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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Igloo Music - Penguin Poll :)

A New Penguin Poll :) The Coolest Igloo Music this Month is: The Puffle Party song! The Orca Straw song! The Cumulus song! The Planet Y song! This is HARD They are ALL so COOL! I will vote for…

Penguin Poll :)…The Cumulus song from The Festival of Flight Party the same song that I have on My Club Penguin Blog right Now :)

Penguin Poll :)…Go Here to VOTE for YOUR Favorite Music this Month :) See Last Weeks Club Penguin Penguin Poll :) And ALL the songs from This Month Igloo Music List :)

Penguins Around The World :)

Aunt Arctic has sent us More COOL Penguins Around The World Pictures from Their Big Journey :)
Our Friend was in Dubai this week :) And there they staid at the Luxury Hotel Burj Al Arab (Arabic: برج العرب‎,"Tower of the Arabs", also known as "Arab Sail") it is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates :) At 321 m (1,050 ft), it is the third tallest building in the world used exclusively as a hotel.The Burj Al Arab stands on an artificial island 280 m (920 ft) out from Jumeirah beach, and is connected to the mainland by a private curving bridge. It is an iconic structure, designed to symbolize Dubai's urban transformation and to mimic the sail of a boat. WOW! This sounds so COOL! I would LOVE to go there some day :)

Penguins Around The World :)

…The Red Puffle has found a crater where smoke raise from the Underground…I wonder where this Picture is taken?                         

Penguins Around The World :)

…I am Taller then you are…LOL Gary gather coconuts for some Experiments he wanted to do and The Purple and Black Puffles helped him :) And Aunt Arctic took this Picture :)

Penguins Around The World :)

…The Hockey Playing Puffle was so HAPPY when he found this Ice Rink :)

Penguins Around The World :)

      …Puffle Bowling LOL :) This Picture was The Red Puffles idea :)

Penguins Around The World :) …The Blue Teams Cheerleaders visited a School and TOGETHER with the Cheerleaders there they Practiced a new Routine :)

Penguins Around The World :)

…I can Hardly wait for Next Week when Aunt Arctic will send More Pictures from their Adventure  :)

Read About last Weeks Penguins Around The World Adventure :) See Penguins Around The World Gallery :)

New FAN Art in Club Penguin :)

We have NEW FAN Art at Club Penguin Community :) Look at This Cool White Puffle that makes ICE for The Penguin to walk on! WOW! GREAT Idea and Well Drawn :) Good 3D and Depth in This Drawing :) The Shadowing of the Forest and Cove are AWESOME and so is the Puffles Breath! I Like all the Details in this Picture WELL DONE :)

FAN Art Club Penguin :) …A NEW Aqua Grabber Underwater Adventure! I Like this PINK Diver Penguin and Puffle :) The Treasure Box looks interesting…Good 3D effect on the sea bottom :) I LOVE the Happy smile and the eyes on The Penguin :) Good details on Sea creatures! The crab is so cute :) GOOD WORK!

FAN Art Club Penguin :)

Sled Race TOGETHER with PUFFLES! I Wish this comes TRUE in Club Penguin some day soon :) You have done a Good work with Perspective and details in this Drawing :) I feel the need for Speed! See you in the slopes soon…GOOD WORK :)

FAN Art Club Penguin :)

…A Party Penguin with a New Outfit :) I LOVE the shoes they are so cute and the Puffle wear Makeup…LOL :) GOOD WORK!

FAN Art Club Penguin :)

…A SEA MONSTER in the Hydro Hopper! HELP!!! LOL :) I Think the Ninja Penguins Play BOTH Hydro Hopper and Card-Jitsu WATER at The Same Time :) GREAT Details and a FUN Idea :) GREAT WORK!

FAN Art Club Penguin :)

…Friends taking a Walk TOGETHER in The Forest :) I Like the Pretty and Cool Outfits and the cute Puffles :) The snow falling so softly…WELL DONE :)

FAN Art Club Penguin :)        See last Weeks Club Penguin Fan Art :) See Fan Art Archive :)

NEW! Featured Club Penguin Community Igloo :)

                We have a NEW Igloo on our Community Page :)

Featured Igloo :)

…CONGRATS! to Bayhinton :) A Cinema! COOL! Here you can Watch Sport at Mega Wide screen :) GREAT Idea :) I like that you have arranged so that we can see Three different Program at the Same Time :) Popcorn, Pizza Cotton Candy…YUMMY…I would LOVE to see a Movie in this Igloo :) GREAT Decoration Work :)

Featured Igloo :)                …See Last Weeks Club Penguin Featured Igloo :)

Underwater Caves Wallpaper :) NEW!

