those penguins new to the fishing business, the enormous Mullet fish at the end of the Ice Fishing game can be frustrating to try and catch. Here’s the secret to landing him:

When you see the Mullet swimming in the background hook a Fluffy fish, but don't reel it in. Use it for bait! Mullets love them!

You’ll earn an extra 100 coins!

How to Catch Mullet :)

Catch Mullet in Ice Fishing Game :)

Catch Mullet in Aqua Grabber :)

The Secret of The bamboo Forest coming to The Stage February 12, 2010 :)

Secrets Coming to the Stage in Club Penguin :)

Long ago, in a distant land,  a great forest of bamboo grew. Within this forest were many secrets.

But no secret was greater than the legendary treasure. It was hidden and well guarded.

On February 12 at the Stage, a great adventurer will seek that treasure… and find the “Secrets of the Bamboo Forest.”

Secret of The Bamboo Forest :)

A BRAND NEW Play! I Guess this Play will have something Hidden or something we need to Solve TOGETHER Just Like Ruby and the Ruby and The Norman Swarm Plays :) This will be so Much FUN :)

…I Wish…A PERFECT Reward for solving this Mystery would be a Bamboo Plant as a Furniture item for ALL Club Penguin Players :) I Already have a Bamboo background :)

My Stories and Adventures :) The Bamboo Secret!

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