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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Night Club Color Changing TWITTER PARTY :)

Today we had a SECOND Club Penguin Party I needed some Help to get Pictures of the Night Club in Dark Green and Green so I Twittered and asked my Friends for Help :) Pengwing4 and Cena12121 were First to arrive THANKS Friends :) TOGETHER we invited More Penguins :) 

Night Club in Multicolor :)                      …We Need More Dark Green Penguins…

Night Club in Multicolor :)

…AND WE DID IT! We Turned The Night Club Dark Green and Then Green See Pictures here THANKS for coming to The Night Club color changing Party :) THANKS Friends now I have Pictures of The Night Club in ALL Colors :) Then we continued The Party in ALL Colors we had so Much FUN TOGETHER :)

Night Club in Light Blue :)                    …Our Night Club World is Perfect in PINK :)

Night Club in Pink :)                                   …I agree This is FUN :)

Night Club in Yellow :)

              …I LOVE The Purple it makes The Night Club Pop :)

Night Club in Dark Purple :)

                         …Yes Icee556 This is a GREAT Day :)

Night Club in Red :)

            …I feel like I am in an Underwater World…Blub…Blub :)

Night Club in Aqua :)                                      …We are PEACH!

Night Club in Peach :)

…This is one of The Coolest Featured Club Penguin had done :) I LOVE Color Dancing :) Now we will Turn Night Club too…

Night Club in Brown :)

                                …ORANGE!!! WOHOO!!!

Night Club in Orange :)

…Multicolor Now! I can Do This For HOURS sadly Mum said I have to Log off Now…Sorry…THANKS for Coming Friends :) THANKS to ALL Penguins That Party TOGETHER with me at The Night Club You are FANTASTIC FRIENDS!

Night Club in Multicolor :)

How to Change Colors in Night Club :)

Unlock The Great Puffle Switch Book :)

The Great Puffle Switch Book has been added to The Club Penguin Unlock your items Books List :) THANKS to Flame0522 for telling me about this you are a GREAT Friend :)

Unlock your Book :)Read More about Club Penguin Books :) New Books in Club Penguin and More Books coming soon :) and Puffle Plush Toys and Puffle Stuff :)

How to Change Colors in Night Club :)

If we work TOGETHER we can Change the Colors in Night Club :) That is so COOL! So If Many Penguins Have PINK as Penguin Color the Night Club Will Turn PINK and so on :) WE DECIDE the Night Club Room Color Depends on What Color OUR Penguin Has :)

Night Club in PINK!ALL Colors That The Night Club can Change to:

Dark Purple
Dark Green
Light Blue
Lime Green

This is The same as our PENGUIN COLORS :)

Read More how this work at Night Club Change Color after Penguins :) and see More Pictures THANKS for Coming to the Night Club Color Changing Party :)

THANKS for coming to The Night Club Color Changing Party :)

THANKS to ALL That came to The Night Club Coloring Changing  Party :) It was so FUN to meet you and I tried to send Postcard to EVERYONE that wanted one :) I Wish I could add you ALL to My Buddy List But it is Impossible…If you got a Buddy Card we are Buddies Anyway and Friends FOREVER in Club Penguin :) Here are some Pictures from The Party :)

WOW! So Many Friends at The Same Time :) TOGETHER we Turned The Night Club Red :)

Night Club in Red :)

    …I am so HAPPY to see you ALL :) Now The Night Club is Black :)

Night Club in Black :)                   …I Wish I could add you ALL! Blue Night Club :)         

Night Club in Blue :)

         …HURRAY! The Night Club is Pretty PINK! I am so HAPPY :)

Night Club in Pink :)

…Now we’re Dancing in a Lime Green Night Club :) Time to send some Postcards :)

Night Club in Lime Green :) …Aqua Colored Night Club :) I LOVE that WE can Change The Colors it is so COOL!

Night Club in Aqua :) …Oops! I Danced to close to the Stairs and ended up in The Lodge…LOL…Sorry :)

          …Back again to Dance with Red Colors surrounding us :)

Night Club in Red :)

                         …Multicolor Night Club is FUN too :)

Night Club in Multicolor :)

           …Pretty Peach Night Club :) Turn Peach for Cadence :)

Night Club in Peach :) …This is so Pretty a Dark Purple Night Club I LOVE to Dance in These Colors :)

Night Club in Dark Purple :)

…Black Night Club is COOL too :) I Think it Looks like an Old Black and White Movie :)

Night Club in Black :)              …Light Blue Night Club Just Like a Summer Sky :)

Night Club in Light Blue :) …This is not my Favorite Color but I like it anyway The Brown Night Club is Calming :)

Night Club in Brown :)                     …Orange Night Club feel warm and Cozy :)

Night Club in Orange :)   …Dancing in Sunshine la la la laaa…I Like the Yellow Night Club :)

Night Club in Yellow :)           …I LOVE ALL The Night Club Colors :) HAPPY RUNNING :)

Night Club in Multicolor :)

      …TOGETHER we Changed The Colors :) TOGETHER we ROCK!

Night Club in Multicolor :) …THANKS to EVERYONE that Came to The Party you are ALL GREAT Friends :) See you again another Time in Club Penguin :) Bye and Waddle ON!

Night Club in Multicolor :)…I Missed to get Picture of Green and Dark Green I was so Busy sending Postcards so little later I TWITTERED and Invited to a Second Party :) THANKS EVERYONE that could come Directly! Here is The Dark Green Night Club :)

Night Club in Dark Green :)…and here is The Night Club in Green they are so CLOSE in Colors but still not the same :)

Night Club in Green :)…I will Blog about The FUN Second Color Party at The Night Club Later and add a Link here :) Here is The Link :) Night Club Color Changing TWITTER PARTY :)

Cool Detail The Night Club Light Machine is from the Big Stage at the Music Jam Party Decorations and colors are Changed :)

             Color Changing Party at The Night Club! INVITATION :)

How to Change Colors in Night Club :)

Color Changing PARTY at Night Club! INVITATION :)

Yesterday we got NEW FUN Update at The Night Club so Today I will have a Color changing Party and you are Invited :)

Date: 30 January

Time: 10 Am Penguin Standard Time (PST)

Server: Ice Cold

Room: Night Club

With our Penguin Color we Effect The Night Club Room so we need to Work TOGETHER and have the same colors on our Penguins :) Let’s see if we can get The Night Club In ALL Different Colors :)

Night Club Party Invitation :)


Night Club Change Colors after Penguins :)

UPDATE: Hi Friends :) On This Page you can see the Time for the Party where you Live :) Just find a Town close to you :)

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