This Under Water Caves Explorer Diver Penguin Wallpaper is so COOL! It reminds me about All The FUN we had During The Cave Expedition Party :)

Club Penguin Wallpaper :)

    See Earlier Club Penguin Wallpaper :) Download Wallpaper here :)

Puffle FUN in February for Members :)

New FUN is on the Way! HURRAY!

There are more ways to celebrate with your puffles this month! Here’s what is coming this month exclusively for members:

  • New pet furniture for your Puffles!
  • New clothing styles to show you’re a Puffle fan!
  • A Puffle Show – starring your Puffles!
  • A surprise all Puffle fans need to see to believe!

New fun is on the way!

…This sounds FUN and I LOVE The NEW Puffle Sweater and The Cool Winter Hair :) Now I must go and Earn coins so I can Afford to buy these items when they become Available :)

Puffle Sweater and The Cool Winter Hair :) See Earlier Club Penguin Member FUN :) Member FUN is Updated :)

Cave Expedition and What you're most excited about - Reviewed by You :)

This message is from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!
Sounds like you had a blast at the Cave Expedition. Last week we asked your favorite part, and Clarnico 999 said:
WOW! The mine and the new caves ROCK! I especially like the cave full of treasure, with the glittering pool of water. And then it leads to an AMAZING watery kingdom. Its the perfect place for divers, mermaids and merpenguins, cave penguins or I've even spotted a few pirates looking for treasure! Its great fun for everyone!

Mermaid Penguin :)Even though those areas are closed for now there's LOTS of stuff coming up, and we want to know what you're most excited about! Is it the party, a brand new stage, one of the catalogs or something else? We'd love to hear what you think!
Write your Reviewed By You answer as a comment. We'll post one (50 - 75 words please) in next week's Reviewed By You. And if your comment is chosen as the feature comment on next week's blog, we'll add 10,000 coins to your penguin account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add coins!
Until then...Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

I am Most Excited about The New Play Secret of The Bamboo Forest I can Hardly Wait to meet Golden Feather AGAIN :)

My Stories and Adventures: The Bamboo Secret :)

My Stories and Adventures :) The Bamboo Secret!

Me and My Puffles have Moved to a New Snowy Backyard Igloo Today :) It is so Much FUN to Move and we talked a lot about how we wanted to Decorate our New Home :)

...I Waddled over to our Old Igloo to get more Furniture to Move and when I Came Back a Strange looking Penguin was in My Backyard working The Soil! She had a Fantastic outfit made of a Fabric I never seen before and Beautiful wings made of the most amazing Feathers I ever seen :) Hello I said Welcome to My Igloo…The Girl turned to me smiled Mysteriously waved and disappeared in the forest…

Golden Feather in Saraapril's Igloo :)

…Hello Please Stay I called after her Who are you? I would be so Happy to learn to know you Please come back for some Tea or Hot Chocolate :) But She was gone and I felt lonely and a little sad…ahh I missed to learn to know a New Friend! I wish she came back I said out loud…Suddenly a Soft warm Breeze started to Blow and I thought I heard a Melody and a Voice in The Wind…Water The Earth Take care of The Land and Riches will grow from Below and fulfill your hearts desire and your dream will come True……The Wind stop Blowing and I could hear only The Birds singing… What? Sensei LOVES to tell Stories and I remember that he once told a Tale about a Girl Named Golden Feather a Secret and a Monkey King…NO I laughed at Myself :) Don’t be silly This cant be! BUT she had probably Planted a Seed in My Garden and I LOVE to grow things so I picked up my Yellow Water can and I started to water The Soil where The Girl had dug And Immediately a Green Leaf sprouted…I Looked in Disbelief!

