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Friday, January 29, 2010

Night Club Changes Color after Penguins :)

The NEW Thing in The Night Club is that The Colors Changes after Penguins Colors :) COOL! The Most Penguins with same Color in The Room Decides The Room Color :) Thanks Atril for finding this out you are a GREAT Friend :)

Night Club

…So This was Billybob’s Secret :) COOL! We still have to wait for the Dance Contest Update

I found out More about This :) When between 10 and 19 Penguins are in the room the Party starts!
When between 20 and 29 Penguins are in the room the Disco Party starts :)
When 30 or more Penguins are in the room the Rave Party starts :)

LOOK how The Night Club Changes depending on what Party it is :)

         When I am Alone in The Night Club it looks like normal :)

…Here the Party gets started with the animated stage background and disco ball…LOL…We can’t decide about a Color so The Night Club Dance Floor is Multicolored :) Otherwise the Dance Floor also changes color :)

     …Disco Party starts with the rotating Disco Spotlights showing :)

…Now the Rave Party has started and more moving Party lights are added with the special Party stage light machine :)

…This is so COOL! I LOVE THIS :) Now I will go and Dance at the Night Club and TOGETHER with other Penguins try to turn the Room PINK :) I need a Little help from My Friends La…la…la…lalaaa :)

We have TWO FUN Games to Play in The Night Club DJ3K and Dance Contest :)

New Igloo Music List :)

The Music List in our Igloos is Changed :) The New Music is Puffle Party, Orca Straw, Float in the Clouds and Planet Y :) GREAT I Like ALL of this Music I am so Glad that these Tunes are Back :)

Igloo Music List :)

See Previous Igloo Music List :)

Mine Caves are CLOSED!

Rory has Closed The Mine Caves for Now! They will be opened again :)

Mine Cave Closed!

…Let’s take a Guided Tour to get More information :) Here we are at the Mine after the rockslide lots of penguins were helping out here.
But to be safe, it's been closed off for now Maybe the area will reopen one day…

…Here you Find Links so you can Read ALL about The Cave Expedition Party :)

NEW Speaker PIN in Club Penguin CHEAT :)

   The NEW Club Penguin Pin is in The Pet Shop :) Hi Chunkyman1 :)

Pet Shop Club Penguin :) …You have found a Speaker Pin would you like to Pick it up? Yes Please :)

Speaker Pin :)

See Earlier Puffer Fish Pin and Amethyst Pin :)

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