…I watered some more and All around me Bamboo started to Grow :)Then The Cutest Pink Cherry Tree started to Blossom with Tiny delicate pretty soft PINK Flowers :) It was so Pretty that I almost forgot to breath…The Old Legend Sensei told me is TRUE! You can saw a Seed and Your Hearts Deepest Wish will came TRUE :) I LOVE PINK Pretty FLOWERS and I ALWAYS have Dreamed to have a Soft PINK Cherry Tree in My Garden :)

Soft PINK Cherry Blossom Tree :)

…The Small Flowers had a Fantastic Fragrance it was the most wonderful  scent in the air sweet and light at the same time :) I sat myself under the Tree to read a book and after a while I fall asleep…When I woke up Both The Bamboo and The Pretty Pink Cherry blossom Tree were gone! I Must have Dreamt this I said to Myself What a Beautiful Dream I wish it came True :) A warm Wind started to blow and I heard a whisper… See You soon Saraapril New Adventures are Ahead The Beautiful Voice sounded like small tiny bells and I smelled a Sweet Flower scent it was only there for a second and then it was gone…

…I Looked around to see if it were any signs left of the Plants but it wasn't…What is this? On The Ground there was an Golden Feather! I Picked up the Feather and looked at it with a smile on my face I will save this Golden Feather for you I said out loud to myself and if I meet the Mysterious Girl again I will give it back to her :)

Golden Feather in Garden :)

…I wonder if I ever will meet her again? I would LOVE to get to know her better and Become Friends she had such a pretty smile :) Golden Feather :)…And for some reason I believe I will :) Now I will waddle to The Dojo and tell Sensei that The Legend was True :) One thing is strange My Puffles have been GONE from The Igloo all this Time! Here they are Good they just came back :) I wonder where they have been? And why was the Wind Yellow?

 Discover The Bamboo Forest at The Stage :)

Puffle Party coming February 19, 2010 to Club Penguin :)

Attention all Puffle owners,prepare for a Party of Powerful Proportions starting February 19!Puffle Party :)

The Puffle Party is one of Club Penguin's most Popular celebrations, and Party Planners are working hard to make sure this year's is awesome.

Puffle Party :)

Puffles Plays with Toys :)“Last year's party was a major success,” said one decorator. “We had balloons that changed color when Puffles were around. So sweet! Look for more this year."

“Last year's party was also a great success because it drew the super-shy white Puffle from the wilderness.”

“I can't wait to see if they've made a white puffle room,” said one Puffle expert. “Or what else might be in store.”

The Puffle Party goes from February 19 - 25.

Last Year we got The WHITE Puffle! You find Links to that Adventure and Much More on This Post :) Questions to a Party Planner by Happy77 :) 

Puffle Party :)Read and see Animations of ALL about The PUFFLEASTIC Adventure we had Last Year during Puffle Party 2009 :)

Discover The Bamboo Forest at The Stage :)

We have got MORE information about Club Penguins Latest Play to come :) This is what Aunt Arctic tells us in This weeks issue 225 of Club Penguin Times :)

Starting February 12, a new play begins at the Stage. And it's unlike any you've seen before. Discover the Secrets of the Bamboo Forest…

Secrets of The Bamboo Fores…The Bamboo Forest is home to many amazing creatures, including a daring Monkey King. Join the search to find the legendary Golden Feather. But be ready because this quest will take you well beyond the Stage...

     That's sounds AWESOME! Look a Sneak Peek of Golden Feather?

Secrets of The Bamboo Forest :)

…and The Monkey King…LOL :) This is The Sneak Peek Picture Billybob showed us Earlier :)

Secrets of The Bamboo Forest :)

       …OH WOW! Pretty PINK FLOWERS I will LOVE This Play :)

Secrets of The Bamboo Forest :)

…Read More at The Secret of The Bamboo Forest coming to The Stage February 12, 2010 :)

My Stories and Adventures :) The Bamboo Secret!

The Box Dimension Secret Revealed :)

              Secret Nr 63 A NEW Secret THANKS Club Penguin :)

The Box Dimension

Imagine if you will...a Dimension filled with boxes. To reach this Super Secret Topsy–Turvy place, you’ll need to find a Portal Box.

Visit other Penguins' igloos, or Purchase your own swirling Purple Portal from the Better Igloos catalog.

Right Now we have a Portal Box Hidden and for sale in our Better Igloos Furniture Catalog :)

The Box Dimension Secrets :)

Box Dimension – Tour Guide :)

Flower Box Dimension Room is FANTASTIC!

Box Dimension Tour Guide and Secrets – Club Penguin

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